Huron’s approach to non-labor cost reductions is the most comprehensive in the healthcare industry, going beyond the standard supply chain focus to encompass every expense except labor, bad debt, and interest. This allows us to uncover more opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies, and we work collaboratively with clients to implement them quickly.

Case Study: Case Study: The University of Kansas Hospital Authority
The University of Kansas Hospital Authority worked with Huron Healthcare to improve performance, achieving an annual benefit of more than $60 million.» MORE

Case Study: Comprehensive Case Study: Baptist Memorial Health Care
Baptist Memorial Health Care engaged Huron Healthcare for an enterprise-wide transformation that generated 168.3 million in recurring benefits.» MORE

Whitepaper: Five Critical Success Factors for Implementing a Patient Blood Management Program in a Multi-Facility Health System
Huron Healthcare leaders share insights from implementing a successful patient blood management program (PBM) system at Baptist Memorial Health Care.» MORE

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      Daniel May

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      Jim Gallas

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