OMB Uniform Guidance
OMB Uniform Guidance: Major Changes and Impacts

Huron summarizes the major changes to the regulations and the institutional impact of the final guidance. >> Learn more

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Consulting Magazine Top 25 Consultants - 2015
Laura Yaeger Named Top 25 Consultant

Consulting magazine released their Top 25 Consultant list for 2015. »MORE

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Huron Education is dedicated to serving the higher education industry. We have a large team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the business of higher education and academic medical centers, globally. We deliver the most comprehensive services to the industry and partner with institutions to improve business performance across the enterprise.

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Perspective: 5 Ways to Engage Healthcare Leadership in Your Research
Generally speaking, institutional and healthcare leaders have their eye on the bottom line and planning for the future. When seeking funding and support of specific research initiatives, therefore, engaging and communicating your project’s ROI with decision-makers becomes an essential step in financing university-based research. Here are five ways to do so.» MORE...

Perspective: How to Build a Successful Student Employability Strategy
Colleges and universities are beginning to focus their efforts on matching their academic rigor with equally-as-rigorous career-preparation programs to boost their marketability to prospective students. In the following Q&A, Peter Stokes, a Huron Education Managing Director, provides practical insights into what some institutions may face when seeking to launch an employability program, as well as some guidance for overcoming challenges.» MORE...

Resource: Clinical Research Management Briefing August 24 2015
The Clinical Research Management Briefing (CRMB) is a weekly newsletter that Huron Consulting Group sends out to clients and interested parties. This week's topics include data audits, research funding, and clinical research spending. » MORE...


Jim Roth

James H. Roth

President and Chief Executive Officer

Laura A. Yaeger

Laura A. Yaeger

Executive Vice President

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Huron helped achieve a complete IRB transformation utilizing software and workflows to meet AAHRPP regulations.


White paper examines three examples of service models and the enablers and barriers to success.