OMB Uniform Guidance
OMB Uniform Guidance: Major Changes and Impacts

Huron summarizes the major changes to the regulations and the institutional impact of the final guidance. >> Learn more

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CIO Review 20 Most Promising Education Tech Service Provider
"20 Most Promising Education Tech Service Providers"

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Huron Education is dedicated to serving the higher education industry. We have a large team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the business of higher education and academic medical centers, globally. We deliver the most comprehensive services to the industry and partner with institutions to improve business performance across the enterprise.

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Whitepaper: Social Media Enters the Mainstream: Report on the Use of Social Media in Advancement
A new survey shows how pervasive social media use has become in higher education, with college leaders using it for many causes and just to keep in touch with students and others.» MORE...

Webinar: Huron Webinar: Four Steps to a More Efficient IACUC
Huron and Penn State discuss and demonstrate four steps to a more efficient IACUC using Huron's Click® solution.» MORE...

Webinar: Maximizing Your ERP Investment: Grants WorkCenters
In this webinar, we’ll briefly explain what WorkCenters are, the value that they represent the business in terms for streamlining individual end user tasks and solidifying business processes, how you might start planning for a project, and move on to show you some examples of WorkCenters in use. » MORE...


Jim Roth

James H. Roth

Chief Executive Officer and President

Laura A. Yaeger

Laura A. Yaeger

Executive Vice President

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