Research Enterprise Solutions

Huron’s research enterprise and software solutions improve every aspect of research administration performance. We have built our expertise by working with more than 90 of the top 100 U.S. research universities, non-profit research institutions, academic medical centers nationwide, the nation’s top hospitals, and dozens of clients globally, bringing best practices and thought-leadership to the unique environment of research.

Our solutions and deep expertise enable clients to more effectively manage the business of research, optimize clinical research operations, improve financial management and cost reimbursement, improve service to faculty, and mitigate compliance risks.

Research Enterprise Solutions INSIGHTS
Webinar: Huron Webinar: Discover the Best Organizational Structure for Research Administration
This webinar discusses the approaches to organizing research administration offices, including a life cycle approach, department/school alignment, or sponsor alignment as well as the benefits and effectiveness of each, and how to determine the best approach for your organization.» MORE

Webinar: Huron Webinar: Streamline and Improve F&A Space Management through Process Automation
Looking for a more efficient way to conduct space surveys? A better way to manage space data? This webinar will demonstrate how Huron’s efacs® Space software provides a robust methodology for surveying space while facilitating compliance and improving space data management. » MORE

Analysis: NIH Transition to Subaccount Based LOC
Huron summarizes the changes and analyzes the impact of the NIH's transition to a subaccount based Letter of Credit (LOC) draw process.» MORE

Proposed OMB Uniform Guidance
Proposed OMB Uniform Guidance: Cost Principles, Audit, and Administrative Requirements for Federal Awards.
This client communication provides an update on the proposal and an overview of the Uniform Guidance content and institutional implications. >>MORE