Integrated Analytics

Imagine if you could eliminate up to 70% of irrelevant e-discovery data right from the start, so you could focus on responsive documents faster and make quicker decisions. Well, now you can with Integrated Analytics.

It’s an innovative, comprehensive process with unprecedented accuracy, increased transparency and a capped pricing model that will fundamentally change e-discovery.

See things differently with our:

  • Dedicated Discovery Team - An assigned team of multi-disciplinary experts with substantial e-discovery, predictive coding, and litigation experience who work with the client’s legal team to plan and execute the e-discovery strategy. 
  • Quicker Production - An innovative solution that eliminates up to 70% of irrelevant data right from the start without the need for attorney review.
  • Data Analytics Center - A new state-of-the-art facility located in Charlotte, N.C. that provides expert resources – computer scientists, statisticians, and data analysts – and a multi-tool technology approach in a secure environment to cull data efficiently and effectively.
  • Integrated Statistically Validated Process - An independently validated process with a 99% confidence level using statistical measures created in collaboration with a team of academic experts.
  • Defensibility Resources - A team of independent resources that includes industry and academic experts in machine learning and statistics.
  • Capped Pricing - A cost-effective pricing model that removes the risk of unanticipated large bills, ensures budgets are met, and generally lowers clients’ e-discovery costs by 30% or more.

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Integrated Analytics INSIGHTS
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