Technology companies present special challenges in managing intangible and technology assets. Huron has experts who have worked with a multitude of technology companies to maximize value and manage assets.

Technology INSIGHTS
Perspective: Future of Higher Education - Volume 6, Issue 8
The Future of Higher Education newsletter is a monthly compendium of the most compelling and innovative thinking about how higher education is evolving to serve new students and methods of learning.» MORE

Webinar: Huron Webinar: Post Uniform Guidance Era: An Update on Recent Effort Reporting Trends and Approaches
In light of the Uniform Guidance spirit to reduce administrative burdens for federal awards and an ongoing FDP Pilot Program for testing a payroll certification approach, there has been increased attention on how institutions might modify or enhance their methods for supporting payroll on sponsored programs. This webinar informs and updates on the trends Huron is seeing related to effort reporting, potential approaches institutions are evaluating, and Huron’s perspective on optimal internal controls to meet the Uniform Guidance standards.» MORE

Perspective: 3 Steps to Evolve Your Data Analytics Program
Life sciences companies are using data analytics to conduct monitoring and analyze market trends — yet opportunities still remain to leverage data in making business decisions.» MORE

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