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Huron Legal provides advisory and business services to assist law departments and law firms to enhance organizational effectiveness and reduce legal spend.

Huron Legal advises on and implements strategy, organizational design and development, outside counsel management, operational efficiency, and discovery solutions, and provides services relating to the management of matters, contracts, documents, records, digital evidence and e-discovery.

Huron is not a law firm; it does not offer, and is not authorized to provide, legal advice or counseling in any jurisdiction.

Huron Legal Insights

Update: Eye on Discovery Volume 2 Issue 30: Best Practices to Manage the Costs and Complexity of E-Discovery in the Criminal Context
The Joint Electronic Technology Working Group (JETWG)’s Recommendations for ESI Discovery in Federal Criminal Cases set forth important best practices that prosecutors and defense counsel should follow to improve the efficiency of post-indictment e-discovery and resolve disputes.» MORE...

Update: GC Focus Volume 2 Issue 28: How Does Your Department’s Portfolio Management Measure Up?
The 2014 IMPACT® Benchmarking Report suggests law departments are turning their attention to managing their portfolios of legal work. » MORE...

Perspective: FTLE Volume 8 Issue 11: The 2014 IMPACT Benchmarking Report Highlights
Volume 8, Issue 11 of For The LegalEye » MORE...


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Jon Resnick

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