Law Department Management
Assisting more than 400 general counsel at some of the world’s largest companies, our team has the proven expertise to enhance organizational effectiveness and reduce legal spend. Huron understands the changing pressures and increasing enterprise implications of decisions brought to bear on the Office of General Counsel. We incorporate impactful cost control techniques that take into account short- and long-term needs, as well as quality of work and deliver sustainable results.

Law Department Management INSIGHTS
Update: GC Focus Volume 3 Issue 15: Aligning the Law Department with the Corporate Vision
As organizations grow or the competitive landscape shifts, the corporate vision can evolve. Law departments that can align themselves with the corporate vision are positioned to proactively serve their clients and meet or exceed client expectations. » MORE

Update: GC Focus Volume 3 Issue 12: Law Department Organization
There are a variety of factors that affect a law department’s organization structure. A comprehensive assessment of the department’s services is the foundation for determining the structure that makes sense for an organization. Many organizations now have a hybrid structure, taking into consideration practice area, client organization, and geography. » MORE

Perspective: FTLE Volume 9 Issue 5: Departments With Comprehensive Management Thrive
For the LegalEye, Volume 9, Issue 5» MORE


6th Annual Law Department Benchmarking Survey 

The Law Department Benchmarking Survey is designed to provide law department leaders insight into comprehensive benchmarking data. >>TAKE THE SURVEY


Sky Analytics

Visibility into legal spend is the foundation for any cost control program. » MORE