OMB Uniform Guidance
OMB Uniform Guidance: Major Changes and Impacts

Huron summarizes the major changes to the regulations and the institutional impact of the final guidance. >> Learn more

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Alliance Annual Conference - 2015
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Huron Education is dedicated to serving the higher education industry. We have a large team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the business of higher education and academic medical centers, globally. We deliver the most comprehensive services to the industry and partner with institutions to improve business performance across the enterprise.

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Webinar: Huron Webinar: How to Meet the OMB Requirements for Effort Confirmation and Automate Reporting
This webinar provides an overview of Huron’s ecrt® effort confirmation application, demonstrating key features that can enhance and automate your compliance and reporting procedures.» MORE...

Solution Brief: Click Agreements
An electronic system for management of research-related contracts and agreements» MORE...

Solution Brief: Click CTMS
Overview of Click software for clinical trials » MORE...


Jim Roth

James H. Roth

Chief Executive Officer and President

Laura A. Yaeger

Laura A. Yaeger

Executive Vice President

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