Revenue Cycle

Huron Healthcare’s Revenue Cycle solution is unrivaled for sustainable revenue cycle improvement. This proven solution optimizes performance, delivering a predictable and annual 3 percent to 6 percent revenue gain, while increasing patient, physician, and staff satisfaction. Our collaborative approach creates a high-performance work culture, and our ongoing support helps clients continuously attain the highest level of performance.

Revenue Cycle INSIGHTS
Perspective: Using Your Patient Portal to Grow Revenue
In the first of a series of reports on optimizing patient portals, consultancy Huron Healthcare examines how portals can generate more revenue while expanding patient services and convenience. » MORE

Case Study: Case Study: Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
Huron Healthcare worked with Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota to implement integrated solutions and improve performance and processes. » MORE

Whitepaper: A Commentary on Medicare at 50: More Yesterdays than Tomorrows
Despite successes over its 50 years, Medicare is criticized for encouraging overtreatment and manipulation, and underfunding vital services. » MORE