Technology companies present special challenges in managing intangible and technology assets. Huron has experts who have worked with a multitude of technology companies to maximize value and manage assets.

Technology INSIGHTS
Whitepaper: CIOs Seek More Strategic Role on Campuses; Talk Importance of Data-based Decision Making
CIOs from major public universities still struggle to become part of strategic leadership, and to meet increasing demands for data analytics, say attendees at Huron Education roundtable.» MORE

Whitepaper: Whitepaper: Many Models Exist for IT Governance, but Certain Key Aspects Needed to Make Them Effective
IT governance has evolved at universities in many different ways, and no two do it the same way. However, CIOs agreed that to make it work, IT governance needs certain attributes.» MORE

Report: Largest Healthcare Consulting Firms 2013
Modern Healthcare lists Huron Healthcare as the third largest healthcare consulting management firm in the U.S.» MORE

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