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Maximize your efficiency and success with Huron’s flexible operations solutions. Leverage our unparalleled virtual research administration expertise to reduce risk, accelerate timelines, enhance performance, and seamlessly align with institutional goals.

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Full lifecycle clinical administration support models

Expedite clinical trial activation, improve financial performance, and reduce regulatory risk. Learn more

Federal awards management

Increase your institutional capacity, service levels, and performance with Huron’s research experts.

Research agreements

Balance efficiency and risk management to provide timely and favorable research agreement execution. Learn more

Huron Research Office

Experience the full potential of your research enterprise with our support solutions for research administration.

  • Transfer the administrative, financial, and regulatory complexities to our team of experts
  • Leverage our proven processes to drive efficiency
  • Implement a reliable and scalable staffing model for sustainable growth

This is a flow chart showing the process of research in universities, research institutes, hospitals, health systems, and cancer centers. The chart is divided into three columns: “Pre Award”, “Clinical Start-up”, and “Contracts Review and Negotiation”. The “Pre Award” column has a list of steps including proposal preparation and submission, review and approval, and budget planning. The “Clinical Start-up” column has a list of steps including budget negotiations, contract negotiations, and post award management. The “Contracts Review and Negotiation” column has a list of steps including research agreements, material transfer agreements, and confidentiality agreements.

Huron Supported Institutions Include:

  • 36 Carnegie Classified R1 Doctoral Universities, R2 Doctoral Universities and Special Focus Research Institutions
  • 46% of Clinical Transitional Science Award (CTSA) Hub Institutions
  • 36 of the Top 100 National Institute of Health (NIH) funded institutions
  • 7 of Becker’s Largest Hospitals and Health Systems
  • 3 of the top 5 U.S. News and World Report Top Children’s Hospitals
  • 9 of the Top 25 U.S. News and World Report Cancer Centers
  • 19% of the National Cancer Institutes Designated Cancer Centers

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