Leading hospital and health system CEOs share their insights and discus strategies for success in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. » More


Huron Webinar: Get Prepared: External IRBs Are in Your Future

This webinar reviews key considerations when relying on—or serving as—another institution’s IRB.» Watch the video


GC Focus Volume 3 Issue 8: Contract Analytics – What Can They Do for You?

Contract analytics can help organizations enhance revenue, reduce costs, and improve speed to market. » More


Future of Higher Education - Volume 5, Issue 4

The Future of Higher Education newsletter is a monthly compendium of the most compelling and innovative thinking about how higher education is evolving to serve new students and methods of learning.» More


Academic Innovation Incubators: Emerging Models and Strategic Considerations for Leaders

Huron Consulting Group and American Council on Education Address How Institutions can Leverage Innovation to Improve Student Success in Higher Education» More

Case Study

Increasing IT Organizational Effectiveness at the University of Alabama Birmingham

The University of Alabama Birmingham decided to evaluate its IT environment and design an updated organizational model that balances the need for central and locally provisioned services, optimizes university resources and promotes increased collaboration and communication.» More


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