Huron’s Physician solutions help clients make the most of their physician group in order to excel in an uncertain healthcare environment. By fully aligning goals and incentives, our solutions help clients drive efficiency and quality across the clinical enterprise. The results include improved quality outcomes, reduced costs, and improved patient satisfaction. Ultimately, our solutions create a stronger, more unified, and more competitive position in the market.

To stabilize and align your physician investment, we focus on five key areas that must be optimized to have a successful group practice:

Organizational Effectiveness
The organization is physician led and professionally managed.  Patient care quality and overall accountability are supported by a common vision, shared goals, and effective management team.

Practice Efficiency
Remove barriers and inefficiencies to maximize the time providers can spend with their patients.  Work flows eliminate waste and smooth demand to increase access to care.

Financial Sustainability
Financial tools are structured to measure cost and quality to support standard financial metrics. There are transparent and consistent data focused for physicians to ensure accountability and clear expectations.

Provider Alignment
A mutually beneficial environment for providers and healthcare delivery systems exists by managing patient retention, developing strategic partnerships, aligning contracts and compensation with strategic goals, and understanding the alignment of providers in the market.

Clinical Alignment
Healthier populations, lower costs of care and informed quality management are possible with coordinated management of the continuum of care with primary and specialty team based care models, alignment of hospital-based physician services, and a focus on clinical service coordination.

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