Clinical Operations

A partnership with Huron enables healthcare providers to achieve the highest levels of clinical excellence. Our Clinical Operations solution drives rapid, sustainable improvements in care quality, patient satisfaction, and financial performance (e.g. increased effective capacity to treat more patients, improved management of cost, and decreased care variation). The solution lays the foundation required for clients to continuously improve in the evolving healthcare environment.

Clinical Operations INSIGHTS
Whitepaper: A Commentary on Medicare at 50: More Yesterdays than Tomorrows
Despite successes over its 50 years, Medicare is criticized for encouraging overtreatment and manipulation, and underfunding vital services. » MORE

Case Study: Case Study: Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics CO
Huron Healthcare's clinical operations solutions to improve the patient and provider experience related to the cardiac catheterization (cath) labs. » MORE

Case Study: Case Study: UCLA Health System
Huron Healthcare partnered with UCLA Health System on a clinical operations solution at its Ronald Reagan and Santa Monica Medical Centers. » MORE