Leading hospital and health system CEOs share their insights and discus strategies for success in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. » More


Press Enterprise: Riverside County Health System generates $1.6 billion for area

Riverside University Health System, which includes the county-run hospital in Moreno Valley, a network of 10 clinics and the public health and behavioral health departments, generates $1.6 billion a year for the regional economy.» More


Podcast: Best Practices in Cloud Technology Operations, Processes

The following podcast series explores cloud technology in higher education. In part 2, Huron Managing Director Bill Cronin discusses the key process and operations implications of adopting cloud technology.» Listen


Future of Higher Education - Volume 6, Issue 5

The Future of Higher Education newsletter is a monthly compendium of the most compelling and innovative thinking about how higher education is evolving to serve new students and methods of learning.» More


Clinical Research Management Briefing May 2, 2016

The Clinical Research Management Briefing (CRMB) is a weekly newsletter that Huron Consulting Group sends out to clients and interested parties.» More


HRSA Reopens the Proposed Rule for 340B Pricing to Elicit New Comments

On Apr. 18, 2016, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a statement on reopening the 340B Pricing Proposed Rule to solicit additional comments. » More


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