Leading hospital and health system CEOs share their insights and discus strategies for success in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. » More


GC Focus Volume 3 Issue 15: Aligning the Law Department with the Corporate Vision

As organizations grow or the competitive landscape shifts, the corporate vision can evolve. Law departments that can align themselves with the corporate vision are positioned to proactively serve their clients and meet or exceed client expectations. » More

Case Study

Case Study: Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Huron Healthcare worked with Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota to implement integrated solutions and improve performance and processes. » More


6 Population Health Challenges, Opportunities for Academic Medical Centers

Andy Ziskind, M.D. discusses unique challenges and opportunities for academic medical centers to prepare for the population health environment. » More


The Clinical Research Management Briefing (CRMB) is a weekly newsletter that Huron Consulting Group sends out to clients and interested parties. This week's topics include intellectual property rights, clinical trials, and cancer research. » More


Budget Redesign Was Top of Mind at ASSCU 2015

Huron Education manager Jaime Ontiveros and Northern Kentucky University vice president and provost, Sue Ott Rowlands, presented their lessons learned while partnering to implement a decentralized and incentive-based approach to resource allocation at Northern Kentucky.» More


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