Assisting general counsel at some of the world's largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies and top-tier national and international law firms supporting the life sciences industry, Huron provides comprehensive, analytical guidance based on our core industry knowledge, including professionals who have worked in the industry and understand its unique operations, manufacturer/physician interactions and diverse quantitative expertise. Our professionals work successfully with companies and their outside legal counsel on damages assessments and litigation support, including developing models used in negotiations and final settlement discussions with the government.

We coordinate and integrate the technical, financial, and data analysis needed to maximize the benefits, while minimizing the transaction costs.

Further, the Huron team has expertise in the key areas addressed by government inquiries and investigations, including sales and marketing interactions, fair market value, medical affairs, clinical affairs and government price reporting.


Resource: The HRSA Seeks Comment on Information Collection Under 1996 Audit Guidelines Process
HRSA published a notice seeking comment relating to the HRSA’s proposed collection of information associated to the 1996 audit guidelines and dispute resolution process.» MORE

Resource: The OIG Supports the Extension of Additional Rebates to Generic Drugs
The OIG reiterated its prior recommendation that the CMS seek legislative authority to extend additional Medicaid rebates to generic drugs in its December 2015 report. » MORE

Update: The PPACA Final Rule is Back at the OMB
The PPACA AMP Final Rule is back at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review, despite its publication appearing imminent.» MORE

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Paul J. Silver

Paul J. Silver

Managing Director and Practice Leader