Many factors are playing into the changing landscape of the media industry. Huron helps media companies develop a plan for the future. Our professionals work with organizations to recover from distress, manage legal functions, and enhance organizational effectiveness.

Perspective: Navigating into the Cloud: What CFOs should know about a shift to Cloud-based EPM and Analytics
A number of information industry analysts, vendors and media have heralded 2014 as the “Year of the Cloud.” There is little question that the Cloud represents a disruptive force in how enterprise systems will be built and managed in the future. » MORE

Perspective: Technology Turnarounds
The speed of change in technology organizations warrants quick and decisive action, and often advisors who are not emotionally invested» MORE

Perspective: Financial Advisor Media and Entertainment Company

Related Expertise
Financial advisor to debt holders of a media and entertainment company

Huron assisted the debt holders of a media and entertainment company achieve a near tenfold increase in recovery from the amount initially proposed.

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