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    Diversity & Inclusion

    At Huron, we are committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that values and fosters diversity and inclusion. By recruiting, retaining and developing a diverse work force, we will be better able to meet the needs of our clients and to create opportunities for all of us. Our ability to attract and retain exceptional professionals, with diverse backgrounds and life experiences, will help us bring more innovative, creative, and unique ideas and approaches to how we deliver excellent service and solutions to our clients.

    Diversity is about more than differences in race, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity. It's about inviting an array of ideas, experiences, and perspectives into our company. Our clients are expecting Huron to deliver excellence. We know that excellence is all about bringing the best people together and recognizing that we need a broad range of skills, abilities and experiences to develop and deliver the solutions our clients need.


      At Huron, People Matter, therefore Inclusion Matters. Building upon this concept of “Inclusion Matters” (iMatter), Huron leadership and the Diversity & Inclusion Council provide support for iMatter teams with the goal of helping Huron identify strategies that enhance diversity, while creating a greater sense of community within the company. Read more about Diversity & Inclusion at Huron here
    Huron is proud to offer a unique opportunity to sophomores attending our Partner Universities who value the importance of diversity and inclusion. Our Diversity Leadership Program offers students a chance to learn how businesses operate, with a focus on professional services. Learn more about our Diversity Leadership Program
    Freedom Mass Huron is proud to be a member of the Massachusetts Businesses for Freedom Coalition. The Coalition supports Freedom Massachusetts - a bipartisan campaign working to ensure all people are treated fairly and equally under the law. The campaign is focused on advancing policies that protect transgender people in public spaces and prohibiting discrimination. Visit the coalition’s website to learn more.
    Huron supports The Bunker – a program built by veteran entrepreneurs – for veteran entrepreneurs. The Bunker targets existing veteran-owned tech startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to come, create and conquer the business world through their ideas, hard work, and strategy. Learn more about the initiatives The Bunker supports at
    Huron Consulting Group’s Laura Yaeger Selected as One of Consulting Magazine’s Top 25 Consultants. Read more here.
    Huron Consulting Group’s Erin Bartley named as one of Consulting Magazine’s 2015 Rising Stars of the Profession. Read more here.
    We are Leaning In Because "At Huron, women lean in with their voice, vision and ambition. We rely on our diverse workforce to share opinions and articulate the future. It's this collective effort that rally women at all levels to help meet the needs of our diverse, expanding and interconnected world. Huron proudly leans in."
    - James Roth, CEO & President

    Visit our partnership page at to learn more.

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Diversity & Inclusion Council

    iMatter Teams



    Robert Parris
    Robert Parris
    Managing Director
    D&I Council Co Chair

    "I'm proud to work for an organization that recognizes the importance of fostering a diverse environment”
    Erin Bartley
    Diversity & Inclusion Council Member

    "Huron's emphasis on D&I enhances employee engagement, productivity, happiness, loyalty, and the employer brand."
    David Perel
    iMatter Team Member