Records & Information Management

A comprehensive Records and Information Management program is critical to an organization’s ability to meet the increasingly complex and demanding regulatory and technological challenges of today. Huron offers a comprehensive approach to the design, development and implementation of all aspects of enterprise-wide RIM programs to our clients. Our approach takes into consideration information governance, enabling technologies, and business process improvements.

Records & Information Management INSIGHTS
Update: GC Focus Volume 3 Issue 2: No More Analysis Paralysis
Organizations that proactively use data analytics can streamline their work processes and make informed decisions that improve their information governance, discovery and litigation strategies, and law department management.» MORE

Perspective: Managing “ROT”
This article, based on an e-discovery briefing presented by The Huron Legal Institute, discusses the steps to a strategy for managing information according to its risk and value to the organization, leading to a defensible disposition plan. » MORE

Update: GC Focus Volume 2 Issue 26: Don't Just Manage Your Information: Govern It
Achieving true information governance—and the many benefits that go along with it, such as reduced risks, lower storage and discovery costs, and improved compliance—requires organizations to abandon their traditional, siloed approach and build a cohesive strategy that unites privacy, RIM, e-discovery, compliance, and information security initiatives.» MORE

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