Entry Level Opportunities

Looking for a dynamic, fast-paced, challenging work environment? Want to work top consultants in our industries? Is making a difference important to you? Then you’re in the right place.

Entry-Level recruiting is an essential aspect of Huron’s continued growth and development. This fall we will be hiring for Analysts in our Huron Healthcare, Huron Higher Education & Life Sciences and Huron Legal Practices.

Analysts play a key role on our project teams and are a major driver of the substantial results we deliver for our clients. They enjoy an exceptionally high level of responsibility, immediate client interaction and/or tremendous access to Huron Leadership.

Huron Healthcare

Huron Healthcare brings together the experience, knowledge and resources of two market leaders to create the premier consulting organization dedicated to performance improvement for the healthcare industry. We specialize in the implementation of comprehensive solutions that increase financial and operational performance. By partnering with clients, we deliver solutions that improve quality, increase revenue, reduce expenses, and increase physician, patient and employee satisfaction across the healthcare enterprise. We bring more resources, greater knowledge and significantly deeper experience than others in the field. Our solutions deliver results more quickly and are sustainable.

Revenue Cycle

Huron Healthcare’s Revenue Cycle solution, RevenueAscent, is behind the revenue cycle success of the nation’s highest-performing hospitals and healthcare systems. With unparalleled results at more than 100 organizations, our track record of success is significantly greater than any other in the industry. Our methods and tools are constantly evolving to set new standards as the healthcare industry changes. As a result, our clients benefit from a solution that includes leading practices that have been developed, tested, and refined through hundreds of successful engagements. Finally, we partner with clients to implement our solution, working side by side with hospital staff to coach and train them for success. This fosters a fundamental change in the work culture, which ensures that results are not only sustainable but continue to improve long after the engagement is concluded.


Huron Healthcare’s comprehensive approach to non-labor cost reductions stands apart in several key respects. First, our scope is broader, going beyond the standard supply chain focus to encompass every expense except labor, bad debt, and interest. Second, our team is larger and has more depth and more direct experience. The Huron Healthcare non-labor team is the largest in the industry, and is comprised of approximately 100 professionals, with many years of experience. As a result, we are also able to bring more subject matter expertise to every engagement and ensure that our team includes experts in each of the aspects of hospital operations that we touch as part of an engagement. Our team consists of nurses, pharmacists, architects, lab technicians, dieticians, and professionals in all areas including supply chain, information technology, telecommunications, facilities, compensation, and benefits, among others.

 Workforce (Labor and Human Resources)

Huron Healthcare’s comprehensive approach to labor, compensation, benefits, and HR management costs is unique to the industry. Our solution delivers results very rapidly, typically after just six months. We bring a team of experienced content experts who work on-site, side by side with hospital managers and staff. And we work collaboratively, focusing on implementation. This approach ensures sustainability and builds a culture of continuous improvement. To maintain or improve quality levels, recruiting, and retention, we conduct a comprehensive review of existing operating performance across the organization and within the human resource function. We work with department managers, physician leaders, and senior management to implement custom solutions and tools, achieving optimum results at lower costs.

Clinical Solutions

Clinical Operations 
Our Clinical Operations solution enables our clients to achieve the highest levels of clinical excellence. The solution drives rapid, sustainable improvements in care quality, patient satisfaction and financial performance and lays the foundation required for clients to continuously improve in the evolving healthcare environment. Clinical Operations comprehensive solution rapidly improves the efficiency of key care and resource management processes in outpatient, emergency, peri-operative and inpatient settings. This creates a dramatic and substantial improvement, including improved consistency and quality of care, reduced lengths of stay and costs per case, decreased variability and care delays, and increased patient satisfaction and revenue. Our solution includes unmatched reporting capabilities that link with and optimize existing information technology to ensure that performance can be monitored, improved and continuously sustained.

 Physician Services
Huron Healthcare’s practice management solution is strategically designed to enable hospitals and physicians to thrive in today’s financially challenging, regulated, and competitive environment. We achieve this by focusing on physician alignment strategies and buy-in, operational and financial performance, and practice infrastructure and management effectiveness. We are set apart by the depth and breadth of our experience. Our team is comprised of seasoned practice management executives and physicians with deep experience in leading and managing a wide array of physician practices. We use proven, data-driven methods and processes to drive change and implement a shared responsibility governance structure that fosters a culture of mutual trust.

Clinical Documentation Improvement
Huron Healthcare’s Clinical Documentation Improvement solution significantly improves clinical documentation, ensuring that it fully and accurately reflects the severity of illness, complexity of care, and resources consumed. Improved physician documentation results in greater coding specificity, improved case mix index and appropriate reimbursement for utilized resources. Our professionals are experts in the All Patient Refined-DRG and MS-DRG systems and in the tools, strategies, systems and skills needed to achieve the most accurate documentation and coding. We work collaboratively to design a comprehensive clinical documentation program, transfer the knowledge needed to achieve organizational goals, and provide follow-up services to ensure sustainability.

Opportunity Assessment
The team is responsible for conducting opportunity assessments, which represent an integral component of the sales cycle. During an assessment, the potential financial, operational and performance improvement opportunities are identified, quantified and articulated to prospective clients. The ultimate goal of the opportunity assessment process is to sell an implementation engagement. Assessments may vary in scope across the Performance and Clinical Solutions or may be “stand-alone” (including only one solution). The assessment process begins with the prospect being identified and is followed by intensive data gathering, data analysis, logistics planning and onsite visits. It concludes with a presentation of the findings and delivery of a business proposal to the prospect’s executives.

Analyst Role

As a new Analyst at Huron Healthcare, I am responsible for analytic support for the day-to-day operations of our projects. I am also expected to understand the data collected and to craft recommendations for my other team members on the project. I work closely with my other Analyst, Manager and Managing Director who are on the same assignment. I feel this opportunity is unique to Huron Healthcare, where in other consulting firms, Analysts mostly report to and work only with experienced Analysts and maybe their Associates. However, my Manager frequently asks my fellow Analyst and me what we think about the problem and what the solution should be. In addition to regularly interacting with my Manager and Managing Director, I also regularly interact with the client. During my first week on the job, I was attending meetings with my Managing Director and executives from the client; here, I was able to see our entire part of the project significantly improving the client’s overall position. Also, shortly after starting, I had my first assignment that I was responsible for. The client’s employees were aggravated about too much of a workload in a specific area. It was my job to collect the data, analyze it, and report to my manager the problem and feasible solutions. This was a great chance for me to experience how much effort goes into one initiative. I needed to make sure the data was complete and representative, that I had considered any possible variations of the data and also that I recommended ways to solve the current problem without creating new ones. Analysts at other companies don’t typically get these chances, but in Huron Healthcare it is expected. From the moment you start your career here, you are treated as a professional by both your colleagues and your clients.
Peter, Master of Accounting, University of Michigan

As a new Analyst in Huron Healthcare, I am responsible for the performance improvement of a seven person unit. I am involved in restructuring the unit from beginning to end – from assessing areas of opportunity to measuring process improvements and project successes. My daily responsibilities include working directly with the client manager, developing innovative ideas to improve the client’s processes, and working shoulder-to-shoulder with the client to help see these ideas through. Because I have been encouraged to actively contribute to my team, regardless of my time and experience, I have developed a strong sense of ownership for my unit and its successes – a unique feature of the experience.
Mike, Business Administration, University of North Carolina

Analysts in Huron Healthcare are responsible for analyzing the client’s (typically large hospital systems) spend data and enabling Managers and Directors to identify opportunities to reduce costs. The data analysis leads to recommendations and eventually taking the client through implementing and realizing financial goals to save their hospital money while simultaneously improving practices and processes related to supply chain, purchasing, utilization and clinical practice. Every day and every week is always different depending on the client, the type of project, your specific role and the state at which the project is in, especially on a long term implementation project.
Rekha, Finance, Indiana University

Approved Living Locations

Huron Healthcare professionals are a virtual workforce. They live in major metropolitan cities throughout the US and travel every week to work onsite with our clients. Listed below are the approved living locations for candidates considering the Huron Healthcare practice.

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Austin, TX
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Boston, MA
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • Detroit, MI
  • Houston, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Nashville, TN
  • New York, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Portland, OR
  • San Diego, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Tampa, FL
  • Washington, DC

Huron Education & Life Sciences

Huron is a market leader in providing performance improvement solutions for universities, academic medical centers, teaching hospitals, health systems and the life sciences industry. We have a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience working in the financial, operational, technology and regulatory functions of those institutions. We deliver the most comprehensive services to these industries because we understand the most critical challenges facing our clients and have developed core competencies to ensure Huron is best equipped to deliver the most value.

Higher Education Consulting

The Huron Higher Education Consulting team assists institutions to achieve higher levels of efficiencies and effectiveness across the enterprise through strategy, operations and technology solutions. In this era of change, we partner to help our clients become better positioned to achieve strategic goals, compete for scarce resources, and plan for the future. Solutions include research enterprise management, procurement, enrollment management and performance improvement.

Higher Education Technology

The Huron Higher Education Technology team assists institutions to develop and execute comprehensive strategies for implementing enterprise technology solutions to meet regulatory, reporting and other business needs more effectively. Our experts assess business needs and challenges and help identify, procure, implement, and integrate technology that will both improve performance and provide critical information to management.

Life Sciences

The Huron Life Sciences team assists the continuum of life sciences organizations from pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers, to academic medical centers and hospitals, to universities and research institutes, to the law firms and other organizations that support the life sciences industry. We help our clients improve regulatory compliance, increase efficiencies in their clinical research enterprises, and achieve their financial and operational objectives.

Analyst Role

“For the past several years I have been working with clients under Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) with the Office of Inspector General in an independent review capacity. It has been a huge learning opportunity for me because my team dissects processes, guidance policies, and controls in order to understand how our client’s operate and how to help them meet the requirements of their CIA. We conduct interviews with key personnel, evaluate system gaps, and provide recommendations for improvement. The level of interaction with client leadership across all different functions of the business is unique and the impact we have at the end of the project is really significant.”
Peter, Accountancy, Miami University

I chose to work at Huron because the people I met during the interview process truly enjoyed the work they were doing and the people they were working with. The passion that everyone at Huron exhibits for their clients and the impact they are having in the industry is very motivating. There is a true sense of camaraderie and community that I have not seen elsewhere.
Katy, Medicine Health and Society, Vanderbilt University

“In my five years of working at Huron, the thing that stands out the most to me is the collaborative environment that Huron fosters both internally and with our clients. Internally, people share information across projects and across practices on a daily basis. Together, sharing information means that our collective knowledge is greater than each of us individually. With our clients, we strive to create lasting partnerships, helping them to meet the strategic and operational goals of their organizations as well as implement industry best practices.”
Brendan, Business, Notre Dame

Office Location Options

  • Chicago, IL
  • New York, NY
  • Washington DC
  • Atlanta, GA

Huron Legal

Our Huron Legal segment provides guidance and business services to address the challenges that confront today’s legal organizations. These services add value to corporate law departments, law firms, and government agencies by helping to reduce legal spending, enhance client service delivery, and increase operational effectiveness. Our team delivers results such as sustainable cost reductions ranging from 15 to 40 percent, process and technology assessments followed by successful implementations and discovery cost savings of up to 60 percent.

Huron has assisted over 275 general counsels at some of the world’s largest companies and has worked with most of the AmLaw 100 firms. Our expertise is built upon years of experience gained from serving hundreds of clients on thousands of engagements. Our team of JDs, MBAs, business process experts, and technologists with deep industry experience helps clients solve the challenges related to the business of law.

Legal Consulting

Our Legal Consulting Practice provides guidance and business services to the challenges that confront today's legal organizations. Adding value to corporate law departments, law firms, and government agencies by helping to reduce legal spending, enhance client service delivery, and increase operational effectiveness.


Discovery Management is a part of Huron Legal which offers consulting services to clients in large corporate legal departments and large law firms in the area of discovery management. Provide oversight and guidance supporting all non-legal aspects of discovery management, legal holds, document productions, document reviews, document coding and scanning and document collections and/or computer forensics. Develop client relationships and share expertise with junior team members.

Digital Evidence

Digital Evidence professionals are knowledgeable of technology and procedures in the examination of digital technology (hardware and software) and can evaluate results and conclusions in cases involving digital evidence. This group is responsible for performing computer fraud and forensic investigations; electronic discovery involving a wide range of data repositories, computer software and databases; analyses of electronic data; and some programming.

Analyst Role

“Right from the first interactions with Huron, I was impressed by the company’s culture, the people I met through campus recruiting and the recommendation from a UNC alumni who had recently joined Huron. When I started as a new analyst in Huron Legal, I was staffed on a strategy assessment project with a Fortune 100 company right after the first week of training. I participated and took notes in meetings with senior attorneys, responded to client requests and worked closely with our team. Since our team was very small at the start, I was given an opportunity to attain many different new skills from my manager. This allowed me to see the project from the beginning to the end and participate and observe the decision making process of our recommendations.

The project that I am currently working on is a discovery project with a top investment bank. Since it is a different type of project from my first one, I am learning about e-discovery and document review. The opportunity to get involved with different projects is beneficial to professional growth, and Huron is very supportive with the Coaching/Mentoring program it created. My coach is always interested in giving me feedback and helping me to grow as an individual and professional in order to enhance my career. In turn, I help to adjust and support my peer contact who is a new analyst.

One of the other advantages at Huron Legal is that analysts and associates work with senior people on projects from different parts of the US and even abroad. There are no virtual borders; you may work on daily basis with people across all borders. There is also an opportunity to meet senior people in the company when they visit your home office. In addition, analysts and associates can become more involved in Huron by joining various committees (a few examples: Civic Activities, Diversity and Inclusion, social, Huron Helping Hands), company-wide or practice-wide social events, and even social lunches twice a month. Analysts and associates are welcome to ask any questions and can quickly adjust from college life by working in such open and collaborative environment where people care that you succeed individually and in a team.”

Kate, Business, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“A Week in the Life”
Analyst, Finance, University of Illinois


Wake up, get ready, grab some coffee and I’m in my car on my way! I am currently working for the legal division of a client in the northern suburbs of Chicago doing a Document Management System Implementation. I leave fairly early, as my commute is about an hour and a half every morning. When I arrive at the client, I get set up at my cube. I check my Outlook to prepare for the week and review any email I received Sunday evening. I make a checklist of things to complete today and grab a second cup of coffee.

I grab my computer and head to a large conference room. The Huron team is currently performing prototype demos of a system we are in the process of implementing. We have six demos – one for each department of the legal division. Until the demos, I have been working on creating each legal group’s workspace structure in the system. Today is demo number five of six. I record the participants, and settle down in the back to observe the demo. During the demo, I take notes, marking down any questions, concerns or follow-up that needs to occur. When the demo ends, I head back to my desk and create an overview, including action items and decisions from the demo. The notes are circulated to the participants and core-Huron team and then uploaded to a shared portal I maintain for the team.

The team grabs lunch in the cafeteria, where our managing director joins us to discuss our weekends and what the week will hold at the client. I finish up early so I can return to my desk. I spend thirty minutes preparing for a conference call with another client. I am currently staffed on three projects (two Records and Information Management projects and one Legal Business Consulting project) and it requires some juggling! On the call, we discuss procedures for legal holds memos I am going to produce and distribute to the client. I take notes on the steps, so I can later review.

I grab a bottle of water and head to a different conference room for a project plan review meeting with the client and the Huron core team. Afterwards, I make the discussed changes to the project plan, and upload the new version to the portal. Before packing up I answer any email I haven’t yet returned, and enter my time and expenses.


Up early to make the trek to the client. I take the train today, as there was a snowstorm last night and I’m afraid the commute will be long. Tuesday morning is our last prototype demo. In addition to publishing notes, I review attendance and notify the project manager which Subject Matter Experts from the client did not attend a demo. The attendance sheet is uploaded to the portal, along with a list of all the action items from each session. I spend the rest of the morning taking screenshots of the system – these will be dropped into the power point presentation for division, so they have a visual of what they just saw in the demo. I then send the power points to the project manager – she will send them out to each group at the client.

Our manager is at a different client today, so my director and I bring food back from the cafeteria to our desks. While I eat, I do some work for my third client – a large bank that has recently had a number of acquisitions. They are looking to migrate their old records to a new Records Retention Schedule that encompasses all of their business functions. Last week I developed a visual overview of the bank’s business functions and sub-functions. Since the client has approved these, today I am beginning to create an access database with these new functions and sub-functions to hold the client’s record codes and records.

After a few hours, I am ready to pack up. I enter time and expenses, and send out meeting and conference room requests for tomorrow and Thursday. I head out to catch my shuttle to the train station – I am looking forward to reading my new book on my way home.


After creating the access database with business functions and sub-functions, I am ready to move record categories to their new categories. Today I spend my morning on a conference call with another teammate, making recommendations of where record codes will be moved. After lunch I summarize our decisions into a short status report to be sent to our director – we will review our work with her tomorrow.

In the afternoon is the weekly status meeting with our client. I take notes and answer questions when possible. I will use these notes to help create the status report for the week that is submitted on Friday. After the status meeting, we have an hour meeting to review the migration plan with the Huron team and vendor, and make last minute changes so we can submit the final plan to the client on time. After making the edits, I am done for the day!


My first call of the day is a review of the Records Retention Schedule database my teammate and I created yesterday. The director walks through the methodology and process steps we followed and we are able to discuss abnormalities we have found and ask any questions we have. The next hour is spent making changes we have discussed with the director and formatting the reports to be sent to the client.

My final task on the client site is to draft the status report that is circulated each Friday. I review what we have completed this week, upcoming tasks for next week, and take note of any risks or issues we encountered this week. After review and edits from my manager, I send a final copy to be circulated.

Before I leave, I take an hour to review materials and download software for a training I have during lunch tomorrow at the Huron office. Once I enter time and expenses, I am out the door for the day; I will be back at the client next Monday!


On Friday, I am able to work from the Huron office downtown. It is exciting to catch up with everyone in the office, as most people are at different clients throughout the week. I visit shortly with another analyst from my start class in the cafeteria while grabbing a drink, and hurry back to my desk for my first call at 9.

I have two back to back conference calls to discuss the status of separate projects. On both, I am asked to describe what I worked on this week and the progress I have made. I am able to discuss any issues or risks I see with my director and managing director, and receive guidance on what to focus on the next week.

Normally I would meet up with some analysts and associates to go out to lunch, but today I am heading to training with another analyst. We are volunteering with a group of Huron employees with the Ladder Up Tax Assistance Program. During lunch, we review tax rules and how to prepare taxes; tomorrow we will spend a few hours preparing taxes for low-income families at sites around Chicago.

Back at my desk, I open the Huron’s billing system. Billing tasks usually belongs to the associate on each project, but since there is only a manager, director, MD and me, I have stepped up to work on billing. I sort through invoices from a vendor and review the core team’s time and expenses. I am able to use these to generate final invoices that my MD will sign and I will provide to the client. I enter my time, check my mail at the office, and it is officially the weekend!

Office Location Options

  • Chicago, IL
  • Houston, TX
  • New York, NY
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