Ten Overlooked Opportunities For Significant Performance Improvement and Cost Savings

By: Andrew A. Ziskind, M.D., Gordon J. Mountford, Jim Gallas, Curt B. Whelan, Christopher Drummond, Jeff Jones

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To create a stable, thriving, high-performance organization in an era of reform, healthcare executives need to achieve unprecedented efficiency and get the most out of all of their resources. Many organizations have made major strides, but even the highest performers may miss key opportunities.

In this white paper “Ten Overlooked Opportunities for Significant Performance Improvement and Cost Savings” Huron Healthcare executives provide insights from the Huron Healthcare Performance Improvement Database that reveal how to find hidden savings and lay the groundwork for transformation. The white paper includes:

• Thought provoking self-assessment questions organizations can use to consider performance improvement opportunities in core operational areas
• Detailed figures on percentage of improvement possible for each item
• Common barriers healthcare organizations face in implementing and benefitting from overlooked opportunities
• Insights from Huron’s top executives on enabling high performance

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