Leading hospital and health system CEOs share their insights and discus strategies for success in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. » More


6 Key Takeaways from NACUBO 2015

Built around the theme, “The Tempo of Change,” the NACUBO 2015 Annual Meeting highlighted and addressed the challenges of today’s higher education environment. In the following article, the top takeaways for CAOs, CBOs and other higher education industry leaders are discussed.» More

Solution Brief

Paradigm Volume 4 Issue 4: Strategic Planning for Middle Market Companies

Volume 4, Issue 4 of the Huron Business Advisory Paradigm» More


Eye on Discovery Volume 3 Issue 15: Can You Beat the Taxman and Recover E-Discovery Costs

Over the last few years, federal courts have increasingly taken a narrow view of the costs that may be taxed against a losing party under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 54(d); however, several recent cases indicate a willingness to treat the statutory language of 28 U.S.C. § 1920(4) that limits costs to the “making copies” less strictly.» More


A Commentary on Medicare at 50: More Yesterdays than Tomorrows

Despite successes over its 50 years, Medicare is criticized for encouraging overtreatment and manipulation, and underfunding vital services. » More


Clinical Research Management Briefing July 27 2015

The Clinical Research Management Briefing (CRMB) is a weekly newsletter that Huron Consulting Group sends out to clients and interested parties. This week's newsletter features information on clinical trial innovation, healthcare regulation, and new mDNA technology.» More


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