Leading hospital and health system CEOs share their insights and discus strategies for success in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. » More


Insightful Open Payments Data Compliments of Huron Life Sciences

Huron developed a platform and methodolgy that allows the interactive review of Open Payments Data.» More


5 Ways to Engage Healthcare Leadership in Your Research

Generally speaking, institutional and healthcare leaders have their eye on the bottom line and planning for the future. When seeking funding and support of specific research initiatives, therefore, engaging and communicating your project’s ROI with decision-makers becomes an essential step in financing university-based research. Here are five ways to do so.» More


Taking on Risk for Total Joint Replacements

Hospitals taking on total joint replacement risk in CMS’ bundled payments project need strong clinical care coordination to stay ahead of the game.» More


The Disclosure Iceberg

Huron Legal’s Jonathan Maas discusses the factors underlying e-disclosure costs in Litigation Funding magazine. » More


How to Build a Successful Student Employability Strategy

Colleges and universities are beginning to focus their efforts on matching their academic rigor with equally-as-rigorous career-preparation programs to boost their marketability to prospective students. In the following Q&A, Peter Stokes, a Huron Education Managing Director, provides practical insights into what some institutions may face when seeking to launch an employability program, as well as some guidance for overcoming challenges.» More


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