Technology companies present special challenges in managing intangible and technology assets. Huron has experts who have worked with a multitude of technology companies to maximize value and manage assets.

Technology INSIGHTS
Resource: Clinical Research Management Briefing August 10 2015
The Clinical Research Management Briefing (CRMB) is a weekly newsletter that Huron Consulting Group sends out to clients and interested parties. This week's topics include clinical trial risks, vaccination funding, and big data's impact on patient discovery.» MORE

Webinar: The Evolving Cloud: Case For Change
Organizations considering implementing Cloud-based ERP solutions must be prepared to develop a comprehensive technology strategy and fully consider how the new technology will integrate with their existing systems and select the right vendor to achieve their desired outcomes.» MORE

Whitepaper: CIOs Seek More Strategic Role on Campuses; Talk Importance of Data-based Decision Making
CIOs from major public universities still struggle to become part of strategic leadership, and to meet increasing demands for data analytics, say attendees at Huron Education roundtable.» MORE

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