• Baylor Finds Clarity, Agility and Business Continuity in the Cloud

    Baylor University launched a new financial and human capital management (HCM) cloud platform to boost agility and fuel its ascent along a strategic growth curve.

  • Baylor Lays The Foundation for Enterprisewide, Strategic Procurement

    Baylor University worked with Huron to assess its procurement function as part of an initiative to transform the institution’s administrative operations.

  • Addressing Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being With Purpose

    Three steps leaders can start taking now that have a big impact on employee wellness and morale and will initiate lasting change within their organization.

  • The Staffing Crisis in Higher Education

    View the results of a survey of higher education leaders launched by Huron and the Chronicle of Higher Education exploring the current state of staffing on campus

  • Delivering an Omnichannel Access Experience in Healthcare

    As health systems expand where they engage with consumers, focus is needed on coordinating interactions across channels to deliver a seamless access experience.

  • Geoffrey Corb

    Geof has over 20 years of experience driving technology-enabled growth and operational excellence, in provider and consumer roles, for higher education and healthcare institutions. From technology implementations to transformed business processes, he helps clients deliver individual, team and organizational success.

  • 3 Opportunities for Children’s Hospitals in 2022

    In the next 12 months and beyond, children’s hospital leaders can expect to encounter several challenges — and opportunities — that will change how they operate.

  • Healthcare Executive Research 2022

    Huron’s healthcare research findings include how executives are responding to key market trends and the investments that will drive transformation efforts.

  • Healthcare Talent Research: Top Opportunities for Leaders

    Misalignment between leaders' beliefs and what employees actually value reveals opportunities for organizations to refocus their talent and workforce strategies.

  • Market Research: A New Era of Care Transformation

    Huron's research helps define care transformation and surfaces the priorities and challenges influencing healthcare organizations’ strategies.

  • Re-Imagining Healthcare Leadership: Strengthening Your Culture

    Join healthcare leaders virtually May 10-11, 2023, for a professional development event dedicated to building employee engagement and strengthening organizational culture.

  • Healthcare Workforce: Building Engagement and Mental Health Wellness

    Resources to help healthcare employers elevate their culture and employee strategies to drive engagement, reduce burnout, and support employee well-being.

  • Breaking Down Burnout in Healthcare: Severity, Causes, and Solutions

    Industry research explores what is causing healthcare worker burnout and how to alleviate pressure on healthcare managers who have the highest reported levels of stress.

  • The Power of Identity in the Workplace

    The Power of Identity in the Workplace

  • Mitigating Financial Uncertainty in Healthcare

    Leaders can prepare for economic uncertainty by focusing heavily on costs, liquidity, and the preservation of access to capital.

  • Unlocking the Value of Predictive Consumer Data in Healthcare

    A shift is occurring in how healthcare organizations use consumer data to understand their market, competitors, network adequacy, and holistic consumer needs.

  • Achieve Future-State Supply Chain Planning With ERP

    With an enterprise resource planning solution, healthcare organizations can use data and analytics to better predict supply needs and anticipate disruptions.

  • Advancing Hospital Care at Home

    Healthcare organizations have a significant opportunity to transform or establish an acute care strategy that drives improved results for patients, providers, and the healthcare ecosystem.

  • Using Data to Build a Stronger Care Network

    Data-driven provider relationship management programs deployed with direct-to-consumer strategies and CRM for healthcare are essential in today’s competitive market.

  • Patient Status: Outpatient in a Bed

    An outpatient in a bed (OPIB) status allows hospitals to manage patients in acute care beds who are awaiting transition plans or receiving outpatient services.

  • Food and Drug Administration NPRM Webinar Series

    Recordings of Huron’s webinars, which provided summaries of the key portions of the FDA’s NPRMs and an opportunity for questions, feedback, and discussion.

  • Sambamurthy Subramanian

    Sambamurthy has more than 20 years of experience helping healthcare institutions improve performance and employee and patient engagement. He brings expertise in strategic planning, revenue and growth planning, team building and motivation, culture development and refinement, and change management and adoption.

  • Ashley Anderson

    Ashley has more than 11 years of consulting experience within the healthcare industry.

  • Nicole Risey

    For over a decade, Nicole has helped healthcare leaders develop and implement performance improvement solutions and execute large-scale revenue cycle transformation initiatives.

  • Don Bieger

    Don has more than 20 years of experience in financial system and business intelligence implementations across multiple industries.

  • Sounder Rajan

    Sounder is an experienced technology adviser who works with organizations across industries to transform their financial systems.

  • Christopher McElroy

    Christopher has spent more than two decades helping clients transform their supply chain and optimize their systems and operations.

  • Anthony Racki

    Anthony has over 13 years of healthcare technology experience helping organizations implement and optimize information technology (IT) solutions that enable them to achieve their clinical and business goals.

  • Brendan McHugh

    Brendan has 13 years of experience assisting universities, academic health centers and hospitals with enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementations, upgrades, production support and process design.

  • Ellen McLaughlin

    Ellen has more than 20 years of experience guiding research institutions through organizational, operational and administrative transformation.

  • Pete Haas

    Pete has more than 10 years of experience leading performance improvement implementation projects for community hospitals, academic health centers, pediatric hospitals and multifacility health systems.

  • Wendy Meister

    Wendy has nearly two decades of experience advising research institutions, academic health centers and hospitals on ways to enhance institutional cost recovery and transform their approach to research administration.

  • Vikki Choate

    Vikki has over three decades of healthcare leadership experience that she brings to her role helping organizations achieve quality, safety and high reliability as they pursue transformative, lasting clinical and operational change.

  • Cathy Dove

    Cathy has extensive senior leadership experience in higher education, working with trustees, presidents, provosts and other institutional leaders on diverse and complex transformation projects. These include strategic planning, new operating model designs, community engagement, mergers and acquisitions, cost reduction, and revenue-generating initiatives.

  • Katie Katz

    Kate is a consultant with 15 years of experience leading teams to deliver complex and meaningful change.

  • Cathy Sales

    Cathy has more than 18 years of experience in revenue cycle management and healthcare consulting for academic medical centers, multifacility health systems, community hospitals, physician group practices and skilled nursing communities.

  • Alex Faklis

    For more than a decade, Alex has helped higher education clients assess, re-imagine, and transform student and alumni experiences.

  • Vivek Cherian

    Vivek has more than 13 years of experience planning, implementing and optimizing enterprise solutions for both public and private research universities.

  • David Richardson

    David is a senior technology leader who works closely with research institutions to transform research administration operations and technology.

  • Amanda Kirkland

    Amanda has more than 13 years of experience in ambulatory leadership and medical group consulting.

  • Abhi Gupta

    Abhi has more than 10 years of experience providing financial and management consulting services to public and private companies across varying situations and growth stages.

  • Mike Champa

    Mike has more than 13 years of experience planning, designing and executing cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) and technology transformation projects across the higher education and healthcare industries.

  • Leah McCanna

    Leah has more than 12 years of experience leading consumer experience and performance improvement engagements for academic medical centers, national and regional multifacility health systems, and community hospitals.

  • Mark Hussey

    Mark Hussey serves as CEO and president of Huron.

  • Jim Roth

    Jim Roth serves as vice chair of Huron’s Board of Directors.

  • Home - Huron

    Businesses must be agile in their approach to understanding their customers — meeting today’s demands while also looking ahead to the future.

  • 5 Actions Universities Can Take to Position Themselves for Success in College Athletics

    Huron recommends five actions for colleges and universities to take now to position themselves for success in the new era of intercollegiate athletics

  • Managed Services

    Huron helps organizations optimize operations to maximize investments in strategy, resources, technology, and data to drive growth.

  • Research Security Resource Page

    Research Security and Foreign Interference guidance, alerts & newly released information from the US government for higher education and healthcare

  • Rural and Critical Access Hospital Pre-Conference Event and Networking Session

    Join us virtually or in person for our Healthcare Leadership Conference, an annual event dedicated to helping healthcare professionals connect, learn and rejuvenate.

  • Dan Newman

    Dan has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare as a clinician and leader in both for-profit and nonprofit sectors. He helps healthcare institutions increase revenue and improve quality of care, patient experience, and employee and physician engagement.

  • What's Right in Health Care® 2023

    Join us virtually or in person for What’s Right in Health Care®, an annual event dedicated to helping healthcare professionals connect, learn and rejuvenate.

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    Request for Proposal Submission Form

  • Inside Higher Ed: Jeremy Greenwald Wolos and Steven Currall discuss the CHIPS and Science Act

    Jeremy Greenwald Wolos and Steven Currall discuss the CHIPS and Science Act in collaboration with Inside Higher Ed.

  • Find Your Path: Pivoting into the Consulting Industry

    Find Your Path: Pivoting into the Consulting Industry

  • Healthcare Leadership Conference

    Join us virtually or in person for our Healthcare Leadership Conference, an annual event dedicated to helping healthcare professionals connect, learn and rejuvenate.

  • Innovation Performance Diagnostic Assessment

    The first step in strengthening an organization’s innovation capabilities is to create a clear picture of how innovation is currently getting done, what’s working well and what’s getting in the way.

  • Meeting the Talent Demands of an Uncertain Time in Higher Education

    Susan Basso discusses how colleges and universities can overcome the "great resignation" as the talent market continues to shift.

  • Building a More Sustainable Financial Model for Colleges and Universities

    Tim Walsh, Jaime Ontiveros, and Robert Spencer discuss major financial issues in higher education and the role of trustees in helping college and university leaders address them.

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  • 4 Financial Services Focus Areas for End-of-Year Planning

    As part of the year-end planning process, one of the key questions financial services firms should be asking themselves is how can we improve the way our business is operating to optimally support our customers?

  • Guidance for E&U Energy Transition Regulations

    To build public confidence in the industry, we need to present as a cohesive industry that is hearing the calls for greener options and taking action to work toward that future.

  • Grace Schlecte

    Grace has nearly 10 years of experience implementing operational process improvements in large health systems, academic health centers and community hospitals.

  • Creating Opportunities for Working Adults

    Higher education leaders are seeking entry into adjacent markets — like employer-supported strategic education programs — that promise long-term growth.

  • Using Strategy, Automation to Drive Efficiency and Value in Regulatory Compliance

    With proper governance and technology, financial services institutions can evolve regulatory reporting from a compliance burden to a value-add exercise.

  • The Evolving Landscape of Data Privacy in Higher Education

    Huron partnered with EDUCAUSE for a joint research study exploring the various ways that data privacy is managed, examining privacy issues and legislation.

  • Improved Financial and Operational Performance Leads to Cost Savings for Care New England

    Facing financial pressure, Care New England Health System with Huron, stabilized operations to improve financial and operational performance.

  • Case Study: Arcadia Services

    Huron Transaction Advisory (HTA), Huron’s registered broker-dealer affiliate, advises Arcadia Services in its recent sale to Addus HomeCare Corporation.

  • Bringing the Gig Economy to Healthcare

    The gig economy could allow healthcare providers to better staff based on volume while giving clinicians and nurses the opportunity to work on their terms.

  • Create New Opportunities With Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

    Strategic alliance activity in higher education has increased dramatically – leading to opportunities for institutions, especially those that act proactively.

  • Rich Bluni

    Rich is one of Huron’s most sought-after national speakers and the bestselling author of several award-winning books: Inspired Nurse, Inspired Journal, Inspired Nurse Too, and Oh No…Not More of That Fluffy Stuff!: The Power of Engagement. Rich is best known for his uplifting and motivational stories.

  • Mickey Harris

    Having practiced for over 30 years in a variety of settings, and having served at virtually every level of practice and health system leadership, Dr. Michael "Mickey" Harris is uniquely qualified to help healthcare organizations ensure alignment between clinicians and executive leadership. The direct result is the optimization of clinical, financial, and leader engagement outcomes.

  • Craig Deao

    Craig is a senior leader at Huron, and a highly regarded national speaker on leadership, engagement, quality, and patient safety. He works with healthcare executives to create highly reliable organizations where employees want to work, physicians and nurses want to practice, and patients want to receive care.

  • Clay Linkous

    With over 25 years of leadership experience, Clay knows what it takes to achieve world-class results AND world-class relationships. His diverse background & experience brings a unique perspective to his work. The consistent feedback from audiences is that Clay’s style is one of “head (intellectual), heart (inspirational), and hands (instructional).

  • Amer Kaissi

    Amer Kaissi is an executive coach and an award-winning professor. He is the author of the books "Intangibles: The Unexpected Traits of High-Performing Healthcare Leaders" and "Humbitious: The Power of Low-Ego, High-Drive Leadership". Amer believes that in leadership, humility is a strength and it can be a super-power when combined with ambition.

  • Wayne Sotile

    Wayne is an international thought leader on physician behavior and resilience for high-performing health professionals and their teams. His work is featured frequently in the national print and television media. He is the founder of the Sotile Center for Resilience, in Davidson, North Carolina. He has delivered over 8,000 invited keynotes.

  • Margaret Stanzell

    Margaret's passion is contagious as she challenges and engages leaders and staff to think creatively and differently. She is a master speaker and storyteller, engaging her audience to learn and grow in their role. She loves nothing more than to help individuals and organizations connect to the "why" in their work.

  • Mitigating Financial Uncertainty

    Huron delivers industry-leading financial turnaround and financial management support for healthcare organizations.

  • Pam Beitlich

    Pam’s comprehensive hospital background gives Pam an immediate in with any healthcare group interested in creating positive change. Transformational leadership is an area of expertise she is especially passionate about. She strongly believes the healthcare leader of today must have expert communication skills to build interprofessional relationships and must be open to feedback aimed at helping them continually improve.

  • Todd Hendricks

    Todd Hendricks develops transformational leaders through interactive, relevant, and fun speaking engagements. With extensive experience in all parts of a healthcare system — from patient experience and employee retention to revenue cycle — Todd brings energy and expertise to ensure high-impact results for your team.

  • Jackie Gaines

    Jackie Gaines is a high-performing senior executive with a progressive career encompassing more than 40 years of sustained leadership and accomplishments with major health systems and organizations. With passion, creative energy, and vision, she motivates diverse groups of people toward success. Jackie specializes in providing guidance to executive leadership.

  • Colleen McCrory

    Colleen’s speaking style, while candid and entertaining, also challenges the audience to think differently about how they approach their roles as leaders, patient experience advocates, and change-makers within their organizations. Colleen’s hallmark and call to action when speaking are an equal balance of humor, leadership theory, and tactical application.

  • Dan Smith

    Dr. Dan Smith is a physician executive and practicing physician with more than 20 years of healthcare experience. He works with hospitals, health systems, and medical groups to create best-in-class workplaces for physicians to practice, staff to work, and patients to receive care.

  • Jeff Morris

    Dr. Jeff Morris is a physician coach, author, and international speaker, who has lived and trained in South Africa, Israel, Canada, and the U.S. He draws on his extensive experience as a physician and physician leader to coach and speak on topics of critical interest to healthcare professionals at every level.

  • Karen Cook

    A strong advocate of patient-centered care and cultures of safety, Karen is a national speaker known for her passionate, enthusiastic style and her ability to get to the heart of the matter. Demonstrating her passion for quality patient care, she served as the primary author of the HCAHPS toolkit.

  • Erin Shipley

    Erin is a registered nurse with more than 15 years of healthcare leadership experience. She collaborates with healthcare executive teams to build innovative strategies that drive operational excellence and improve the overall patient, team member, and provider experience.

  • Kristie Tobias

    Kristie Tobias is a certified consultant, national speaker, and author specializing in change management and leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion, employee engagement, patient and customer experience, leadership development, business optimization, and financial improvement. She has a background in human resources and organizational development and nearly 20 years of consulting and leadership experience.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Huron Intelligence™ Rounding Software

    Simplify business-critical activities such as rounding, reviews, and audits with a platform that enables front-line staff and leaders to easily capture and share data in real time for more informed decision making.

  • Gurpreet Dhaliwal

    Dr. Gurpreet Dhaliwal is a clinician-educator and professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). He studies, writes, and speaks about how doctors think, how they develop expertise, and what motivates them to improve their practice and the systems in which they work.

  • Revenue Cycle Optimization: Investing in People and Tech

    A large health system drove significant net revenue improvement by combining revenue cycle technology enhancements with leadership development.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Recommitting to Title IX: A Continued Investment in Equity

    Huron commits to helping institutions achieve the promise of Title IX and encourage the community of higher ed to join our pledge of recommitment to Title IX.

  • Student Lifecycle

    To meet rapidly shifting expectations, Huron empowers enterprisewide student-centered transformation that drives high-quality outcomes.

  • Approach To Evaluating Your Institution's Service Delivery Model

    Our five-phase service delivery evaluation can help your institution evaluate its budget model.

  • Using Zero-Based Budgeting as a Tool for Growth and Innovation

    Zero-based budgeting has evolved from an enterprise cost-cutting method into a strategic approach for driving innovation, improving transparency and eliminating waste.

  • Zero-Based Budgeting 2.0

    A focused approach and the use of technology can simplify the process and yield big benefits to large and smaller companies alike.

  • Emergency Department Case Management

    Emergency Department case management programs benefit hospitals and patients. Learn the key roles and processes needed for an ED case management program.

  • 5 Opportunities to Strengthen Customer Relationships in a Virtual World

    Businesses should take advantage of five key opportunities to strengthen their virtual customer relationships.

  • Medicare Time Studies With Huron’s Employee Compensation Compliance

    Tracking and reporting physician time accurately can be challenging. Huron’s employee compensation compliance solution can help maximize reimbursement and reduce the administrative burden associated with time studies.

  • Real-Time Payments

    There are various pressures building up in support of a shift to real-time or near-time payments in the financial services industry. Banks need to be ready to pivot.

  • 2022 Huron VIP Lounge at Dreamforce

    The Huron VIP Lounge will be available for partners and clients to get coffee, grab a quick bite, take a break, and have space to meet up or catch up on work.

  • Empowering Agile Decision Making in Higher Education

    By incorporating principles of agile decision making, leaders can help prepare their teams to adapt to rapid change throughout what is sure to be a period of significant flux over the coming months and years.

  • Cloud Technology Empowers A Global Nonprofit to Pivot On A Dime Amid A Pandemic

    The Fedcap Group swiftly deploys Oracle’s mobile-friendly Workforce Health and Safety module to support and protect its workforce amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Expect the Unexpected: How Leaders Can Evolve Their Organizational Culture in Turbulent Times

    Leaders need a systematic approach to adapting their internal cultures, not only business operations and IT functions, during periods of uncertainty.

  • Financial Crime and Compliance in a Socially Distanced Economy

    In light of recent events, the U.S. economy is experiencing a dramatic and fundamental change in how businesses operate.

  • COVID-19: Respond Rapidly to Withstand Business Uncertainty

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, consider these recommendations for how to respond to business disruption in three key areas of the healthcare organization.

  • COVID-19: Provider Compensation Considerations and Financial Viability

    To manage expenses and accelerate needed cash flow while providing care, healthcare organizations must take action now to ensure future financial viability.

  • COVID-19: Managing Physician Burnout Today and Tomorrow

    The pandemic is taking a toll on physicians' mental, emotional and physical health. Develop strategies for reducing and managing burnout today and tomorrow.

  • COVID-19: How to Optimize Safety Huddles Amid Disruption

    Effective daily leadership safety huddles will keep your patients and staff safe during times of uncertainty. Optimize these huddles for greater alignment.

  • COVID-19: Change Management and Leadership During Times of Uncertainty

    Ensure your healthcare organization is ready to act in times of uncertainty. Optimize performance and mobilize your teams to successfully respond to change.

  • COVID-19: Accelerating Interoperability

    As COVID-19 stretches healthcare organizations’ resources, leaders cannot afford to lose focus on the fast-approaching CMS interoperability deadlines.

  • Building a Strategic Workforce for Crisis Recovery

    Recommendations for how healthcare organizations can align their workforce strategy to demand changes and new organizational priorities coming out of crisis.

  • Beyond Recovery: How Healthcare Can Transform After Crisis

    The recovery phase of the COVID-19 crisis presents a unique opportunity for healthcare organizations to make changes that generate long-term sustainability.

  • What's Right in Health Care® 2022

    Join us virtually or in person for What’s Right in Health Care®, an annual event dedicated to helping healthcare professionals connect, learn and rejuvenate.

  • Oracle CloudWorld

    Huron is a Gold Sponsor for the event. Join us and learn why Huron is a partner of choice to help you use Oracle technologies to reduce costs, control spend, increase productivity and support continued growth.

  • OSTP Foreign Interference and Research Security Guidance

    On 1/4/22 the OSTP released guidance for federal research agencies to spend 120 days developing a set of model grant forms to use by researchers across funding agencies

  • Ken Readus

    Ken brings a 40-year record of achievement in leadership and business management for software and professional services, helping organizations in many industries drive strategy and performance improvement, plan and implement digital transformation, and enhance their market position.

  • aasp Summit 2022

    Join Huron at aasp Summit 2022 to learn how we can help your college or university establish a strong foundation for growth, transformation, and innovation.

  • Delivering Better Care Through Workforce Transformation

    The Christ Hospital Health Network worked with Huron to standardize its workforce management techniques and improve patient throughput processes to deliver more coordinated care.

  • C-Suite Collaboration Required to Win the War for Talent

    Huron blog shares how Workday technology and collaboration with the c-suite can improve employee experience and provide insights in a competitive hiring process

  • Bill Anderson

    Bill transforms colleges, universities, and academic health centers by innovating how they deliver services to advance their academic, research, and clinical mission. With over 25 years of experience in accounting, finance, and Oracle products, he helps clients develop strategies and implement and support cloud technologies that drive efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Accelerating Patient Experience Improvements

    Learn how one hospital made the patient experience a priority for the entire organization and vastly improved HCAHPS scores in 18 months.

  • Workday Rising

    Huron is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at Workday Rising 2022. We look forward to seeing you at our booth and sessions.

  • Change Management: Core Leadership Tenets for a Bold Future

    With these core leadership tenets, healthcare leaders can forge bold, change-ready cultures driven to succeed in the business environments of the future.

  • Healthcare M&A: Key Areas That Reveal Critical Cultural Alignment

    Assessing the structural and social components of an organization’s culture is crucial when considering any M&A deal and can reveal cultural risks and gaps.

  • 2021 Business Synchrony Showcase: Keynote Session & Business Synchrony POV Experts

    The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA 2020) became law on January 1, 2021. Is your institution prepared to meet the expectations?

  • Flexible Support Models With Managed Services

    Healthcare organizations must implement managed services to accelerate results with customized cost reduction strategies and end-to-end operational support.

  • Flexible Support Models With Managed Services

    With options from managed services to consulting, Huron provides flexible business and staffing models customized to meet your needs.

  • Workforce

    Huron’s workforce optimization strategy helps organizations streamline their workforce structure to create sustainable change.

  • Valuation - Healthcare

    Huron valuation experts work with healthcare organizations across the care continuum to optimize transactions and drive greater shareholder value.

  • Supply Chain

    Huron’s healthcare supply chain services improve efficiency, standardization, centralize sourcing and eliminate waste.

  • Revenue Cycle

    Huron helps healthcare organizations be more efficient and profitable by building best-in-class revenue cycle operations.

  • Care Transformation - Strategy & Innovation

    Huron works with healthcare organizations to transform patient care by improving health outcomes at a lower cost.

  • Social Determinants of Health

    Huron helps you identify and address the social determinants of health impacting your patient population.

  • Patient Care

    Huron helps organizations transform care delivery models in order to improve the cost and quality of patient care.

  • Patient Transformation

    Shift the healthcare organizational mindset and strategies to understand and engage consumers based on their behaviors and preferences for care.

  • Strategy & Innovation - Healthcare

    Huron’s strategy and innovation experts help healthcare organizations stabilize business today and create tomorrow’s growth.

  • Attract, Retain and Promote Talent - Healthcare

    Huron works with healthcare organizations to attract, retain and promote high-performing talent to deliver better business and patient outcomes.

  • Cultural Change - Healthcare

    Huron collaborates with healthcare organizations to build and sustain the cultural change needed to improve outcomes.

  • Organizational Design and Alignment - Healthcare

    Huron’s organizational design and alignment services align goals, behaviors and processes to achieve consistent quality and excellence across healthcare organizations.

  • Organizational Transformation - Healthcare

    Huron helps healthcare organizations align goals and processes to create culture that attracts, retains and promotes transformational leaders to drive sustainable results.

  • Care Transformation

    Huron’s care transformation experts work with healthcare organizations to transform the patient experience and improve outcomes at a lower cost.

  • Evolving Talent Strategies for Professional Services

    Professional services organizations are mitigating talent concerns and driving business transformation with deeper collaboration supported by cloud technology.

  • Huron Conferences and Events

    Attend a Huron conference or workshop to learn how to address change head on with innovative solutions and inspired leadership.

  • Data Insights Help Kansas State Lay the Foundation for a Stronger Future

    The creation and deployment of a strategic enrollment strategy based on institutional data helped Kansas State University navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Ronnie Dail

    Ronnie has nearly 30 years of healthcare consulting experience and has worked with many leading payors and providers throughout the country.

  • Energy Company Enables Growth

    A growth-oriented midstream energy and infrastructure company chose to work with Huron to optimize and streamline operations using Oracle cloud solutions.

  • Using Data to Differentiate

    In this rapidly evolving financial services marketplace, the key to sustainable longevity revolves around an organization’s ability to be agile in the face of inevitable disruption.

  • John Tarcson

    John has over 25 years of experience driving innovation and excellence for healthcare institutions, with expertise in business operations and technology platforms, especially unlocking value in technical capabilities to achieve real-world outcomes for clients.

  • Public Sector

    Huron works with federal, state and local government agencies to develop strategies that increase agility, reduce risk and transform the constituent experience.

  • 5 Actions to Improve Healthcare’s Bottom Line

    As margin pressures intensify, a combination of immediate and long-term initiatives are critical for healthcare organizations to secure their financial future.

  • Get to Know Huron

    Huron's Total Rewards package is designed to support your overall physical, emotional and financial health and well-being throughout your career.

  • You Belong at Huron

    Huron's Total Rewards package is designed to support your overall physical, emotional and financial health and well-being throughout your career.

  • Our Commitment

    Huron's Total Rewards package is designed to support your overall physical, emotional and financial health and well-being throughout your career.

  • Join Our Inclusive Community

    Huron's Total Rewards package is designed to support your overall physical, emotional and financial health and well-being throughout your career.

  • Achieve and Grow

    Huron's Total Rewards package is designed to support your overall physical, emotional and financial health and well-being throughout your career.

  • Mark Musser III

    With nearly 30 years of experience in the Oracle ecosystem, Mark helps financial services, retail, healthcare, and industrials and manufacturing institutions design and execute technically focused transformational strategies to drive business growth and competitive advantages.

  • Energy & Utilities

    Huron collaborates with energy, utilities, oil and gas organizations to accelerate their operational and digital transformation and build resilient business models.

  • Industrials & Manufacturing

    Huron helps industrial and manufacturing organizations align strategy, operations and data to become more agile, improve financial performance and unlock growth.

  • Financial Services

    Huron’s financial services experts help banks and asset management and insurance firms design strategies and embrace the technology required to evolve their business.

  • Synchronized Data: The Foundation for Better Decision Making

    For organizations without a clear data blueprint, agility remains elusive. Yet, those that have mastered the use of their data in pursuit of growth and resilience are well-positioned to thrive in an uncertain future.

  • Erik Gerard

    Erik has deep background in high-availability and large-scale healthcare IT, and for more than 25 years, he has helped healthcare organizations optimize technology investments and provide innovative and enhanced business capabilities.

  • Contact an Expert

    Contact an Expert

  • Federal Customer Experience

    Forward-thinking federal agency leaders are considering how to intertwine innovation, technology, and culture to build a customer-centric organization.

  • NCURA 2022 Annual Meeting

    Join Huron at the 2022 NCURA Annual Meeting to learn how we can help your research institution establish a strong foundation for growth, transformation and innovation.

  • Find Your Fit

    You belong at Huron. Join us for our “Find Your Fit” webinar to learn about future opportunities. During this event you will learn more about Huron’s collaborative and inclusive culture and get a glimpse into a day in the life of our analysts.

  • Find Your Fit

    You belong at Huron. Join us for our “Find Your Fit” webinar to learn about future opportunities. During this event you will learn more about Huron’s collaborative and inclusive culture and get a glimpse into a day in the life of our analysts.

  • Why Collaborations are Essential to the Financial Future of Healthcare

    Healthcare leaders are rethinking how collaborations such as managed services models can help them stabilize financially while fueling long-term transformation.

  • Public Sector Transformation

    Learn how Huron helps government agencies navigate congressional oversight, federal regulations, and rapidly shifting market conditions to increase operational efficiency, transform cultures, and deliver sustainable results.

  • Behavioral Interview Workshop

    Let us help you navigate our interview process to find your home at Huron. We combine behavioral and case interviews, which are designed to learn more about who you are, your experiences and what you are passionate about. Learn more about our interview process and how best to tackle behavioral-based interview questions.

  • Case Interview Workshop

    Let us help you navigate our interview process to find your home at Huron. Case interviews can be one of the more challenging aspects of the recruiting process and are often designed to test your analytical abilities, communication skills, and logic. Learn more about our interview process and how best to tackle case-based interviews.

  • Navigating Your Identity in the Workplace

    We believe showing up at work as your authentic self helps you to own your career and leads to better outcomes for our people and our clients. During our “Navigating Identity in the Workplace” webinar, we will discuss the importance of staying true to yourself regardless of the space you are in and best practices for navigating difficult conversations.

  • Breaking Barriers: Women's Leadership and Men as Allies

    Women’s leadership is a valuable part of Huron’s success. Hear from our women in leadership on the triumphs and challenges they’ve faced in their professional journeys and get advice on how to navigate gender stereotypes in the workplace. Learn about male allyship and the importance of uplifting the voices of their counterparts.

  • Casey Blochowiak

    With 15 years of educational experience as a leader and teacher, Casey coaches educational leaders to attain organizational excellence and achieve their goals through alignment and strategic execution.

  • Sarah Miller

    For over 10 years, Sarah has coached school districts to develop their organizational culture by refining service excellence and incorporating tactics for organizational improvement.

  • Deanna Ashby

    Deanna uses her nearly three decades of public-school experience, including five years as a superintendent, coaching education organizations on strategic planning, continuous improvement, the development of leadership capacity, and building positive cultures to recruit and retain employees.

  • The Huron Difference

    Huron brings a depth of expertise to drive lasting and measurable results in the healthcare, higher education, life sciences and commercial sectors.

  • About Us - Our Results

    Huron brings a depth of expertise to drive lasting and measurable results in the healthcare, higher education, life sciences and commercial sectors.

  • About Us - Making An Impact

    Huron brings a depth of expertise to drive lasting and measurable results in the healthcare, higher education, life sciences and commercial sectors.

  • Our People & Values

    Huron brings a depth of expertise to drive lasting and measurable results in the healthcare, higher education, life sciences and commercial sectors.

  • About Us - Leadership Principles

    Huron brings a depth of expertise to drive lasting and measurable results in the healthcare, higher education, life sciences and commercial sectors.

  • Locations

    Huron has the facilities and breadth to assist our clients with significant and comprehensive resources — whether on-premise or remote.

  • Jeff Ulmer

    Jeff is a credit and lending expert with over 30 years of experience helping healthcare, energy, commercial real estate, media, and commercial and industrial clients successfully manage their portfolios, develop asset monetization strategies, and execute restructurings and bankruptcies.

  • Karen Miles

    Karen has more than two decades of experience in valuation and financial consulting, helping organizations in industries such as aerospace, defense, manufacturing, retail, technology, education, entertainment, financial services, and energy value businesses, securities, and intangible assets.

  • Amy Fowler

    Amit specializes in global business transformation, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud migration strategies for clients across a breadth of industries, including energy and utilities, financial services and healthcare.

  • Fundamental Questions to Accelerate Organizational Change

    By investing in comprehensive people-driven strategies, organizations can accelerate and sustain change, starting with answering these fundamental questions.

  • Healthcare Strategy: 3 Growth Imperatives in a Dynamic Market

    Healthcare organizations are shifting how they think about growth as traditional approaches alone won’t yield the outcomes needed in a quickly changing market.

  • Strengthen Your Innovation Capabilities to Drive Performance

    Building an innovation capability is a systems design challenge that requires a system solution rather than isolated point solutions.

  • Focusing on the Employee Onboarding Experience to Improve Processes and Reduce Turnover in School Districts

    How onboarding practices focused on learning from new employees and creating an exceptional experience improved retention in Pewaukee School District.

  • Communicate with Greater Clarity Using the Execution Triangle

    Simple but effective practices and tools that K12 education leaders can use to enhance the clarity and transparency of communication.

  • Consumer Choice and The Future of Healthcare Service Lines

    Big data enables healthcare organizations to understand their consumers and create transformative service lines that lead to better health outcomes.

  • Making Healthcare Competitive

    Address the barriers to choice and price transparency to deliver better, more competitive healthcare to consumers and increase their health literacy.

  • Bill Satterwhite

    Dr. Bill Satterwhite brings more than 20 years of experience as a clinician, physician administrator, and innovator as he leads healthcare organizations through performance improvement and care transformation. He has deep experience in ambulatory care process improvements and designing new value-based care models, both of which save money, improve health, and increase health system revenues.

  • Realizing the ROI of Future-Ready Digital Ecosystems: Better Experiences, Unified Strategy and Streamlined Operations

    Businesses must differentiate themselves by creating digital ecosystems that are relevant, connected, personalized and future-ready.

  • NACUBO 2022

    Join Huron at NACUBO 2022 to learn how we can help your college or university establish a strong foundation for growth, transformation, and innovation.

  • A Self-Assessment for Internal Controls and the Single Audit

    This self assessment for internal controls guide will help you understand your own controls before auditors arrive.

  • Stock-for-Stock Mergers

    For energy companies that are just emerging from prolonged survival mode, stock-for-stock mergers can help them achieve their goals without the need for significant capital raises to facilitate transactions.

  • Business System Synchrony

    Aligning and synchronizing business systems positions organizations to make strategic decisions and successfully navigate market disruption.

  • Uncovering Hidden Pathways to Unleash Organizational Innovation Potential

    An innovation pathway is the set of four stages an innovation takes from initial idea to implementation.

  • Creating and Maintaining Future-Ready Digital Ecosystems

    Digital ecosystems can help businesses streamline operations, facilitate data-driven decision making and deliver exceptional experiences.

  • Technology Partners

    Huron technology experts help companies design analytic strategies to collect the data they need to make decisions that drive business growth.

  • Marisa Zuskar

    Marisa has over 16 years of experience assisting research institutions with operational improvements and administrative transformation, as well as addressing a variety of research compliance challenges.

  • Lee Smith

    Lee is a higher education consulting leader and former administrator who helps colleges and universities develop strategies to transform their operational and financial performance.

  • Organizational Resilience: How to Build a Future-Proof Business Amid Constant Change

    Leaders can foster organizational resilience by developing a clear strategy, investing in technology and fostering a change-ready culture.

  • Wanda Creel

    With more than 30 years of experience in public education, Wanda works with educational leaders and team members to identify key practices and processes that support continuous improvement, unlocking excellence, and ensuring that students are prepared for their future.

  • Tim Wyrosdick

    With 36 years of educational experience, including 12 years as a superintendent, Tim coaches organizations to help empower employees, develop leaders, and strive for organizational excellence.m has helped higher education institutions innovate to achieve financial and operational excellence.

  • Care Transformation: A Path to Improving Financial Health and Patient Outcomes

    Evolving healthcare delivery must include strategies that support a consumer-centric experience, reduce costs, generate revenue, and engage physicians.

  • Healthcare Executive Research

    Huron’s healthcare research findings include how executives are responding to key market trends and the investments that will drive transformation efforts.

  • Sharif Fakhr

    Sharif Fakhr has more than 15 years of experience in finance, business development, strategy, and operations. He has led hospitals, academic medical centers, health systems, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies through transformation in finance, operations, research administration, business development, process improvement, and strategy. His expertise helps organizations manage financial and operational risks for stability and growth.

  • VHA Builds Centralized, Tech-Enabled Revenue Cycle Operations

    Investments in technology and culture and a centralized model helped the Veterans Health Administration enhance operational performance and improve revenue capture.

  • Mortgage Lender Grows With Workday

    To support rapid growth and continue to scale, one of the largest mortgage lenders in the US turned to Huron for help implementing Workday’s robust suite of financial solutions.

  • Charting the Path to a Consumer-Centric Care Access Model

    Preparing for the next generation of care access will require building internal alignment and understanding consumers’ needs to enable growth and transformation.

  • Professional Development Boot Camp

    Professional development boot camp four-week series to enhance personal brand and develop resume and interview skills.

  • What’s Right in Education

    Join us at WRIE for learning at all levels of education leadership, including classroom improvement, positive workplace cultures and stakeholder engagement.

  • Tim Vaio

    Tim draws upon more than 30 years of experience in business operations as he leads clients through information technology initiatives, supply chain management, and enterprise transformation. He helps higher education institutions, healthcare payors and providers, and life sciences organizations improve cost structure, respond to market trends, increase companywide capabilities, and drive performance improvement.

  • Installing a digital front door to an ERP strengthens cybersecurity measures

    PaymentWorks, a Huron partner, serves as a digital front door — collecting and verify information, before it’s entered into the ERP, guarding against attack.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • NACDA 2022

    Join Huron at NACDA in Las Vegas to learn how we can help your college or university establish a strong foundation for growth, transformation, and innovation.

  • DHP Culture and Organizational Excellence

    Join us in Milwaukee on July 28-29 to learn alongside K-12 education leaders about hardwiring key components of culture and organizational excellence.

  • Our Speakers

  • Tracy Melekian

    Tracy has more than 15 years of healthcare consulting experience, with a focus on guiding organizations through revenue cycle transformation.

  • Responding to Crisis in Industrials and Manufacturing

    This article shares guidance industrials and manufacturing leaders can implement today to protect their bottom lines and push the limits of profitability — by building a business case for crisis.

  • How Integrating Oracle With Salesforce Drives Better Bank Decisions

    Many banks use Oracle and Salesforce systems but without proper integration, employees are missing out on the information they need to best serve customers.

  • Digitalize the Customer Experience in Financial Services

    To meet customer expectations, digital experiences in financial services should be frictionless, secure, personalized and consistent across channels.

  • Why Data Quality is Everyone's Responsibility

    Data quality is not the outcome of new CRM technology — it is the result of clearly-defined data management responsibilities across the enterprise.

  • Unite Business and IT Teams to Maximize the Value of CRM

    By treating CRM as a business tool and aligning support across the enterprise, organizations can find greater value in their new systems and maximize their ROI.

  • Jake Schumer

    Jake has applied more than a dozen years of experience to helping healthy, distressed, and bankrupt tenants reposition and optimize their real estate portfolios. He is an expert in lease renegotiation and disposition, property sales, merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory, and corporate bankruptcies.

  • How to Approach Industry 4.0 if You’re Still Grappling With 3.0: A Guide for Middle-Market Manufacturers

    Industry 3.0 late adopters can still bridge the gap between themselves and more advanced firms who have already capitalized on Industry 3.0 and moved on to 4.0.

  • Breaking Away From Traditional Views of Enterprise Performance Management

    Business modeling, rather than traditional enterprise performance management, will be critical to improve productivity, reduce risk and ensure growth.

  • Future Proof Your Healthcare Organization With an Information Security Management Program

    Take a proactive approach to cyber threats by applying findings from your security risk analysis to a comprehensive information security management program.

  • Bringing Amazon's Philosophy to B2B Manufacturing

    To grow market share and protect margins, B2B manufacturers must evolve from competing on price alone and begin investing in a superior customer experience.

  • An Analysis of Bankruptcy and Restructuring in the United States

    Huron expert, John DiDonato, contributed to a Q&A piece in Financier Worldwide related to bankruptcy and restructuring in the United States.

  • Enabling Organizational Resilience in Industrials and Manufacturing

    Industrial and manufacturing companies must rethink their position in the value chain to foster organizational resilience and remain relevant.

  • Integrating and Improving Care Across the Continuum

    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health and Huron built an infrastructure that allowed the organization to integrate care across the continuum and increase access for consumers.

  • Engaging the Digitally Inclined Healthcare Consumer

    Consumers’ preferences are changing amid a growing digital landscape. Increase engagement with a personalized, technology-enabled care experience.

  • Smith College Deploys Workday Student to Streamline and Improve the Student Experience

    Smith College teamed with Huron for Workday Student implementation for business process development and change management with a focus on the student experience

  • Vicki McGuire

    Vicki combines over 25 years of experience driving digital transformations for clients in a variety of industries — from healthcare to financial services — along with leading operations and human resources strategies and programs. Vicki currently specializes in Workday’s cloud-based solutions to support growth and increase efficiency for her clients.

  • Huron Appreciates Your Interest.

    Thank you for connecting with us. Please complete the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.

  • Controlled Chaos: Executing Turnarounds in the Face of Disruption

    Incumbents need a new approach to planning and repositioning for survival

  • Liquidity in Crisis: Why Thinking Like a Startup Can Help Businesses Recover

    These recommendations for embracing a startup mentality when it comes to capital can help organizations recover and stabilize faster coming out of a crisis.

  • Achieve Operational Stability and Growth Through Intelligent Automation

    Investments in process and workflow automation can shield organizations from volatile performance and help finance and operations leaders achieve strategic goals.

  • Administrative Support in Higher Education is a "Job to Be Done" with the Customer at the Center

    Delivering administrative services through a shared services model leverages resources across the organization, standardizes processes and aligns technology.

  • The Evolution of Higher Education

    The jobs-to-be-done framework allows higher education leaders to uncover meaningful insights about who they serve and what they expect from institutions.

  • The Skills Revolution: A Call for Co-Creation and Collaboration Between Employers and Higher Education

    To meet the demand for a reskilled and upskilled workforce, business and higher education leaders are teaming up to co-create new pathways for learners.

  • Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

    Institutions can no longer risk inefficient decision making or the deferral of projects that can significantly improve organizational effectiveness.

  • 3 Ways to Put People First to Advance Transformation in Higher Education

    To mount an effective, scalable plan that supports the workforce and aligns technology and processes, higher education’s leaders must re-imagine transformation.

  • Workforce Management in the time of COVID-19

    As colleges and universities continue to assess the financial and operational impacts of COVID-19, they are evaluating options for managing their workforce.

  • Implementing Disruptive Change: Leading Through Change

    Read how higher education leaders can successfully inspire and implement change at their organizations by engaging teams and effectively communicating.

  • Implementing Disruptive Change within Higher Education

    We are challenged with making institutions more effective with proactively implementing change successfully despite their unique operating environments.

  • Implementing Disruptive Change: Leveraging Sponsors

    Finding ways to align sponsorship from leaders is the most important factor to increase the likelihood of successful implementation of disruptive change.

  • Implementing Disruptive Change: Mobilizing Leaders

    To mobilize and align leaders, an organization must define the business case for action and the definition of success at the beginning of implementation.

  • Implementing Disruptive Change: How to Align Educational Leaders

    To bring dramatic and sustainable change to fruition in higher education, leaders need to take a strategic approach to implementation and collaboration.

  • Trust, Cost and Quality: Why Healthcare Supply Chain Must Transform

    From lower costs to consumer trust, the supply chain is a key differentiator for healthcare organizations. Learn where to start to accelerate transformation.

  • Advance Consumer-Centric Care By Leveraging The Supply Chain and Patient Portal

    By leveraging existing supply chain and patient portal technology to create direct-to-consumer capabilities, organizations can elevate the consumer experience.

  • Evolving Business Systems to Transform Supply Chain

    Healthcare ERP systems can modernize the supply chain to predict future supply needs, prevent shortages and optimize strategic relationships with distributors.

  • The Untapped Potential of Healthcare Supply Chain

    While supply chain is recognized for its cost cutting potential, it also plays a critical role in advancing — or hindering — enterprise efforts to transform care.

  • Q&A: An Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management in Higher Education

    Huron's Nora Yin and Rob Smith discuss an Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management in Higher Education.

  • Make Digital Transformation Stick: 4 Focus Areas for Long-Term Success

    There are four key areas leaders should focus on to ensure the seamless execution and long-term sustainability of digital transformation.

  • Robert Loh

    Rob has nearly 20 years of experience providing forensic accounting, litigation, and restructuring consulting services. He assists clients facing complex and highly sensitive matters, including allegations of financial crimes such as securities and financial statement fraud, the misappropriation of funds, bribery and corruption, Ponzi schemes, and tracing funds in associated money laundering investigations.

  • Srinivasan Soundarajan

    Srini is a technology consulting leader with more than 28 years of experience working with organizations to transform their approach to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and implement the solutions using a global delivery model.

  • Eileen Gillespie

    With over 35 years of healthcare experience, Eileen harnesses clinical, operations, and performance improvement expertise to lead hospitals and health systems in designing structures and processes that improve quality, reduce cost, and expand services aligned to the organization’s strategic plans and operational goals.

  • Prepare for a Successful CCSG Clinical Protocol and Data Management Review

    Whether you are new to the complexities of the CCSG, or are trying to keep pace, learn how to transform your administrative processes to make them easier.

  • Greg MacDonald

    With more than 30 years of admissions, financial aid, and enrollment management experience at nationally ranked colleges and universities, Greg helps clients solve complex enrollment challenges by leading strategic enrollment planning, developing robust student search and digital marketing campaigns, and optimizing financial aid resources.

  • Nate Haines

    Nate has more than 20 years of experience working with higher education and healthcare organizations. He specializes in sponsored and clinical research administration and has worked with more than 50 clients including research universities, academic medical centers, children’s hospitals, and other research-intensive organizations.

  • Huron Sponsors Ascend 2022

    Ascend is the Oracle user community event that unites functional users, IT professionals, and expert resources for frank discussion and practical education.

  • Huron Sponsors ODTUG Kscope22

    ODTUG Kscope is the premier educational conference for Oracle technology users, attracting Oracle experts from all over the globe.

  • AGB Trusteeship Podcast: Board Leadership in Uncertain Times

    ABG Trusteeship Podcast Episode 27: Board Leadership in Uncertain Times featuring Steve Golding with Huron experts Jim Roth and Jaime Ontiveros

  • Regulatory Focus Areas for Banks

    To prepare for potential new regulations or interpretations of existing regulations, banks should focus on these four regulatory areas in 2022.

  • About Us

    Huron brings a depth of expertise to drive lasting and measurable results in the healthcare, higher education, life sciences and commercial sectors.

  • The Future of Education: Modernizing the Learning Pathways of New Teachers

    Like other industries facing disruption, it’s time for education to rethink how it recruits, trains and supports its workforce of the future.

  • Initiate a Conversation that Improves Employee Performance

    The DESK approach for low performer conversations provides a guide to improve employee performance and develop leaders within education institutions.

  • Using RPA to Optimize Healthcare Revenue Cycle Operations

    Apply robotic processing automation (RPA) to healthcare's revenue cycle to streamline operations, reduce the time to complete tasks, and lower labor costs.

  • Huron Transaction Advisory

    Huron helps financial services companies meet evolving customer demands with business operation strategies to stay competitive and build value.

  • Brandeis University Selects Huron to Deploy Workday Student Implementation

    Brandeis University selects Huron to deploy Workday Student implementation enterprise resource planning software sase study performed by the Tambellini Group

  • Ursinus College Hits Enrollment Goals With a Start-to-Finish Adviser

    To improve its enrollment strategy, Ursinus College needed a partner to implement a full suite of strategic solutions.

  • DJ Skalsky

    DJ has more than two decades of experience leading healthcare, nonprofit, and public sector clients through IT transformations. He delivers solutions that align enterprise strategy with technology and improve governance, operations, modeling, demand management, analytics, and cost.

  • Debbie Ritchie

    Debbie Ritchie joined Huron in 2006 as chief operations officer and became its president in 2016.

  • Paul Praveen

    Paul has built and managed successful operations in India for U.S.-based consulting organizations and other service providers, supporting clients across numerous industries for nearly two decades.

  • Thriving in Healthcare: Purpose-Driven Leadership

    At the Thriving in Healthcare: Purpose-Driven Leadership virtual forum, Canadian leaders will learn how to build a sustainable culture for employees to thrive.

  • Andy Waldeck

    Andy is a growth strategy expert with extensive experience helping healthcare and life sciences organizations transform their businesses for the future.

  • Flint Besecker

    Flint is a seasoned C-suite executive with over 30 years of experience concentrated in the financial services, capital markets, healthcare and life science industries.

  • Jim Gallas

    Jim has more than 35 years of healthcare operations and consulting experience.

  • John DiDonato

    John has more than 30 years of experience guiding organizations through restructuring, operational transformation, capital raising, buy-side advisory and merger integration.

  • Mario Desiderio

    Mario advises clients in leveraging digital cloud technologies to capture additional market share and drive operational efficiencies as the leader of Huron’s enterprise solutions and analytics business.

  • Submit Your Award Nominations for What’s Right in Health Care®

    The deadline to submit is April 29. If your nominee is selected, Huron will contact you May 2-6. Award presentations will be held during the What’s Right in Health Care® conference in Chicago, Aug. 8-10.

  • Prioritizing Faculty and Staff to Sustain and Improve Institutional Success

    More than two years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting faculty, staff and students is more critical than ever.

  • Academic Medical Center Automates Complex Claims Review Processes

    Facing operational constraints, a large AMC worked with Huron to develop custom automation to scale its auditing capacity and increase compliance.

  • Digital - Healthcare

    Huron helps healthcare organizations develop and execute a technology-first, consumer-centric business model that enables better care and value for all.

  • Cost and Culture: Solving Healthcare’s Workforce Crisis

    To transform talent strategies and create long-term stability, healthcare organizations will need short- and long-term measures that focus on cost and culture.

  • 2021 Business Synchrony Showcase: Tammy Mickelson, The Fedcap Group

    Human Capital Management Synchronized to Empower Leaders

  • Embracing Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

    Huron research into healthcare’s digital, technology and analytics landscape surfaces the trends and investments most important to leaders.

  • Optimize Future Planning and Decision Making With an Analytics Master Plan

    An analytics master plan can help guide today's college or university to harness its abundance of data to become a more effective data-driven organization.

  • Digital

    With deep industry and technical expertise, Huron empowers organizations to innovate their business models, operations and digital experiences through technology.

  • Business Operations

    Huron’s experts help organizations optimize operations to maximize investments in strategy, resources, technology and data to drive growth.

  • Digital – Public Sector

    Huron works with public sector organizations to develop digital strategies and implement technology solutions to achieve their mission.

  • Digital – Life Sciences

    Huron experts provide personalized digital and technology solutions to help life sciences companies manage achieve their mission and meet business challenges.

  • Digital - Industrials & Manufacturing

    Huron helps industrial and manufacturing companies strengthen their competitive advantage with the right digital and technology strategies.

  • Digital – Financial Services

    Huron helps financial companies strengthen their competitive advantage with the right digital and technology strategies.

  • Digital - Energy & Utilities

    Huron helps energy and utilities companies overcome market disruption the right digital and technology strategies.

  • Digital - Education

    Huron collaborates with education institutions to develop future-focused strategies and adopt emerging technologies to strengthen their competitive advantage.

  • Building the Financial Engine of the Future: A New Managed Services Model

    Through a unique collaboration, Huron and an academic medical center are building an industry-leading revenue cycle team capable of transforming cost and care.

  • Careers

    How will it feel to know that you helped organizations that better our communities achieve meaningful change? The legacy begins when you ignite your passion.

  • Research Managed Services

    Huron Research Office provides a more scalable and effective alternative to locally managed research administration for any type of sponsored research.

  • Healthcare

    Huron helps healthcare organizations create a long-term competitive advantage by developing growth strategies, improving operations, optimizing technology and strengthening culture.

  • Organizational Transformation

    Huron works with organizations to retain and develop future-ready talent and create the cultural change needed to support business transformation.

  • Consumer Transformation

    Huron’s consumer transformation experts take a data-driven approach to helping organizations build consumer-centric business models that increase loyalty and growth.

  • K-12 Institutions

    Huron’s K-12 education experts help district, school and classroom leaders achieve organizational excellence through continuous improvement and leadership development.

  • Research Enterprise

    Huron’s strategy, operations and technology experts help institutions transform their research enterprise and the impact of their research portfolio.

  • Additional Industry Expertise

    Huron collaborates with energy, utilities, oil and gas organizations to accelerate their operational and digital transformation and build resilient business models.

  • Life Sciences

    Huron’s life sciences experts help pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology firms embrace strategies and technologies to deliver value and improve outcomes.

  • Education

    Huron’s education experts help institutions refresh their strategic plans, adopt innovative operating models and reimagine support services to advance their mission.

  • Salesforce

    Huron supports Salesforce, the world’s leading customer success platform to help businesses grow into more efficient, effective and profitable organizations.

  • Workday

    Huron’s well-rounded Workday practice is the only team in the Workday ecosystem that is solely dedicated to the Higher Education and Healthcare industries.

  • Oracle

    Huron is a trusted provider of end-to-end Oracle ERP, EPM, and Business Analytics solutions. Whether it is cloud or on-premise, from blueprint through managed services, Huron is uniquely suited to help clients define their requirements.

  • Remain Relevant By Setting the Tone for Successful Business Transformation

    Business transformation requires leaders who can identify the signs that it’s time to change, and strong governance to validate turnaround plans.

  • Maximize the ROI of Digital Transformation

    Successful digital transformation depends on having a reporting and analytics strategy in place to guide enterprise technology implementations.

  • Embracing Intelligent Automation to Transform Government Services

    With the right vision and strategy, intelligent automation has the potential to unlock the resources needed to improve public services and drive change.

  • Former Duke Director of Athletics Kevin White Joins Huron’s Intercollegiate Athletics Team

    Kevin White, former Duke University Director of Athletics joins Huron to help higher ed institutions navigate the changing world of intercollegiate athletics.

  • Huron Named Winner of the 2022 Workday Partner Innovation Awards in the Healthcare Industry

    Huron named the winner of the 2022 Workday Partner Innovation Award in the healthcare industry.

  • CDPHP Hospital to Home Model

    CDPHP teamed up with Huron to develop and execute a plan to increase the organization’s focus on customer-centricity while also keeping members healthy and curtailing the utilization of high-cost services.

  • Do Colleges Need a Chief Data Officer?

    Exploring if a single point of accountability is needed to optimize enterprisewide data competency in higher education.

  • Synchronized Financial Systems Break Down Siloes and Enable Enterprise Agility

    There are three primary actions leaders should consider when looking to enable enterprise agility and break down siloes.

  • True Enterprise-Level 360-Degree Customer Insight

    In today’s consumer-centric market, it is important for businesses to ensure they have the capabilities in place to understand what their customers want.

  • Simplifying the Financial Aid Process for Students

    The simplified Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) is a shift in how the federal government assesses affordability.

  • Adapt University Budget Models to Provide a Stronger Financial Future

    Universities should evolve their budget models and engage more leaders in financial decision making in order to overcome pandemic-related deficits.

  • Why Small and Midsize Schools Should Look to Transform with Cloud

    To remain sustainable and relevant while ensuring future growth, small and midsize higher education institutions need to implement cloud technology.

  • Higher Education's Dual Challenge

    Why the increasing importance of tuition as a funding stream will force institutions to position themselves for a future of opportunity in a market of uncertainty.

  • Rethinking the Four-Year, On-Campus Student Experience

    Designing experiences beyond the traditional four-year degree delivery model will allow institutions to better engage current and future student populations.

  • From Agility to Resilience: Supply Chain Sustainability

    Businesses must cultivate the capabilities required to plan for and respond to a range of possible scenarios that may impact their supply chains.

  • Building a Culture of Safety at St. Tammany Health System

    St. Tammany Health System expedited their journey to zero harm with high reliability best practices, improving quality and increasing safety.

  • Building a Quality Framework: Evidence-Based Leadership

    Hardwire new behaviors, strengthen alignment and deliver better outcomes with the evidence-based leadership framework for cultural and organizational change.

  • COVID-19: Four Timeless Leadership Principles to Connect With People in Crisis

    Leaders can lean on these four timeless leadership skills to help guide others through the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Maximizing Digital Investments to Improve Care and the Consumer Journey

    As digital healthcare accelerates, leveraging consumer insights and an outcomes-driven approach to technology investments are essential to transforming care.

  • Think Creatively to Ensure a Financially Viable Future in Higher Education

    Joint ventures and shared services agreements are two ways higher education institutions can transform in order to offset enrollment and funding challenges.

  • Unite Technology and Service Delivery to Elevate the Higher Education Experience

    Migrating to the cloud presents an opportunity for colleges and universities to evolve their service delivery approach, elevating the student, faculty and staff experience.

  • Dashboards for Higher Education Leaders Can Optimize Decision Support

    Transforming an institution’s data repository into an integrated, holistic dashboard unites a campus and advances opportunities for change.

  • Lessons From a University Health System's Cloud Journey

    The University of Kansas Health System (TUKHS) embarked on a journey to implement a cloud-based Workday enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with Huron as its adviser.

  • Cost and Transformation in the Future of Healthcare

    Healthcare organizations must evolve typical cost reduction strategies into a holistic, cost transformation approach that re-imagines its operations and care delivery.

  • Digitally Enabled Finance Organization

    A digital-first approach allows finance leaders to provide actionable insights that encourage agility in the face of a competitive market.

  • Enterprise Technology as a Catalyst for Digital Transformation at Baylor: An EDUCAUSE Research Case Study

    This EDUCAUSE research case study discusses how Baylor University stakeholders collaborated with their own staff, Huron and Oracle to transform processes.

  • Learn More - Workday

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  • Learn More - Salesforce

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  • Learn More - Oracle

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  • Huron Named Winner of the 2021 Workday Partner Industry Innovation Awards in the Education Industry

    Huron was selected for its student demand planning solution powered by Workday Adaptive Planning.

  • John Kelly

    John Kelly serves as chief financial officer, treasurer and executive vice president of Huron.

  • Improve Data-Driven Decisions With Better Analytics

    Advance your analytics with the right data for better decision making, with performance insights that align the university’s mission and support operations.

  • Education Performance Analytics

    Accelerate your institution along the analytics journey with Huron’s cloud suite of performance analytics products that powers data at colleges and universities.

  • Why Budgeting And ALM Should Be Separate

    Financial services organizations’ nuanced forecasting needs demand distinct applications for budgeting and asset liability management modeling.

  • Budget Model Redesign: Moving Beyond Excel and Introducing Technology

    For higher ed, considering, designing, selecting and sustaining a new budget model requires a deep understanding of the specific attributes of each model.

  • Improving the Value of Margin Planning

    Discover eight capabilities banks need to improve the value of margin planning and develop more accurate earnings forecasts.

  • Seeing Through The Clouds: You're Live on the Cloud — Now What?

    Learn how to optimize your investment and maintain the momentum of your ERP and student cloud projects, as well as how to manage biannual and quarterly updates.

  • Improving Undergraduate Recruitment and Enrollment at Marquette University

    In this case study, Huron provided Marquette University a comprehensive analysis of student data to aid the institution in redefining its enrollment strategy.

  • Prepare for the Cloud: The Unique Challenges of Grants Management

    It is essential that the research and IT teams collaborate and communicate during a grants management cloud implementation.

  • Plan for Tomorrow's Student. Today.

    Huron helps unify the student journey and work across silos to merge support functions into a seamless experience to benefit both students and stakeholders.

  • University of Washington Successfully Launches Workday HCM Solution

    The University of Washington implements the Workday HCM cloud solution to improve compliance, provide seamless interaction and enable real-time data sharing.

  • Leading with Clarity: Empowering Data-Driven Decisions in Higher Education

    Higher education leaders must leverage data to manage risk, find creative solutions to complex challenges and position institutions for long-term success.

  • Payor Research Analysis

    For payor organizations in particular, the coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed what they envisioned for the future.

  • Preparing for Digital Disruption: A Strategic Approach for P&C Finance Leaders

    Property and casualty (P&C) insurance leaders need clear answers to five key questions if their businesses are to navigate digital disruption.

  • Is Your Healthcare System Ready for the Consumer Revolution?

    Huron's 6 ways Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) are improving relationships, building loyalty and engaging consumers in the healthcare industry.

  • 2021 Business Synchrony Showcase: Andy Otterman, Tallgrass Energy

    Finance Transformation at Tallgrass Energy

  • 2021 Business Synchrony Showcase: Lori Minich, Nationwide Insurance

    Finance Synchronization at Nationwide

  • Enabling Sustainable Digital Transformation

    Business synchrony enables digital transformation by starting with a clear strategy and integrating people, processes and technology.

  • With FHIR in Place is There Room for Blockchain in Healthcare?

    Learn how blockchain and FHIR can propel blockchain to create consumer-centric interoperability that will connect health information across disparate sources.

  • 2021 Business Synchrony Showcase: Sam Miller, CDPHP

    Synchronizing People, Process and Technology for Enhanced Member Engagement

  • How Implementing Salesforce Improved Clinical Research Efficiency

    Dana Farber Cancer Institute deployed Salesforce to streamline its electronic data capture system to reduce timelines and improve research efficiency.

  • A More Efficient Process and Better Customer Experience Can Increase the Bottom Line

    Understand the current challenges of the lead-to-cash process and the connection between customer experience and cash flow.

  • Using Data Analytics to Improve Student Retention and Graduation

    Learn how institutions use data analytics to identify students at risk of dropping out and then take steps to improve retention and graduation rates.

  • A Student-Centered Approach, From Applicants to Alumni

    Institutions wishing to do more than just survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace must rethink the collegiate experience from the student perspective.

  • Breaking the Silos Between Finance and Sales

    In the following interview, Huron provides their insights as to what a CFO and CRO consider when defining and measuring growth.

  • The University of Miami Streamlines Student Service With 'Canes Central One-Stop Shop

    As part of an effort to improve student service and increase efficiencies, the University of Miami created a comprehensive platform to best support its students and staff.

  • Huron Awarded Partner of the Year From the Higher Education User Group (HEUG)

    Huron was named a winner of the 2021 Workday Partner Industry Innovation Awards in the Education Industry.

  • Kris Ann Piazza

    Kris Ann has more than 20 years of leadership and coaching experience she applies to help healthcare executives guide their organizations through significant change.

  • Williams Company Oracle Cloud ERP

    With Huron's help, Williams Companies used Oracle Cloud ERP to standardize business processes and streamline legacy accounting systems.

  • Healthcare Transformation: Reducing Operational Complexity

    Rapid financial improvements, clinical and operational alignment, and leader and physician training transformed the performance of a regional health system’s medical groups and clinics.

  • NCURA FRA/PRA 2022

    Huron is proud to be a gold plus sponsor of the 2022 National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) Financial Research Administration (FRA)/ Pre-Award Research Administration (PRA) Conference. NCURA FRA/PRA is an event that brings the research administration community together to share knowledge and experiences and foster a diverse, collegial, and respected global community.

  • The University of North Texas System Streamlines Campus Research With Huron Research Suite

    University of North Texas executed a web-based institutional animal care and use committee system IACUC with Huron Research Suite.

  • Healthcare Talent: Creating a Culture to Thrive

    Join us for the Healthcare Talent: Creating a Culture to Thrive virtual event to learn tactics for building a culture of excellence while providing the highest quality care.

  • ACE2022

    Huron is proud to be a gold sponsor of ACE2022. ACE2022 is an event that brings the higher education community together to explore practical solutions for today’s issues, discuss and analyze the year’s biggest trends, and discover sustainable strategies for your campus’s future.

  • HEUG Alliance 2022

    Huron is proud to be a Premier Sponsor at Alliance. Alliance is an event that brings the higher education community together to share solutions to complex challenges, explore what’s possible with technology and shape the future of business.

  • Dr. Chantal Lorio

    Dr. Chantal Lorio applies 28 years of medical practice experience and 14 years of physician leadership experience as she coaches leaders, physicians, and advanced practice providers on communication and leadership skills.

  • How an Academic Medical Center Improved the Consumer Experience With a New Operating Model

    An academic medical center and Huron designed and implemented a future-state access model to improve the consumer experience and streamline business processes.

  • Dean Boyd

    Dean has over 15 years of experience assisting healthcare clients with performance improvement and care transformations. He has specific expertise in revenue cycle, electronic health record conversion, managed services and provider adoption.

  • Driving Employee Engagement With Your Cloud ERP

    Follow these four tips to use your ERP to increase employee engagement allowing you to increase productivity, ultimately improving your bottom line.

  • Achieving Operational and Organizational Excellence

    Brought to you by NACUBO and Huron, this video series features interviews with business and financial leaders from a wide variety of colleges and universities, alongside Huron experts.

  • Pat O'Brien

    Pat has over 10 years of experience leading enrollment management strategies for colleges and universities, using market analysis, target marketing, enrollment forecasting and predictive modeling to help institutions find new markets, design recruitment campaigns, retain students and optimize financial aid models. He also spent more than two decades cultivating his marketing and business development expertise in leadership roles.

  • Rob Bielby

    Rob brings 10 years of experience in higher education and analytics as he leads colleges and universities through transformation in their enrollment strategy, recruitment campaigns, student-retention solutions and financial aid policies.

  • Maggie Barlow

    Maggie has more than a decade of experience optimizing revenue cycle operations and management at major health systems and academic medical centers across the country.

  • Nancy Miracle

    Nancy brings over 30 years of experience across the clinical, business and management realms of healthcare. She helps clients balance digital capabilities with the strategic and operational directions of health systems and payors to yield higher margins and lasting results.

  • Huron Physician Performance Application

    Improve physician alignment and effectiveness with intuitive technology designed to make providing feedback easy.

  • Eddie Swafford

    Eddie has over 10 years of experience helping healthcare institutions elevate and accelerate their growth and transformation through collaboration and agile solutions, including business process improvement and performance optimization.

  • Mark Cianca

    Mark Cianca has over 35 years of experience as a higher education leader, with an extensive portfolio of accomplishments in information technology, business transformation initiatives, enterprise resource planning deployments, strategic planning and leadership development.

  • Healthcare Consumer Market Report

    Huron’s updated research reveals how shifting healthcare consumer behaviors and preferences are reshaping the industry.

  • Nicole Oeser

    Nicole has more than 25 years of combined experience in business applications and process consulting for higher education and certified public accountant (CPA), audit and tax experience with global enterprises.

  • Donna McHale

    Donna is a healthcare consulting executive with more than 30 years of experience in strategic planning and advisory services, systems implementation, organizational change management and performance improvement.

  • Anna Veatch

    For over six years, Anna has helped senior leaders and management teams develop future-oriented strategies for growth.

  • Raghu Chagarlamudi

    For 22 years, Raghu has helped public, private and international higher education institutions transform student and administrative systems into market-leading cloud solutions.

  • Jennifer Malatek

    Jennifer has more than 25 years of healthcare leadership experience that guides her passion for helping organizations achieve excellence in service, quality, people, financial and growth performance.

  • Katie Oliva

    Katie has more than 25 years of nursing and healthcare education experience that she brings to her work helping organizations improve the patient experience and quality of care.

  • Melissa Matarazzo

    Melissa is a former teacher, principal and school district leader who helps schools create cultures of continuous improvement to drive student outcomes.

  • Jackie Gaines

    Jacquelyn is a senior executive, national speaker and best-selling author with more than 40 years of healthcare leadership expertise.

  • Alene Cuellar

    Alene has more than 10 years of experience optimizing revenue cycle management, charge capture, patient access and reporting in the healthcare industry.

  • Eric Tomasini

    Eric has more than two decades of experience working with academic medical centers, community health systems, cancer centers and research institutes to transform their research operations and outcomes.

  • Kritiya Gee

    Kritiya is an experienced healthcare consultant who works closely with provider organizations to transform their operating models, strengthen physician alignment and improve financial performance.

  • Robert Spencer

    Robert has more than 25 years of experience leading and advising on strategic financial planning, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) agreements, financial assessments, financial reporting, budget modeling and administrative operational improvement initiatives for higher education institutions.

  • Grant Baker

    Grant has more than 10 years of healthcare leadership experience in revenue cycle operations, performance improvement and organization redesign.

  • Kate Wright

    Kate has more than 10 years of experience developing collaborative solutions for improved access and patient experience outcomes within multisystem hospital engagements and complex academic medical centers.

  • Beth Callahan

    Beth has more than 11 years of experience leading large-scale process improvement and technology implementation engagements for academic medical centers, multifacility health systems, community hospitals and physician group practices across the country.

  • Elissa First

    Elissa has more than 12 years of healthcare consulting experience providing leadership and operational improvements to academic medical centers, large multifacility health systems, and physician medical groups across the country.

  • Todd Wolk

    Todd has nearly 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, working with academic and nonprofit health centers in assessing and driving implementations for performance improvement.

  • Emily Alverson

    Emily has 16 years of experience leading healthcare performance improvement and care transformations.

  • Jaime Ontiveros

    For over a decade, Jaime has helped higher education leaders assess and enhance their institutions’ strategic and financial operations.

  • Anne Pifer

    Anne has spent 19 years helping research universities and academic health centers achieve, enhance and sustain institutional compliance.

  • J. Tod Fetherling

    Tod uses his more than three decades of leadership in healthcare, technology and analytics to help organizations transform the way care is delivered and improve the patient experience.

  • Catherine Namowicz Pence

    Cathy has nearly 30 years of experience helping clients in numerous industries to design, build and implement global, strategic enterprise resource planning solutions that modernize their finance and supply chain solutions.

  • Brett Tracy

    For over 13 years, Brett has helped healthcare institutions design and implement the processes and technologies they need to improve patient access and their organization’s revenue cycle.

  • Volkan Duygun

    For more than 20 years, Volkan has used both his hands-on and technical expertise to assist clients in developing, implementing and sustaining large strategic IT transformations. His work enables clients to create long-term success while remaining flexible in rapidly changing markets.

  • Nikki Feucht

    For more than 15 years, Nikki has enabled healthcare organizations to align their people and processes to improve overall care delivery. An expert in healthcare management and performance improvement, Nikki helps organizations reduce complexity to create better outcomes for patients.

  • Lindsey Schmidt

    Lindsey draws upon nearly two decades of healthcare experience as she leads the execution and delivery of new virtual facilities for healthcare clients.

  • Shawn Winkler

    For more than two decades, Shawn has used his expertise in valuation, financial modeling and capital markets to help clients, primarily in the energy industry, maximize stakeholder value, mitigate risk and plan for the future.

  • Aaron Kibbey

    Aaron is a C-suite executive and a nationally recognized restructuring and turnaround professional with more than 20 years of management and operations experience with an emphasis in corporate finance, business development, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and restructuring.

  • Jayme Letarte

    Jayme has nearly 10 years of experience helping lead healthcare institutions through the design and implementation of transformative access and revenue cycle operating models, ultimately enhancing the patient experience.

  • Marcie Rohleder

    For nearly two decades, Marcie has served as a coach and trusted adviser to healthcare organizations looking to match their performance outcomes with their mission and vision. She works with executives, leaders, providers and staff to implement evidence-based strategies to achieve organizational goals.

  • Pontus Siren

    Pontus is a strategy expert who advises leaders across industries on the innovation strategy, capabilities and culture needed to drive growth and stay ahead of market disruption.

  • Philip Kaplan

    Phil is a financial advisory and investment banking expert who brings over 20 years of experience to his work with organizations across the healthcare industry.

  • Philip Infurna

    Philip is a technology leader with nearly two decades of experience helping universities and academic health centers transform their research administration functions.

  • Peter Stokes

    Peter is a higher education expert with more than 20 years of industry experience as a consultant, researcher, university administrator and teacher.

  • Peter Gernert-Dott

    Peter has more than two decades of clinical, administrative and consulting experience working with leading multifacility health systems, academic health centers, community hospitals and pediatric hospitals to improve efficiency and elevate care delivery.

  • Penelope Elebash

    Penelope has spent more than a decade working with hundreds of healthcare organizations to transform leadership accountability and foster high-performing cultures.

  • Paul Johnson

    Paul has more than 16 years of healthcare consulting experience, helping guide hospitals and health systems improve performance across their revenue, access, clinical and information technology operations.

  • Patrick Viguerie

    Patrick has served as the global managing partner of Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business, since 2018.

  • Patrick Kendall

    Patrick has more than 10 years of experience leading valuations for nonprofit and for-profit healthcare entities.

  • Pat Greco

    Pat served for nearly four decades in public education and brings that hands-on experience to her work helping schools improve their system capacity, develop leaders and engage their teams. She is a recognized leader, consultant, presenter, executive coach and mentor.

  • Pam Lastrilla

    Pam has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare consulting.

  • Pamela Steenbergen

    Pamela Steenbergen is a results-focused coach with over 20 years of emergency services and leadership experience working with rural and community hospitals, academic health centers, and large hospital systems. She specializes in helping organizations across the industry improve emergency department efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Pam Beitlich

    Pam brings more than 30 years of experience in patient care, medical staff relations and nursing administration to her role as a trusted healthcare coach and national speaker.

  • Olivier Jarricot

    Olivier is a technology leader with more than 20 years of experience working with multinational organizations to transform their financial systems.

  • Nicole Bengtson

    Nicole has spent the last 20 years helping healthcare leaders achieve their vision for transformation.

  • Nick Zaccagnini

    Nick has over 18 years of experience in performance improvement and corporate turnarounds.

  • Nick Richardson

    Nick has more than 20 years of healthcare consulting experience, helping guide organizations across the industry through critical technology and revenue cycle transformation.

  • Nick DeMaio

    Nick has more than 10 years of experience optimizing revenue cycle operations at academic medical centers, multistate health systems, community-based hospitals and physician medical groups.

  • Neera Gupta

    Neera has over 20 years of healthcare industry experience.

  • Ned Calder

    Ned is a partner and leader of the industrial and technology solutions team at Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business.

  • Nancy Flanagan

    Nancy is an experienced healthcare consultant and leader who specializes in helping organizations optimize their technology investments and use data to transform care outcomes.

  • Nancy Arata

    Nancy is a healthcare leader with more than two decades of experience helping organizations from critical access and community hospitals to large academic health centers better meet the demands of today’s healthcare environment.

  • Mychal Harrison

    Mychal is a special situations financing expert with nearly two decades of experience advising borrowers and lenders through transactions involving distressed and nonperforming business assets.

  • Monika Dutton

    Monika has more than 25 years of healthcare leadership experience with a focus in operational and project management. She has been influential in achieving organizational growth and change for a variety of healthcare organizations.

  • Mike Worner

    Mike has more than 36 years of consulting and project management experience, and 20 years in healthcare planning and managing enterprisewide electronic medical record and revenue cycle system implementations as well as post-live optimization work.

  • Mike Willhelm

    Mike is a managing director who serves clients across the financial services and public sector industries.

  • Michelle Bright

    With broad experience in all facets of healthcare administration, Michelle works with provider organizations to optimize workforce engagement, accelerate strategies and improve operational performance.

  • Michael Saunders

    Michael has more than 10 years of experience driving operational and financial improvements in the healthcare revenue cycle environment.

  • Michael Pou

    Michael has 20 years of healthcare consulting experience. He specializes in helping healthcare leadership teams reimagine their operations to facilitate sustainable growth.

  • Michael McLatcher

  • Mike Gluhanich

    Mike has 20 years of experience providing operational leadership and insight to companies facing challenges due to growth, strategic transition or financial distress.

  • Michael Gladson

    Michael has over 20 years of healthcare industry experience as a provider, investment banker and consultant.

  • Michael Bene

    Michael is a senior technology consultant with over two decades of experience leading organizations through digital transformation initiatives to support their strategic business goals.

  • Melinda Muenich

    Melinda has more than 25 years of experience in clinical research operations and management, business process development and improvement, and strategic planning for universities, health systems and hospitals.

  • Maureen Hydok

    Maureen has more than 35 years of strategic planning experience in the healthcare industry.

  • Matt Jones

    Matt is a technology leader with over 25 years of consulting experience working with education, nonprofit and public sector entities to develop IT strategies that position their organizations for the future.

  • Matthew Staman

    Matthew has more than 22 years of experience consulting with academic health centers and research universities to transform their research enterprise through technology.

  • Matthew Farris

    For over three decades, Matthew has helped higher education leaders assess and enhance their institutions’ strategic and financial operations.

  • Martin McKittrick

    Martin is a healthcare operations expert with more than 20 years of experience using data and analytics to help clients identify and implement strategies to deliver more efficient operations amid changing market dynamics. He integrates organization-level strategic development, resource optimization and operational process design with data-driven management.

  • Mark Western

    Mark has more than 15 years of experience helping clients navigate challenging corporate restructuring situations and implement performance improvement initiatives.

  • Mark Johnson

    Mark is a cofounder and senior leader at Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business, and has been a strategic adviser to both Global 1000 and startup companies in a wide range of industries.

  • Mark Finlan

    Mark has nearly 20 years of consulting experience in the education and public sectors.

  • Maria Taylor

    Maria has nearly 30 years of healthcare leadership, human resource management and staff development experience that she applies to help organizations transform employee and physician engagement.

  • Maria Fletcher

    Maria has nearly three decades of experience overseeing revenue cycle process improvement engagements for hospitals, physician groups, integrated health networks and pharmacies.

  • Marcus Ruhnke

    Marcus has nearly 15 years of experience leading transformation and profitability initiatives for healthcare organizations, from increased net revenue through billing and collections improvements to renegotiated provider contracts and redesigned compensation plans — all while boosting employee satisfaction and engagement.

  • Marc Marshall

    Marc has more than 25 years of experience leading teams and developing transformative technology solutions for both Fortune 100 market leaders as well as boutique specialty providers.

  • Marc Passalacqua

    Marc is a senior retail leader with more than 15 years providing strategic and financial guidance for specialty, mass and department stores, particularly in the home and apparel sectors.

  • Improving Strategic Decision Making with WyoCloud Business Intelligence

    Implementing a one-stop interface for all student reporting needs is the first of several Business Intelligence capabilities to come for University of Wyoming.

  • Austin Pilotte

    Austin has 10 years of experience working with healthcare organizations to improve performance, redesign operating models and implement large-scale organizational change. He has expertise across all areas of the revenue cycle and has worked with clients ranging from small physician practices to nationwide health systems.

  • Jonathan Epstein

    For over 20 years, Jonathan has helped higher education institutions transform student recruitment and enrollment strategy, blending innovative data analysis with practical experience to deliver maximum value and return on investment.

  • Tad Hunt

    Tad is a coach and national speaker with more than 30 years of healthcare experience. He is passionate about working with organizations to improve the patient experience and empowering employees to provide high-quality care.

  • Prashant Srivastava

    For over a decade, Prashant has helped clients channel growth through disruptive innovation.

  • Rachel Bienemann

    Rachel has more than 16 years of healthcare consulting experience. She collaborates with organizations to implement strategy, process and technology changes that drive significant and sustainable performance improvement.

  • Randi Pike

    Randi is a registered nurse with over 18 years of experience in healthcare, who is passionate about helping organizations improve employee engagement, patient outcomes and the patient experience.

  • Ravi Prasad

    Ravi has more than 20 years of experience helping organizations across mature and growth markets pursue digital transformation efforts to strengthen business performance. He has led numerous efforts to evolve business processes, optimize operations and oversee program management for clients across industries.

  • Richard Furino

    Rick is a senior analytics and technology leader who works closely with healthcare organizations to design and adopt solutions that increase financial and operational performance.

  • Rich Bluni

    Rich is an international speaker and best-selling author of several books with more than 27 years of experience in nursing, risk management, patient safety, leadership and healthcare coaching.

  • Rich Magaldi

    Rich has more than 20 years of experience as an analytical and strategic senior executive, specializing in business development, global budget accountability, market planning, organizational analysis, acquisitions and divestitures, negotiations and operations.

  • Rich Namerow

    Rich has more than 30 years of leadership experience as a healthcare consultant, leading performance improvement projects for payors, providers, academic health centers and integrated delivery networks. He leads Huron's initiatives for public and public district integrated delivery systems.

  • Rich Schmitt

    Rich is a technology leader with 25 years of experience advising organizations through enterprise performance management transformation across their finance functions.

  • Rick Rohrbach

    Rick has more than 25 years of experience helping institutions across higher education and healthcare improve their research program administration, compliance and financial performance.

  • Rick Roycroft

    Rick has over 30 years of healthcare industry experience guiding health systems, academic health centers and community hospitals through clinical and operational transformation.

  • Ricky Nieto

    Ricky has more than 13 years of experience helping organizations deliver sustained, transformative improvements in strategy, growth, operations and profitability.

  • Robert Bell

    Robert is a managing director at Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business, and a leader in its industry and technology business.

  • Robert Parris

    Robert has nearly 20 years of experience in business consulting across a range of industries, most significantly within healthcare, both in the private sector and federal government space.

  • Robert Strauss

    Robert has 10 years of experience providing compliance, audit and advisory support to multihospital health systems, federally qualified health centers, institutional and retail pharmacies, community hospitals, and physician practices.

  • Robin Brusman

    Robin has more than seven years of experience providing operational improvements in a variety of hospital environments, including rural community hospitals and secular and faith-based multifacility healthcare systems.

  • Rudy Martinez

    Rudy has more than 25 years of healthcare experience as a clinician, nurse leader in hospital administration and a senior leader in ambulatory care. He is committed to helping healthcare organizations improve clinical operations, transform their culture and develop accountable leaders.

  • Russ Hoffman

    Russ has more than 18 years of international consulting experience with a focus on costing and profitability solutions.

  • Ryan Gibson

    Ryan is an experienced healthcare consultant who has spent more than 20 years working with organizations across the industry to improve operational and financial performance.

  • Ryan McHugh

    Ryan has more than 16 years of experience helping higher education institutions strengthen their operations through business process reengineering, technology optimization efforts and the shift to shared services models.

  • Sarika Amin

    Sarika has more than 13 years of experience working with healthcare organizations to transform their revenue cycle operations. She specializes in large scale process redesign and performance improvement; health information system design and optimization; and revenue cycle department standardization and centralization.

  • Scott Anthony

    Scott is a strategic adviser, writer and speaker who has spent close to two decades with Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business, guiding senior leaders of some of the world’s most recognizable brands through growth and innovation.

  • Scott Zelinski

    Scott has more than 25 years of experience in management and technology consulting. He specializes in planning and leading strategic business initiatives involving information technology, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

  • Shane Goss

    Shane is a senior healthcare valuation adviser with extensive experience working with organizations to maximize the value of strategic transactions and enhance corporate compliance and financial reporting.

  • Shaun Cleary

    Shaun has over three decades of experience working with healthcare organizations to develop innovative solutions to their most pressing industry challenges.

  • Sondra Cari

    Sondra has more than 15 years of experience improving operational performance in the healthcare industry, where she has worked with multifacility providers, pediatric facilities, durable medical equipment companies and academic health centers. She has specific expertise in patient access, case management, health information management, clinical documentation, billing, collections, self-pay collections and vendor management.

  • Stephanie Brown

    Stephanie is a versatile, results-oriented coach who brings more than 25 years of professional healthcare industry leadership to her work helping organizations improve staff engagement and the patient experience.

  • Stephen Darr

    Stephen has more than 30 years of experience providing accounting, auditing and financial advisory services to organizations experiencing financial and operating difficulties.

  • Steve Jacoby

    Steve has more than 20 years of experience creating and delivering innovative solutions and implementing workforce improvements as a healthcare consultant.

  • Steven Hahn

    Steven is a higher education leader with over 20 years of industry expertise.

  • Steven Patterson

    Steve is a technology consulting leader with 25 years of experience helping organizations pursue digital transformation and expand their data and analytics capabilities.

  • Susan Basso

    For more than 30 years, Susan has brought innovative and transformational human resources leadership to higher education institutions — in areas ranging from strategy, organizational design and process improvement to compensation models and technology implementation.

  • Susan Garland

    For nearly three decades, Susan has helped higher education clients bring to life enterprisewide technology transformations.

  • Susan Smith-Trianosky

    Susan is a healthcare consulting professional with nearly three decades of experience helping organizations adopt technology to enhance patient care delivery and quality.

  • Suz Fisher

    Suz brings more than two decades of clinical and healthcare leadership experience to her work helping organizations strengthen their internal culture, develop their teams and improve quality of care.

  • International Collaboration With Foreign Influence Risk

    To continue international collaboration safely, colleges and universities can take certain steps and precautions to ensure data and sensitive information are protected from foreign influence.

  • Glynn Malagarie

    Glynn has more than 25 years of experience designing technology solutions for clients in numerous industries, with a specialty in multisite and multinational technology implementations.

  • Tad Schweikert

    Tad has nearly 30 years of experience guiding diverse healthcare organizations through transformation to drive sustainable cost, margin and outcome improvements. He has worked with hospitals, integrated delivery networks, academic medical centers and physician practices.

  • Tammy Zukowski

    Tammy has more than 15 years of healthcare industry experience as an executive, pharmacy subject matter expert and change agent.

  • Thiemo Werner

    Thiemo is a senior project manager who works with leadership teams to develop long-term strategies to navigate market disruption.

  • Thomas Hagmann

    Thomas Hagmann is a partner at Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business. Based in Switzerland, he has almost 20 years of experience in developing and implementing successful growth strategies for leading European businesses. Thomas guides clients across a variety of sectors in strategy and innovation, organizational transformation and new business models to achieve higher growth.

  • Tim Dobkins

    Tim has more than 15 years of experience supporting health systems with medical group transformation and integration into the health system as well as revenue cycle, patient access and patient satisfaction optimization.

  • Tim Lechene

    Tim has more than a decade of healthcare consulting experience.

  • Timothy Martin

    Timothy has more than 20 years of experience providing forensic, investigative and financial advisory services to companies, boards of directors, creditors, equity holders and the legal community.

  • Timothy Patterson

    Tim has spent nearly 25 years working in the higher education and healthcare industries, improving administrative and operational practices for universities, academic health centers and hospitals, including serving as a business advisor to more than 65 research institutions.

  • Tim Walsh

    For over 20 years, Tim has helped higher education institutions innovate to achieve financial and operational excellence.

  • Tina Hunter

    Tina has more than 30 years of experience improving labor productivity and care management in the healthcare industry through reducing operating expenses, streamlining operations, improving customer service and driving revenues.

  • Todd Hendricks

    Todd is an experienced healthcare coach and consultant who collaborates with leaders to achieve excellence in clinical, operational and financial performance.

  • Todd Laesch

    For over a decade, Todd has helped higher education clients implement new technology and re-imagine businesses to drive and sustain transformation.

  • Todd Wegener

    Todd has more than 20 years of experience optimizing financial, accounting and performance management applications for clients across multiple industries, including healthcare, technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, real estate, transportation and financial services.

  • Tonia Breckenridge

    Tonia is a trusted adviser to healthcare leaders from the C-suite to the front line.

  • Tony Haber

    Tony is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience delivering software solutions across a wide range of public and private sector organizations.

  • Tricia Myton

    Tricia has over 35 years of healthcare executive leadership, operations and technology experience, including 30 years directly guiding provider organizations through enterprise resource planning (ERP) transformation.

  • Ty Duval

    Ty has more than 22 years of information technology management consulting experience with large organizations across the globe.

  • Vickie Monteith

    Vickie is an experienced healthcare consultant and nurse dedicated to delivering best-in-class revenue enhancement, expense reduction and clinical transformation solutions to large health systems across the country.

  • Vincent Salvato

    Vince has more than 17 years of experience developing technology solutions for higher education institutions.

  • Zach Belton

    Zach has more than twenty years of higher education consulting experience for more than 50 clients, including premier universities, academic health centers and research institutes.

  • Tyler Langenkamp

    Tyler has over 25 years of experience advising clients across many industries on the development of major initiatives and compliance programs related to anti-money laundering and sanctions, risk management and mapping, bankruptcy, and restructuring as well as dispute resolution.

  • Madeleine McChesney

    Madeleine has 15 years of experience in hospital operations, including nearly a decade of leading financial and operational performance improvement engagements with academic medical centers, rural and community hospitals, pediatric facilities, and complex multifacility health systems.

  • Lisa Reich

    Lisa brings more than 30 years of clinical experience to her role working with healthcare leaders to improve care delivery and enhance patient outcomes.

  • Lindsay Rubin

    Lindsay has more than a decade of healthcare consulting experience, working alongside a range of healthcare organizations to strength financial performance, improve patient and provider engagement, and preserve their mission.

  • Leslie Grimmer

    Leslie has over 30 years of healthcare industry experience developing solutions to help organizations drive growth and profitability in an evolving competitive landscape.

  • Leah Guidry

    Leah has more than three decades of experience advising health systems, hospitals, academic health centers, physician groups and life sciences organizations on complex compliance issues.

  • Lawrence Hanrahan M.D.

    Dr. Larry Hanrahan combines global consulting expertise, technology and digital knowledge, and a clinical and research perspective. For over three decades, he has assisted healthcare clients with identifying and implementing the comprehensive activities necessary to successfully transform their organizations across the care continuum — from strategy through implementation to growth and sustainability.

  • Lauren Halloran

    Lauren has nearly 20 years of experience serving universities, academic health centers and nonprofit entities on a variety of engagements focused on aligning their mission with operations.

  • Lauren Charles

    Lauren has more than 25 years of healthcare experience in both clinical and leadership roles. She specializes in working with organizations of all sizes to enhance patient care through leader and hourly staff rounding.

  • Laura Zimmermann

    Laura has more than two decades of higher education consulting experience that she applies to help position institutions to achieve strategic enrollment goals and support the student lifecycle.

  • Laura Yaeger

    Laura is a founding member and leader of Huron’s higher education business and has been consulting in the higher education and healthcare industries for more than 25 years.

  • Laura Marcero

    Laura has over 20 years of experience leading complex restructuring, transformational efforts, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions.

  • Larry Stuckey

    Larry has over 20 years of healthcare consulting experience working with health systems, academic health centers, medical groups and pediatric hospitals to improve performance and the patient experience.

  • Kyle Duckers

    Kyle has more than 25 years of experience designing, developing and implementing effective performance management solutions for financial institutions worldwide.

  • Kurt Dorschel

    For more than two decades, Kurt has collaborated with colleges, universities and academic health centers to elevate and sustain long-term organizational and operational effectiveness.

  • Kristine Dillon

    Kristine has over 30 years leadership experience in higher education.

  • Kristie Tobias

    Kristie is an innovative consultant, coach and national speaker. She has more than 15 years of leadership, healthcare and energy industry experience, and has worked with over 30 organizations to address issues including change management, people and leadership development, business optimization, and financial revenue cycle improvement.

  • Kristen Colella

    Kristen is an experienced strategy consultant who is passionate about helping leadership teams transform their businesses into consumer-centric organizations.

  • Koti Cherukuri

    Koti has over a decade of experience helping clients in numerous industries optimize data integrations, data warehousing, financial consolidations, master data management and reporting solutions.

  • KK Owen

    KK is a lifelong teacher and education administrator who guides school districts through continuous improvement through strategic planning, goal alignment and leadership development.

  • Kishore Mukkamala

    Kishore oversees Huron’s global delivery center for enterprise performance management (EPM), analytics and robotic process automation (RPA) engagements.

  • Kevin Thilborger

    Kevin has over 22 years of healthcare industry experience working in health system, medical group, payor, and consulting settings.

  • Kevin Campbell

    Kevin has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and is a recognized industry expert in Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) software.

  • Kenneth (KC) Loder

    For nearly a decade, KC has helped Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare, consumer packaged goods and manufacturing industries transform.

  • Kelly Dickey

    Kelly has more than a decade of experience working with healthcare organizations to fulfill their missions and strategic plans by improving leadership alignment and accountability.

  • Keilana Frank

    Keilana has more than 15 years of experience supporting academic health centers, multifacility health systems and National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers in transforming and optimizing care for patients across the care continuum.

  • Katrina Kozlova

    Katrina is a senior healthcare consultant and procurement expert who works with organizations to transform their supply chains and strategically reduce costs.

  • Kathy Oropallo

    Kathy is an education expert with experience across the public, private and nonprofit sectors that she brings to her work helping organizations and school systems improve performance and student outcomes.

  • Kathryn Muscato

    Kathryn has been in the healthcare industry for more than 19 years, working with over 100 organizations across care settings to identify and adopt evidence-based practices and drive cultural transformation that improves the patient experience.

  • Kathleen Dobrovic

    Kathleen has more than 15 years of experience leading and developing finance teams within the automotive manufacturing industry, ranging from corporate financial planning and analysis groups to business units.

  • Karen Cook

    As one of Huron’s most tenured coaches, Karen has more than 40 years of healthcare industry experience across clinical and consulting settings.

  • Julie O'Shaughnessy

    Julie has more than 30 years of hands-on healthcare experience, making her a trusted coach to physicians and provider organizations across the country.

  • Julie Kunselman

    Julie is a leader coach and the research and development leader with Studer Education, where she works with executive teams to take data-driven approaches to improve organizational performance and outcomes.

  • Julie Ingraham

    Julie has two decades of healthcare consulting experience and specializes in helping organizations achieve sustainable financial performance to thrive in a changing industry environment.

  • Judy Fiske

    Judy has more than 30 years of experience implementing and managing major systems and innovative technologies within the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

  • Joy Walton

    Joy has more than 24 years of experience assisting colleges, universities and research institutions with information systems design and implementation, research administration, and operational improvement.

  • Joshua Suskewicz

    Josh is a growth strategy and business model innovation expert who works with leadership teams across industries to transform their organizations in response to disruptive change.

  • Joshua Palacios

    Joshua has spent more than 15 years helping organizations achieve and sustain operational excellence through strategic business advisory.

  • Joe Taylor

    Joe brings more than two decades of consulting expertise to his work with leading research universities, hospitals and other nonprofit organizations.

  • Jon Given

    Jon specializes in improving the effectiveness of his clients’ financial, operational and information technology (IT) functions across a variety of industries.

  • John Wiles

    John is a technology leader who works closely with healthcare organizations to design and adopt solutions that transform their operations and elevate the patient experience.

  • John Tiscornia

    John is a healthcare consulting expert with decades of experience helping provider organizations address financial, business strategy and regulatory challenges. He guides boards and management teams through critical performance assessments and improvement efforts.

  • John Poulin

    John is a healthcare expert who works with organizations to design new strategies that will help them achieve long-term growth, build innovation capabilities, define new operating models and manage enterprisewide transformation.

  • John Heniff

    John has more than 15 years of experience working with hospitals and higher education institutions to adopt organizational structures, technologies and processes that transform the human resources function.

  • John Bodine

    John has over 25 years of experience providing strategic and transaction advisory services to the healthcare industry.

  • Joel Bautista

    Joel has extensive experience helping healthcare organizations ranging from rural hospitals to large systems improve the employee experience and drive better patient outcomes.

  • JoAnn Yohn

    JoAnn has over 20 years of experience helping healthcare organizations strategize, plan and optimize their business operations through revenue cycle management. She has specific expertise in delivering results for patient access, patient financial services, finance and employee engagement.

  • Jim Nugent

    Jim has more than 30 years of experience advising organizations on financial operations and corporate restructuring. He specializes in working across a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations, including health systems, hospitals and assisted living facilities.

  • James Alt

    James is a senior retail executive with more than 20 years of hands-on experience managing growth, performance improvement and restructuring and turnaround strategies for brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce retailers and restaurants.

  • Jessie Lum

    For over two decades, Jessie has helped higher education clients achieve and sustain cloud transformation.

  • Jens Brown

    Jens has nearly 20 years of experience working with organizations to transform their procurement, payables, strategic sourcing, travel and expense management functions.

  • Jennifer Pavelec

    Jennifer has more than 20 years of experience helping higher education institutions reimagine their operations and technology across both clinical and research functions.

  • Jennifer Miller

    Jennifer has nearly two decades of experience designing and managing programs to engage and develop the workforce.

  • Jen Miley

    Jen has more than 35 years of healthcare industry experience in financial and operational leadership roles.

  • Jeff Wood

    Jeff has more than three decades of emergency healthcare services experience in a variety of settings, ranging from bedside care to executive leadership roles in some of the highest-volume healthcare centers in the country.

  • Jeff Morris

    For over three decades, Jeff has served the medical community as a physician and as a specialist in physician executive leadership.

  • Jean-Louis Sorondo

    Jean-Louis has more than 20 years of experience with forensic and fraud accounting, bankruptcy, and turnaround and litigation support.

  • Jean Liang

    Jean has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise performance management (EPM) and financial consulting.

  • Jay Behan

    Jay has more than 20 years of experience working with healthcare organizations to implement and optimize technology across the care continuum.

  • Jason Schober

    Jason is a technology leader and founding member of Huron with more than 20 years of experience managing large-scale projects, implementing enterprise systems and developing strategic plans.

  • Jason Moebius

    Jason has nearly 20 years of experience guiding hospitals and higher education institutions through large-scale technology transformations that improve overall business performance.

  • Jason Ahlberg

    For over a decade, Jason has helped healthcare leaders bring to life performance improvement solutions and revenue cycle transformation initiatives.

  • Janet Pilcher

    Janet is the founder and executive leader of Studer Education, and a managing director for Huron. She has an extensive background advising educational institutions on strategic planning, leadership development, employee engagement and operational improvement.

  • James Hillenmeyer

    James has more than 17 years of performance improvement consulting experience across a diverse range of healthcare settings, including academic health centers and large health systems, community hospitals, and physician groups.

  • Jake Walsh

    Jake has more than nine years of healthcare consulting experience, specializing in the implementation of enhancement and compliance solutions for pharmacy services.

  • Jake Pultorak

    Jake has over 28 years of experience helping energy and utility organizations transform their financial technology to improve enterprisewide visibility and operational performance.

  • Isaac Sieling

    Isaac has led performance improvement initiatives for over 15 years across a range of healthcare clients.

  • Ida Quamina

    Ida has over 30 years of higher education industry experience, with a focus on helping institutions and academic health centers transform through technology.

  • Harold Picken

    Dr. Harold Picken is a physician executive with more than 30 years of healthcare experience.

  • Gregg Fajkus

    Gregg has more than 20 years of experience helping healthcare clients plan, manage and implement clinical and revenue cycle systems in both ambulatory and acute care environments to improve their overall financial, clinical and operational performance.

  • Greg Bedell

    Greg has more than 26 years of experience consulting across the higher education, healthcare, government and nonprofit sectors.

  • Gina Russo

    Gina has over a decade of healthcare consulting experience. She works closely with complex multistate health systems and academic health centers to improve operational efficiency and the patient experience.

  • Gerri Birg

    Gerri is an experienced healthcare consultant who leads Huron's clinical documentation improvement (CDI) team.

  • Gayle Juneau-Butler

    Gayle is an education expert with an extensive background in helping institutions and school districts increase student success, build leadership strengths and develop strategic plans.

  • Frank Winegar

    Frank has over 17 years of experience working with multifacility health systems, academic health centers and pediatric hospitals to transform their approach to population health, care delivery, and patient engagement and access.

  • Frank Capek

    Frank is a leader at Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business, who has spent the last 35 years helping senior leaders across industries transform performance by innovating experiences for customers, employees and other stakeholders.

  • Frances O'Neill

    Frances is a digital transformation leader with 20 years of experience working with organizations to achieve greater value from their human capital management, payroll, financials and supply chain systems and processes.

  • Faye Sullivan

    Faye is a registered nurse with more than 30 years of healthcare experience leading teams that deliver high-quality care.

  • Ernie Torain

    Ernie Torain serves as general counsel, corporate secretary and executive vice president of Huron.

  • Erin Shipley

    Erin is a registered nurse with more than 15 years of healthcare leadership experience.

  • Elaina Bott

    Elaina has more than 15 years of revenue cycle experience, including leadership roles in revenue cycle operations, consulting and Epic system design.

  • Doreen Ireland-White

    Doreen is a healthcare leader, consultant and registered nurse with more than two decades of experience helping clients strategize and execute on clinical documentation improvement initiatives, ongoing support and education.

  • Don Davis

    Don is an executive systems strategist who specializes in providing digital transformational business solutions that are focused on enhancing an organization’s competitiveness as well as growth and operational efficiencies.

  • Don Fowler

    Don has over 30 years of experience with health, life, ancillary and disability carriers of all sizes.

  • Derek Smith

    Derek has more than 20 years of consulting and project management experience, helping organizations across industries transform their procurement, travel program and strategic sourcing operations.

  • Dennis Ulak

    Dennis has more than 35 years of experience in organizing and leading teams to invest and manage both upstream and midstream oil field services and related infrastructure investments.

  • Deepak Bandi

    Deepak has nearly 10 years of experience helping clients transform their technology solutions. He leads global development teams to deliver high-end solutions, including health insurance transformation projects focused on payors.

  • Deb Strickland

    Deborah has more than four decades of experience as a healthcare leader and coach.

  • Deb Cort

    Debbie has nearly 30 years of nurse administration experience in facilities ranging from small community hospitals to large academic health centers.

  • David Taylor

    For more than 25 years, David has helped clients drive process improvement and optimization through the combination of technology, people and processes, with an emphasis on delivering solid, quantifiable results to industrial companies.

  • David Kolodziejski

    David has more than two decades of consulting experience, with a specific focus in helping higher education institutions identify, analyze and improve their operations and technology processes.

  • David Duncan

    David is a senior partner at Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business.

  • David Devine

    David has more than 25 years of healthcare technology consulting experience helping organizations transform the caregiver and consumer experience by reinventing their information technology (IT) strategy.

  • Dan Smith

    Dr. Dan Smith is a physician executive with more than 20 years of healthcare experience.

  • Dan Lodes

    For over two decades, Dan has helped clients across healthcare systems and academic medical centers re-imagine, assess and transform their packaged software applications in research, clinical and administrative areas.

  • Danielle Roth

    Danielle has more than 12 years of experience helping healthcare organizations improve physician enterprise and ambulatory operations.

  • Danielle Miller

    Dr. Danielle Miller has over 18 years of experience helping healthcare clients transform their clinical, operational and administrative landscape to improve nursing excellence, patient and employee engagement, and patient safety.

  • Curt Whelan

    Curt is an executive leadership team member for Huron’s healthcare business who works with clients on large-scale transformation efforts that impact revenue and long-term relevance.

  • Craig Nurnberg

    Craig has more than 16 years of experience working with healthcare providers to transform their revenue cycle, patient access and technology operations.

  • Craig Deao

    Craig is a senior leader at Huron, and a highly regarded national speaker on leadership, engagement, quality and patient safety.

  • Craig Brown

    Craig has over 20 years of experience guiding banking and financial organizations through business restructurings, transformations and acquisitions as well as managing large portfolios, balancing risk with growth.

  • Costa Magas

    Costa has more than 20 years of leadership and healthcare consulting experience, with a focus on process improvement, project implementation and strategic planning for academic health centers, multifacility healthcare systems and community hospitals.

  • Colleen McCrory

    With over 20 years of progressive healthcare experience, Colleen is passionate about healthcare leadership development and coaching.

  • Colin Mulcahy

    Colin has nearly 20 years of experience as a healthcare and technology consultant.

  • Coley Brown

    Coley has more than 15 years of restructuring and turnaround experience advising debtors, secured lenders and unsecured creditors’ committees.

  • Cody Peak

    Cody has more than 18 years of healthcare consulting experience working with multifacility health systems, academic health centers, public and county systems, and small rural hospitals to improve patient, operational and financial outcomes. He specializes in overseeing project execution, from technical and operational design to process implementation.

  • Claudia Pardo

    Claudia is a managing director at Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business, who is passionate about helping leadership teams develop growth strategies to spark transformation.

  • Christopher Sullivan

    Chris has more than two decades of experience working in the healthcare information technology space. He has a background working in both vendor and professional services settings.

  • Christopher Cruise

    Christopher has more than 30 years of experience optimizing revenue cycle management for hospitals and health systems to ensure financial viability and quality care.

  • Chris Kerby

    For over a decade, Chris has helped clients improve ambulatory operations, patient access to care, and revenue cycle performance.

  • Chris Drummond

    Christopher has more than 27 years of healthcare leadership experience, helping guide organizations through the strategic and operational change needed to improve financial performance and unlock growth.

  • Charles Kozel

    Charles has nearly 15 years of revenue cycle experience, with specific expertise in healthcare operations and consolidation, customer service, patient financial services and information technology for federal health systems.

  • Cati Cederoth

    Cati is a technology consulting leader with more than two decades of experience helping organizations pursue digital transformation and expand their data and analytics capabilities.

  • Carrie Hurney

    Carrie has over 20 years of experience working with research universities, academic medical centers and nonprofit institutions to enhance institutional cost recovery and address regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Carol Campbell

    Carol has more than 25 combined years of experience in accounting and implementing Oracle cloud solutions.

  • Carey Tindera

    Carey has more than 20 years of experience leading revenue cycle performance improvement implementations and strategic and operational assessments for a wide variety of provider settings, including academic medical centers, large integrated systems, community hospitals, children’s hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, specialty pharmacies and physician groups.

  • Cara Grib

    Cara has spent more than two decades helping education, research and healthcare leaders achieve their strategic goals.

  • Cara Dake

    Cara is a licensed and actively practicing physical therapist with more than 25 years of healthcare experience, including 12 years coaching Evidence-Based Leadership℠.

  • Brittany Jeronimus

    Brittany has over 12 years of experience working with large healthcare systems, children’s hospitals and academic medical centers to transform their operations through automation.

  • Brianna Lum

    Brianna has more than 10 years of experience helping healthcare clients accelerate the performance of people and technology. She aligns resources, processes and incentives to yield measurable and sustainable results through strategic revenue improvement projects.

  • Brian Hindo

    Brian is a leader at Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business.

  • Brian Buebel

    Brian is a trusted advisor to organizations across industries, primarily in healthcare and life sciences, with more than 20 years of experience in interim management, corporate turnarounds, bankruptcy, loan workouts and corporate finance.

  • Brett Anderson

    For over 15 years, Brett has helped a range of clients navigate corporate restructuring, turnarounds and operational improvement initiatives.

  • Bonnie Cochrane

    Bonnie is a leader focused on creating sustainable health system improvements that transform healthcare while making things better for employees, physicians and patients.

  • William Toebbe

    Bill has more than 25 years of experience in enterprise performance management (EPM) and financial consulting.

  • Bill Greene

    Bill has more than 30 years of experience developing innovative and transformative technology solutions and strategies for financial institutions.

  • Bianca Mason Delauney

    Bianca has over 15 years of experience helping clients across many industries in all stages of the software implementation and technology life cycle to achieve financial transformation.

  • Beverly Ginsburg Cooper

    With more than two decades of executive management and consulting experience, Bev guides cancer centers and academic institutions through strategic planning, operations improvement and compliance management.

  • Austin Meier

    Austin has nearly 10 years of experience guiding healthcare organizations through large-scale process improvement, developing enterprisewide strategic road maps and implementing sustainable change.

  • Ashley Peters

    Ashley has more than 20 years of experience leading complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations and upgrades for higher education and healthcare organizations.

  • Annie Zilius

    Annie has more than 15 years of healthcare industry experience working with a diverse set of organizations to improve access to care, optimize clinic and physician operations, redesign service lines and enhance revenue cycle operations.

  • Annie Moran

    Annie has over 10 years of experience providing healthcare clients with leadership and performance improvement solutions that optimize their revenue cycle operations. She has deep expertise in accounts receivable management, patient access and system implementations.

  • Annette Ballard

    Annette has 30 years of combined experience in managing information technology (IT) and consulting for the healthcare industry.

  • Andy Melenbrink

    Andy is a consulting leader who has more than a decade of experience helping organizations across industries digitally transform their finance departments.

  • Andrew Weihmiller

    Andrew is a senior consultant with more than 25 years of experience helping healthcare organizations transform their supply chains to reduce costs and mitigate risk.

  • Andy Parker

    Andy heads the Singapore office for Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business, where he has advised leaders of some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

  • Andrew Laws

    Andrew has over 15 years of higher education experience and leads the strategy and operations service line in Huron’s education business.

  • Andrew Gulino

    Andrew has more than 12 years of experience leading large-scale process improvement implementation engagements for complex hospitals and health systems.

  • Andrew Grobmyer

    Andrew has more than 25 years of experience overseeing revenue cycle engagements in hospital and physician practice environments. A leader in Huron’s healthcare business, he is primarily focused on helping complex, multifacility providers transform their operations.

  • Andrew Fulton

    Andrew is a sales and technology leader with more than two decades of experience working with Fortune 1000 organizations to transform their core systems.

  • Amit Patel

    Amit specializes in global business transformation, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud migration strategies for clients across a breadth of industries, including energy and utilities, financial services and healthcare.

  • Amanda Grecky

    Amanda has over 25 years of experience helping transform organizations across the healthcare industry.

  • Amanda Bonser

    Amanda has more than 16 years of experience in commercial and government markets, with 14 years focused in federal government healthcare consulting.

  • Amanda Bodinger

    Amanda is an experienced healthcare consultant who works with organizations nationwide to transform their revenue cycle operations and technology.

  • Allen Zimmerman

    Allen has more than 25 years of hands-on experience in healthcare executive leadership, operations, reimbursement and technology in hospital, retail and specialty pharmacy settings.

  • Alida Zamboni

    Alida is a nurse and healthcare leader with more than three decades of experience helping organizations across the U.S. and Canada improve their operations to deliver more patient-centered care.

  • Alex Seran

    Alex is a technology leader who specializes in helping organizations across industries transform their financial and back office processes. He has hands-on experience implementing innovative digital solutions including robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and enterprise performance management systems.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Alex brings more than 12 years of experience to commercial, public sector and federal clients as he helps them improve their enterprise systems with innovative and transformational solutions to meet their strategic business goals.

  • Alexander Pertot

    Alexander is a senior partner at Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business. Based in Switzerland, he has over 22 years of experience in strategy consulting and has advised leading European businesses across a variety of sectors in developing and implementing successful growth and innovation strategies.

  • Alessandro Marchicelli

    For over 30 years, Alessandro has helped organizations innovate and transform by aligning technology and business strategy.

  • Alasdair Trotter

    Alasdair is a growth strategy expert who has a history of working with senior-level teams across Fortune 500 companies.

  • Adwoa John

    Adwoa has more than 20 years of experience helping healthcare organizations and academic medical centers optimize their ambulatory and medical group performance and operations. She has expertise in business and clinical practice department management, as well as collaborating with physicians and executive leadership in the development and execution of innovative performance improvement strategies.

  • Adam Fennel

    Adam is a higher education expert focused on helping university leaders proactively identify opportunities to transform in an evolving industry. He brings a structured, analytical approach to developing innovative solutions that address higher education institutions’ most complex competitive challenges.

  • Research Compliance: A Resource Library

    As research institutions face economic pressures and new policies and legislation, Huron’s compliance resources provide insight into how to reduce the risk of institutional noncompliance.

  • Academic Medical Center Market Research Report

    Findings across Huron’s research show how Academic Medical Center healthcare leaders are responding to an evolving healthcare landscape.

  • Sandhills Community College Expands Student Impact With High-Touch IT Service

    Sandhills Community College engaged Huron to help promote accessibility across and beyond its campus.

  • Supporting Student Success and Institutional Viability in a Changing World

    In this video, experts from Brandeis University, Huron and Workday discuss the challenges and benefits of digital transformation in higher education.

  • Bloomfield College Keeps Mission at the Core

    Given Bloomfield’s history of educating underserved students and amid financial challenges, Bloomfield engaged with Huron as part of Huron’s social alliance.

  • Transforming Government: 3 Actions to Initiate Change

    Leaders struggling to reinvent longstanding institutions can take immediate steps to create a path to change.

  • Strategy-First Digital Transformation in Industrials and Manufacturing

    Industrial and manufacturing leaders must embrace a future-forward vision for their companies that incorporates, but is not predicated on, digital strategy.

  • Huron's Social Alliance

    Huron's social alliance collaborates with resource-constrained institutions that are committed to equity, access and supporting student success. 

  • How Education Leaders Answer Tough Questions with Confidence

    Reduce listener anxiety and avoid communication mistakes by discovering the root of tough questions, delivering clear messages and pausing before responding.

  • Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

    A podcast focused on how school districts and organizations harness the Nine Principles for Organizational Excellence to improve culture and performance.

  • How One School District Hardwired Continuous Improvement Practices to Change their Culture and Adjust through Disruption

    To execute continuous improvement well, continuous learning is a must. Learn how a school district used disruption as the greatest innovator to achieve results.

  • Solve Problems with Community Collaboration

    Institutions and community organizations have a unique opportunity for greater collaboration as they navigate similar challenges while leading change.

  • The Maturity Model: Phases of Improvement in Organizational Excellence

    Implementing five phases of improvement to achieve organizational maturity and excellence.

  • Move Students Forward with a Focus on Strengths

    How can we accelerate learning and achieve student equity in schools? Start by operating proactively using an asset-based approach to student progress.

  • Practicing Innovation and Inclusion to Create a Learning Culture in Schools

    Four school districts that are setting the example for leaving the comfort zone and changing practices to build a culture of continuous learning for employees and students.

  • Re-recruit Employees through Continuous Onboarding

    Long-term plans for keeping employees on board with the organization require a balance of continuous improvement strategies and development opportunities.

  • Five Factors of High-performing Leaders in Education

    A portfolio of five schools districts succeeding under leaders who exemplify relentlessness, accountability, development, communication and connection to purpose.

  • Remove Communication Barriers with Key Words at Key Times

    A concepts and tool that leaders can use to build intentional messaging designed to effectively communicate information to get intended outcomes.

  • Cascade a Culture of Belonging from Employees to Students

    When leaders demonstrate a culture of belonging with employees, the employees will repeat this behavior with students – in person and in virtual environments.

  • Embedding Continuous Improvement in K-12 Education Systems

    Using Continuous Improvement methods, K-12 organizations can prepare for the shifting needs of students and approach improvement proactively using data.

  • Drive Team Success with Consistent Communication About Results

    Regular connections and consistent communication with employees increase employee engagement and satisfaction while keeping teams focused on goals.

  • Create a Positive Culture by Recognizing and Rewarding Success

    Does recognition in the workplace really make a difference? Only if you want motivated, high-performing employees who are committed to the organization.

  • The Nine Principles®: A Foundational Guide to Defining Organizational Excellence

    These components of excellence that are consistently present in high-performing organizations provide a roadmap for organizations on a transformational journey.

  • South Louisiana Community College’s Culture Transformation Began With Senior Leadership

    Faced with a merger that combined two struggling institutions, Dr. Natalie Harder looks to employees to help her change leadership culture.

  • Fundamentals of US Oncology Pricing: The Art and the Science

    Huron outlines key considerations for developing U.S. pricing strategies for innovative oncology therapies.

  • Enhancing Collaboration Between Oncology Providers and Pharmaceutical Developers to Improve Patient Care

    For the pharmaceutical industry, the best hope of improving historically poor reputations may lie in strategic cross-industry collaborations that improve care.

  • Healthcare Enterprise Data Management: Getting the Foundation Right

    Establish a foundation for enterprisewide healthcare data management to improve the patient and provider experience while driving business goals.

  • Elevating Change Management: From Point Solution to Continuous Transformation

    Leaders must shift organizational perceptions of change from an episodic solution to an ongoing strategy that becomes part of the organization's DNA.

  • Market Access Innovation Requires a New Leadership Approach

    The competencies and success metrics of market access leaders must evolve for pharmaceutical businesses to overcome volatility and promote continuous change.

  • The Post-Pandemic Evolution of Student Data Privacy

    The importance of higher education institutions maintaining strong data privacy and governance policies and protocols has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • How Cyber Hygiene Promotes Information and Data Security for Research Institutions in a New Era for Remote Work

    As more institutional research moves to the remote environment, colleges and universities must put more of a focus on export control management and data security.

  • Data Privacy and Gen Z: A Formula for Voluntary Contact Tracing on Campus

    Contact tracing is widely considered to be one of the best methods for safe reopening, yet there are concerns it may be used to infringe upon privacy safeguards.

  • Shades of Gray: The Evolution of Data Privacy Standards in Higher Education

    Forward-thinking institutions are embracing a new frontier in higher education by building the robust infrastructure required to support ethical data usage.

  • IT Leadership in the Midst of the Pandemic

    IT leaders who balance their focus across diverse needs during COVID will establish their value as critical members of their institutional leadership teams.

  • Studer Education: Subscription Product Terms of Use


  • Building Better Virtual Customer Relationships in E&U

    In a virtual-first environment, E&U companies must deploy a strategy for attracting, engaging and delighting their customers via exceptional digital experiences.

  • Financial Services Trends Video

    With the confluence of five enabling trends, the financial services industry is experiencing a wave of innovation that has the potential to redefine the competitive landscape.

  • Revenue Cycle and Organization Structure Enhancements Improve Mercy SEPA's Overall Financial Performance

    Huron developed a new revenue cycle operation for Mercy SEPA's hospitals and physician group resulting in a $12 million net revenue improvement in one year.

  • Successfully Manage Change through Leadership Transitions in Education Institutions

    Prepare future education leaders to successfully manage change and leader transitions by developing individual leadership skills aligned to a succession plan.

  • 3 Things All Employees Need to Feel Satisfied with their Work

    In order to feel satisfied at work, leaders need to be intentional in sharing with employees that their job has purpose, is worthwhile and makes a difference.

  • Succession Planning is Key to Sustaining Organizational Excellence in K12 Education

    This practice to ensure success for tomorrow’s education leaders captures essential knowledge that can only be defined by the person in the role.

  • How Can School Leaders Communicate to Address Current Obstacles?

    To lead through change in education requires agile leadership that anticipates disruption. Plan to over-communicate to navigate obstacles and lead with agility.

  • Implementing Inclusion Practices Outside of the Classroom to Improve Inclusion in the Classroom

    K12 leaders are the change agents need to implement diversity, equity and inclusion, and it starts outside of the classroom.

  • The Importance of a Mentor During New Employee Onboarding

    Establishing mentorship programs for new employees helps increase job satisfaction and develops them into quality contributors within your organization.

  • Using Continuous Improvement Strategies in the Classroom to Help Students Take a Proactive Learning Approach

    Apply improvement science in the classroom to foster a learning environment focused on continuously improving to become master problem solvers.

  • Using Leadership Rounding to Retain Employees in Education

    Use rounding to build relationships, improve engagement and retain employees in education.

  • Easily Measure and Communicate Progress on Improvement Initiatives With a Stoplight Report

    The Stoplight Report helps monitor and communicate how ideas, concerns, and barriers are being resolved. Keep the team informed of priorities for improvement.

  • Not Just an IT Problem: Considerations for Data Security Compliance in Research Organizations

    Merritt Neale, Matthew Tryniecki and Greg Smith discuss key data security compliance areas and best practices for organizations to address these requirements.

  • IT Strategy Trends in Higher Education

    Listen to Huron’s information technology (IT) strategy podcast to learn about the trends and challenges facing higher education information security.

  • Intercollegiate Athletics - Education

    A successful athletics program is critical in shaping an institution’s reputation, culture and financial health.

  • The Future of Benefit-Risk Assessments

    A benefit-risk assessment framework can help clarify the regulatory discussion at your institution. Huron Life Sciences can help facilitate these discussions.

  • Social Media and Mobile Health: Communicating Benefit-Risk in a Connected Society

    Huron explores the benefits and risks associated with life sciences organizations communicating through smartphones and social media.

  • Biopharmaceutical Firm Increases Efficiency and Global Compliance with a Centralized Risk Management System

    To minimize compliance costs and inefficiencies across global teams, one biopharmaceutical firm implemented Orbit, a centralized drug safety commitment platform.

  • Revisiting Retail: The Evolution of Commercial Real Estate

    Although COVID-19 expedited retail closings, the commercial real estate industry has new opportunities to avoid further bankruptcies and empty storefronts.

  • Capturing the Value of Digital Innovation in Medtech

    Medtech organizations must rethink their traditional business model and pursue new partnerships in order to capture revenue growth from digital solutions.

  • Webinar: Prepare Now for The NIH's Single IRB Review

    The NIH's sIRB policy applies to all competing grant applications with receipt dates on or after January 25, 2018. Prepare with the Huron Research Suite.

  • Resources to Help Healthcare Organizations Respond, Recover and Redesign After Crisis

    Huron has assembled the educational resources you need to address the most pressing challenges your organization is facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Understanding Customers to Foster Organizational Resilience

    Businesses must be agile in their approach to understanding their customers — meeting today’s demands while also looking ahead to the future.

  • Financial Services Trends

    With the confluence of five enabling trends, the financial services industry is experiencing a wave of innovation that has the potential to redefine the competitive landscape.

  • Building a Culture of Learning to Evolve the Healthcare Workforce

    Build a culture of continuous learning using these key principles to differentiate employee and organizational performance, engagement and retention.

  • Bold Leadership: A New Age of Education Leaders

    Education needs bold, agile leaders to guide institutions to meet students where they are and prepare them for the skills they will need in the future.

  • Conducting a Time Sensitive Situation Analysis and Communicating Action Plans Effectively

    When decision making is critical, the processes and tools need to be seamless. This situation analysis and action plan template can help education leaders.

  • COVID-19 HRPP Toolkit Supplemental Documents Release

    This series of HRPP toolkit supplement documents is being released to provide HRPPs with additional resources to manage research during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Institutional Review Boards and Human Research Protection Programs

    Huron’s institutional review board (IRB) services team helps improve IRB and human research protection program (HRPP) compliance and operational efficiency.

  • MGMC Completes Complex Clinic Transition to Increase Physician and Hospital Alignment and Patient Access

    MGMC’s complex but successful clinic transition has allowed the hospital to strengthen physician-hospital alignment and better serve its patients and community.

  • Optimizing Your Healthcare Organization's Core Business Today

    To ensure financial success for your hospital or healthcare organization manage costs, evaluate your service line portfolio and align spending to strategy.

  • Maximizing Value in a Non-Profit/For-Profit Joint Venture

    Gain a better idea of what an asset like a hospital service line is worth before pursuing a joint venture by looking at more than just service line contributions.

  • Developing an Automation Strategy That Delivers Results

    As healthcare organizations look to incorporate automation into their workflows an automation strategy is critical to ensure that desired results are realized.

  • Take These Steps to Improve Your Physician Revenue Cycle Performance

    Improving your physician group's revenue cycle will enable you to get paid what you're owned in a more timely fashion while increasing efficiency.

  • The Path to Cloud Implementation in Higher Education

    From project goals to change management, there's a lot to consider when developing your higher education cloud implementation roadmap.

  • Prepare for the Cloud: A Time and Resources Checklist

    Leaders need to carefully consider "time and team" factors to establish an appropriate timeline and resource plan expectations when preparing for the transition to a cloud technology.

  • Alpena Regional Medical Center Improves Cash Flow and Increases Productivity and Quality

    Huron Healthcare collaborated with Alpena Regional Medical Center to improve cash flow and revenue cycle, resulting in a 9-day reduction in A/R days.

  • Leveraging Telehealth for a More Consumer-Centric Healthcare Experience

    As telehealth programs gain popularity, creating a program that meets consumer needs will be critical for getting consumers to use this type of care.

  • 6 Must-Dos For A Successful Health Plan Digital Transformation Project

    When a health plan embarks on a digital transformation project, it's necessary to account for personnel, processes and tools in order to achieve desired results.

  • COVID-19 Telehealth Essentials

    Establish or expand your healthcare organization’s telehealth offerings to diagnose and treat patients from virtually anywhere.

  • On the Front Lines: Elevating Test, Trace and Treatment Strategies

    Learn how organizations can elevate testing, contact tracing, treatment and vaccine deployment strategies to protect their communities and prepare for the future.

  • COVID-19: Critical Cybersecurity Actions for Healthcare Organizations

    Take these critical cybersecurity actions to protect your organization from coronavirus-related scams and phishing emails targeting the healthcare industry.

  • COVID-19: Strategic Revenue Cycle Actions to Accelerate Cash Flow

    These revenue cycle strategies can help immediately accelerate cash flow to provide financial relief amid disruption from COVID-19.

  • COVID-19: Creating a Virtual Contact Center for Healthcare Organizations

    For healthcare organizations, virtual contact centers may provide a way to manage immediate COVID-19 concerns while providing the foundation for long-term transformation.

  • COVID-19: Immediate Actions for Streamlining Reimbursement with Payors

    Maintain financial stability, reduce administrative friction and protect your healthcare organization’s revenue by negotiating with payors on reimbursement.

  • The Rising Value of Acute Care in the Home

    Acute care in the home is the consumer-centric care delivery model to strategically transform care and bring greater value to consumers and providers.

  • COVID-19: Prudent Financial Management for Healthcare Organizations

    Preservation of organizations during COVID-19 will be dependent on the ability to maintain cash and liquidity. Follow these steps for smart financial management amid the crisis.

  • Mobilizing Crisis Management in New York City Amid the First COVID-19 Outbreak

    In New York City, Huron and local officials mobilized citywide COVID-19 testing, staffing and suppression strategies amid the first coronavirus outbreak.

  • Managing Compliance Fluidity: The Role of Operational Compliance

    This fourth installment in Huron’s Research Compliance webinar series outlines the role operational compliance functions play in managing compliance risks.

  • Operationalizing Compliant Clinical Research Billing Practices for Pediatric Clinical Trials

    In this webinar, Huron SMEs and Children’s National program lead of clinical trials discuss Medicare billing rules for pediatric clinical trials.

  • Success Amid Employer Alliances and Vertical Consolidations That Are Reshaping Healthcare

    Employer alliances and vertical consolidation are changing the healthcare landscape and healthcare providers must respond by creating a new business model.

  • Commit, Engage, Integrate: Success Factors for Health System

    A strategic approach for a successful integration requires health systems to engage with stakeholders in order to deliver better partner and patient value.

  • Transitioning Military Careers at Huron

    Huron's Total Rewards package is designed to support your overall physical, emotional and financial health and well-being throughout your career.

  • Technology Careers at Huron

    Huron's Total Rewards package is designed to support your overall physical, emotional and financial health and well-being throughout your career.

  • Experienced Careers at Huron

    Huron's Total Rewards package is designed to support your overall physical, emotional and financial health and well-being throughout your career.

  • Advanced Careers at Huron

    Huron's Total Rewards package is designed to support your overall physical, emotional and financial health and well-being throughout your career.

  • Entry Level Careers at Huron

    Huron's Total Rewards package is designed to support your overall physical, emotional and financial health and well-being throughout your career.

  • Strategy & Innovation - Education

    Colleges and universities turn to Huron to design long-term strategies that build innovation capabilities and accelerate sustainable growth.

  • Market Access Strategy

    As disruption continues to reshape the market, life sciences companies must reorient their commercialization strategies to optimize market access and pricing.

  • Embrace Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

    Huron helps education leaders assess strategic options, develop action plans, and execute mergers and acquisitions, as well as other strategic alliances.

  • Huron Transaction Advisory Special Situations

    Huron helps financial services companies meet evolving customer demands with business operation strategies to stay competitive and build value.

  • Huron Public Finance Advisory

    Huron helps organizations optimize their capital structures, strengthen their credit ratings and efficiently access capital to fund strategic initiatives.

  • Payor-Provider Collaboration

    Huron helps healthcare organizations increase collaboration between payors and providers to drive growth and create the flexible operating models of the future.

  • Learning Solutions - Healthcare

    Huron’s learning and development offerings provide the strategies, skills and techniques healthcare professionals need to become leaders of tomorrow.

  • Organizational Transformation - Education

    Organizations must increase transparency and align their processes, policies and goals to build a change-ready culture to accelerate their transformation and drive sustainable growth.

  • Organizational Design & Alignment

    Organizations must increase transparency and align their people, processes and goals to build a change-ready culture that accelerates transformation and drives sustainable growth.

  • Change Management & Leadership

    Organizations can accelerate their results and build a change-ready culture by aligning around effective change management and leadership strategies.

  • Alumni and Advancement Technology Solutions

    Increase philanthropic giving by building a modern, engaging and sustainable foundation for advancement.

  • Supply Chain & Procurement

    Huron supply chain and spend management experts help companies enable processes with technology to make their processes simpler, faster and more efficient.

  • Meditech

    Maximize MEDITECH electronic health record (EHR) investments and establish leading operational performance.

  • Jaggaer

    Huron can help you deliver on the key success factors for maximizing adoption and realizing returns on your investment in Jaggaer’s procurement technology.

  • Human Capital Management

    Huron’s human capital experts help companies transform HR processes and technologies to improve the employee experience and accelerate organizational growth.

  • Financials

    Huron helps organizations drive financial efficiency and control with technology that streamlines processes, management, reporting and analytics.

  • Epic

    Realize the power that comes from people and technology working together to transform healthcare.

  • Enterprise Performance Management

    Huron helps businesses modernize technologies to enable planning and budgeting that spans all aspects of your business to make better data-driven decisions.

  • Digital Strategy

    Huron digital strategy experts help companies identify new opportunities and use technology to accelerate growth and enable transformation.

  • Data & Analytics

    Huron technology experts help companies design analytic strategies to collect the data they need to make decisions that drive business growth.

  • Patient Financial Care: Redesigning the Revenue Cycle Operating Model

    A large multistate health system transformed and integrated its operating model to create a people-centered revenue cycle organization.

  • Business Operations - Healthcare

    Huron helps healthcare organizations gain a competitive advantage by driving revenue, optimizing business operations and maximizing shareholder value.

  • Transform Medical Group and Physician Practices

    Huron works with medical groups to create efficient, effective and profitable practices driven by consumer- and physician-centric strategies.

  • Huron Research Suite

    Huron’s research software solutions improve researcher satisfaction and reduce administrative burden by streamlining and integrating processes to enhance productivity.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Huron technology experts help businesses select, deploy and adopt customer relationship management tools to stay competitive in the digital marketplace.

  • Core Technology Applications

    Huron helps businesses modernize core technologies for increased agility and performance on the path to digital transformation.

  • SAP Concur

    Transform your spend management strategies and processes by successfully implementing SAP Concur travel, request, expense, and invoice management solutions.

  • Cerner

    Maximize Cerner electronic health record (EHR) investments and establish leading operational performance.

  • Automated Intelligence

    Huron technology experts help businesses discover how automated intelligence can streamline operations, improve the consumer experience and fuel growth.

  • Amazon Web Services

    As an experienced AWS consulting partner, Huron works with your organization to accelerate your innovation initiatives, enhance your businesses agility and drive future growth.

  • Student Technology Systems

    Huron’s education experts have deep functional and technical expertise to help you reimagine your processes and systems to improve the student experience.

  • Student Lifecycle Strategy

    Partner with Huron to design comprehensive strategies that optimize student outcomes and support the entire student lifecycle.

  • Business Operations – Public Sector

    Huron collaborates with public sector organizations to optimize business performance and achieve and sustain better outcomes.

  • Business Operations – Industrials & Manufacturing

    Huron’s industrial and manufacturing expertise helps strengthen business operations weather competition, rising costs and industry consolidation.

  • Education - Information Technology Strategy

    Huron collaborates with education institutions to optimize their information technology strategies and infrastructures to support service delivery and growth.

  • Budgeting and Financial Management - Education

    Huron helps colleges and universities navigate financial uncertainty by improving budgeting and financial management processes and modernizing planning systems.

  • Education - Business Operations

    Huron uses its deep experience across hundreds of colleges, universities and academic health centers to help institutions transform their business operations.

  • Valuation

    Huron helps organizations across industries understand the value of their tangible and intangible assets to support timely, compliant transactions.

  • Supply Chain

    Huron helps organizations build agile, data-driven supply chain operations in order to maintain stability and enable growth.

  • Shared Services

    Huron’s shared services experts help organizations optimize internal resources in order to scale operations, manage costs and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Restructuring and Turnaround

    Huron’s restructuring and turnaround experts help stressed and distressed firms assess their operations, identify financing options and develop a path forward.

  • Finance Transformation

    From design to execution, Huron's experts help you elevate your finance function to be a strategic partner in your organization as you plan for your future.

  • Commercial Dispute Advisory

    Huron’s commercial dispute advisory experts help firms conduct investigations and build compelling presentations to resolve complex financial cases.

  • The AML Act: Are You Prepared?

    The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA 2020) became law on January 1, 2021. Is your institution prepared to meet the expectations?

  • Improve Physician Group Reimbursement With a Physician Revenue Cycle Liaison

    Driving revenue enhancement and cost containment across a physician group can be a daunting task

  • Improving HCAHPS: A Guide to Increasing Patient Satisfaction Scores

    To remain competitive, healthcare organizations must understand and implement strategies to improve the patient experience and HCAHPS scores.

  • Attracting, Developing and Retaining Talent Using Leadership Rounding

    In the age of disruption, many organizations struggle with attracting, retaining and developing talent. Address this challenge through leadership rounding.

  • Decluttering for PV Professionals with the Orbit Tracker

    In this webinar, Huron will present the key issues related to pharmacovigilance (PV) compliance tracking, drawing on the results of our recent survey.

  • Data Governance for Higher Education

    Quantity of data in higher ed is no longer the problem. It is ubiquitous, but it’s rarely organized, standardized, or leveraged for a common purpose.

  • Customer Transformation

    Huron helps companies transform the customer experience and shape strategy and digital experience to accelerate growth.

  • Business Operations – Financial Services

    Huron helps financial services companies meet evolving customer demands with business operation strategies to stay competitive and build value.

  • Business Operations – Energy & Utilities

    Huron energy and utilities experts support your business operations with personalized, proven strategies so you can stay competitive in the global marketplace.

  • Research Operations

    Huron helps research-focused institutions (including academic health centers, cancer centers, universities and hospitals) to sustain operational excellence.

  • Research Compliance

    Huron’s research compliance team conducts assessments and develops programs that mitigate compliance risk without imposing constraints on institutional operations.

  • Huron Financial Forecasting

    Huron Research Analytics — Financial Forecasting provides research institutions with the insights needed to make data-driven budgetary and forecasting decisions.

  • Cancer Centers

    Huron’s Cancer Center team helps improve cancer center performance by tailoring approaches and solutions to each center's goals, issues and organizational environment.

  • Strategy & Innovation - Life Sciences

    Huron’s experts help life sciences companies develop the right strategy and harness innovation to build a foundation for growth.

  • Strategy & Innovation - Financial Services

    Energy and utility organizations are rethinking historical strategies to create more value for customers and stay ahead of market disruption.

  • Strategy & Innovation - Energy and Utilities

    Energy and utility organizations are rethinking historical strategies to create more value for customers and stay ahead of market disruption.

  • The Tectonic Plates Beneath Intercollegiate Athletics Continue to Shift

    Three issues have sparked discussion about the future of intercollegiate athletics, and may change the field, and institutions’ strategies, going forward.

  • Outsourcing As A Strategy To Reduce Your Research Administrative Burden

    View our webinar for a detailed discussion and demo of how Huron's industry-leading Research Office solution can address your institution's dynamic research infrastructure service needs.

  • Student Success at the University of Kentucky

    Timothy Tracy from the University of Kentucky discussed student success at this year's ACE conference.

  • Boston Children's Journey With e-Research Administration Systems

    Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) provides a unique perspective on planning your e-research administration system future.

  • Strategies to Help Future-Proof Your IRB Operations

    Join Huron on January 26, 2017 for the fourth installment in this webinar series. Learn practical strategies for preparing for the revised Common Rule.

  • 4 Factors That Can Make or Break Your 13-Week Cash Flow

    Preparing a 13-week cash flow isn’t brain surgery, but all models are not created equal. These are the factors that can make or break your cash flow tool.

  • Employing a ‘Digital Workforce’ in Higher Ed: How Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation Can Benefit Staff, Students and Institutions Alike

    Learn how the strategic use of robotic process automation can help solve near-term tactical challenges while positioning higher ed institutions for the future.

  • Prepare for the Cloud: Redesign Your Chart of Accounts

    By redesigning the chart of accounts, universities are set up for success and able to establish a robust, financial structure with greater transparency.

  • Trust, Value, Safety: Higher Education Beyond the Pandemic

    As COVID-19 vaccines unfold, it is paramount that leaders mount scalable, long-term strategies to make education valuable and safe through the pandemic.

  • Prepare for the Cloud: Your Operating Model Must Change

    Moving to the cloud impacts the IT world in many ways from the infrastructure and information integration landscape to the interaction model with the business.

  • Increasing Hospital Volume is No Longer a Path to Success

    Healthcare is evolving outside the hospital walls as new care delivery models emerge that provide consumers with access to lower cost and convenient healthcare.

  • Refreshing the Playbook: Intercollegiate Athletics Portfolio Management

    In response to increased financial pressures across higher education, the economic and operational profiles of individual athletic programs have come under review.

  • Athletics at an inflection point: Adapting to the New Financial Model of Athletic Departments

    The economics of collegiate athletics are forcing leaders to adapt to the new financial model of athletic departments while balancing academics with athletics.

  • Going Virtual for Good: Transforming Healthcare’s Operations and Workforce

    Healthcare acted quickly to translate its operations to a virtual environment amid the pandemic; now leaders must re-imagine their businesses for a new world.

  • Unleash Revenue Potential by Re-imagining the Patent Pipeline

    With the IPX platform, Auburn is maximizing the strategic and commercial value of intellectual property and diversifying revenue supporting academic research.

  • Technology Innovations Could Upend Today's Healthcare Delivery Model

    Technology innovations related to data, artificial intelligence, consumer choice from Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM & Microsoft could disrupt healthcare delivery.

  • Section 117: Ensuring Compliance Through Systems and Processes

    As scrutiny over gift funding increases, institutions are challenged to manage the complexity of Section 117 reporting requirements and remain compliant.

  • Building Organizational Resilience

    Healthcare workers are experiencing higher levels of stress. Leaders can empower a change-ready workforce by taking a holistic approach to organizational resilience.

  • Test Scores — Optional or Not? Data on Outcomes Can Help You Decide

    Use data-driven insights when assessing whether to adopt a permanent policy on test scores in the admission application process and align with strategic goals.

  • Fostering International Collaboration While Managing Undue Foreign Influence in Academic Research

    In the simplest terms, the goal for research institutions should not be to impede international collaboration but rather to make it more transparent.

  • Building an Alternative Model for Research Administration

    Outsourcing research administration activities empowers research institutions to optimize existing resources, engage employees and support long-term growth.

  • Managing Compliance and Financial Risks Amid Change

    For colleges and universities to mitigate the risks associated with unforeseen staff shortages, it is critical for leaders to work to maintain a robust system of internal controls.

  • Princeton University's Office of Research and Project Administration Transitions to Huron Grants and Agreements

    Princeton University’s Office of Research and Project Administration replaced its legacy sponsored-research proposal database with Huron Grants and Agreements.

  • How Amazon Could Revolutionize Healthcare

    If Amazon enters into the healthcare industry it could transform the industry by improving the quality of care and offering a better customer experience.

  • Building Bridges For Transfer Students Requires Collaboration and Coordination

    Institutions must think about how they broker strategic discussions and make changes that improve the transfer student journey from start to finish.

  • Digital Trust: Earn It and Sustain It to Fuel Tomorrow's Healthcare

    To build and sustain digital trust that your healthcare system will keep patient health data secure, a strong brand and a proactive approach to security are key.

  • Section 117: Where Foreign Influence and Gift Management Often Collide

    The ED has increased efforts to monitor colleges’ and universities’ compliance with Section 117 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 relating to foreign gifts.

  • When Your Finances Are at Risk, Your Mission Is at Risk: Why Higher Education Institutions Need to Modernize Budgeting and Planning Processes to Ensure Long-Term Fiscal Stability

    Learn how higher education institutions can modernize budgeting and planning processes with cloud technology to ensure long term fiscal stability.

  • Addressing the Healthcare Crisis in Rural America

    Using telehealth and forming partnerships will allow rural hospitals to deliver healthcare at a lower cost and improve their community's health.

  • How Design Thinking Can Transform the Hospital Experience

    Design thinking is a framework for creating experiences that better fulfill consumer needs. Apply design thinking in healthcare for a better patient experience.

  • Measuring the Quality and Value of Telehealth

    As healthcare organizations embrace telehealth as a long-term solution, leaders must consider a variety of metrics to assess the unique aspects of virtual care.

  • How Continuous Learning Fuels Improvement

    By focusing on learning, organizations can realize quick improvements in core business functions and fuel the engine for long-term growth.

  • Creating Value and Cultural Alignment in M&A

    Organizations can accelerate the value of a merger, acquisition or consolidation by incorporating new evaluation criteria such as cultural fit.

  • Deploy a Data Integration Strategy to Power Insights and Digital Transformation

    The integration of enterprise data helps businesses unlock intelligence that can increase productivity, aid decision making and deliver actionable insights.

  • Telehealth Vs. In-Person Care: How Providers Can Get The Balance Right

    Telehealth is here to stay. Healthcare organizations need a care delivery strategy that meets patient demand for both in-person and virtual care services.

  • University of Oregon Takes First Step in Upgrading Research Administration Services With Huron IRB and HRPP Toolkit

    The University of Oregon successfully replaced its legacy institutional review board and human research protection program systems with Huron IRB and HRPP toolkit.

  • Use Digital to Improve Healthcare Today While Creating a New Tomorrow

    Healthcare organizations must leverage digital technology such as apps, kiosks, AI and IoT to improve the core business while positioning it for future success.

  • Elevating Health Insurer strategic Planning in 2018 and Beyond

    Faced with a consistently volatile regulatory environment, health insurers need robust, integrated technology that simplifies the strategic planning process.

  • Ask These 5 Questions Before a Merger

    The right M&A strategy is crucial for accelerating growth and transforming healthcare care delivery models as healthcare services move away from the hospital.

  • Empower Students by Distancing From Traditional Financial Aid

    A digital, automated financial aid experience can make higher education accessible to more students, empowering them to achieve their academic goals.

  • Seeing Around the Corner: Using Intellectual Property Data to Proactively Monitor Foreign Influence Risk

    With increased scrutiny around higher ed and foreign entities, institutions can utilize data and IP sources to provide risk management and conflict monitoring.

  • Avoiding the Path to Closure

    Higher education leaders are under pressure to determine whether their institutions can handle future uncertainty – or if they may be on a path to closure.

  • Data Preparation for Cloud Implementation

    Before you move to the Cloud, prepare your university's data by taking a full inventory of all the technology systems and integrations used at your university.

  • The Jury Is In on Intercollegiate Athletics

    To confront the change that awaits intercollegiate athletics, both athletic departments and universities will need to come together and align on mission.

  • Ambulatory Growth Report

    Huron surveyed 201 ambulatory healthcare leaders to learn more about their strategies and focus areas for successfully shifting care outside the hospital.

  • Insights

    Discover insights into our clients' industries and challenges. Get the latest viewpoints, strategic thinking and case studies from Huron's industry experts.

  • Improved Student Tracking and Satisfaction at Wayne State University

    See how Huron Education helped Wayne State University to target and enroll more students and keep them in this case study.

  • Optimized Operating Room Utilization and Scheduling at University of Virginia Medical Center

    UVA Medical Center and Huron partnered to implement surgical flow, emergency department and inpatient flow solutions, resulting in increased OR utilization.

  • Private Research Institution Embraces a Model to Transform Research Administration

    A private research institution worked with Huron to transform research administration in its college of health sciences, improving service and productivity.

  • Lee Steel Successfully Emerges From Bankruptcy and Completes Asset Sale

    Learn how with this assistance of Huron, Lee Steel negotiated a term sheet to provide increased liquidity and deferral of principal requirements.

  • Organizational Alignment for Value-Based Care at University Clinical Health

    Huron guided UCH leadership and physicians through the design of a transparent and organizationally aligned compensation plan.

  • Intermountain Medical Center

    Intermountain Medical Center sought greater efficiency in order to increase patient, physician and staff satisfaction.

  • Intermountain Healthcare

    Huron collaborated with Intermountain Healthcare to optimize workflows, prioritize and manage technical issues, and increase productivity and accountability.

  • Baton Rouge General Hospital Develops Winning Strategy Amid Disruptions

    Huron and Baton Rouge General Medical Center partnered on an asset optimization project which improved the organization’s long-term positioning in the market.

  • Arizona State University Leverages Huron Research Suite to Transform Research Administration

    Leveraging the Huron Research Suite, ASU has dramatically increased research funding while minimizing many research burden challenges faced by investigators.

  • How Modern IT Departments Advance an Institution's Mission and Goals

    Huron partnered with the CIO at the University of Central Oklahoma to reimagine and align the IT organizational structure and IT strategy with the institution’s strategic goals.

  • Northwestern Medicine Increases Patient Access Leading to Improved Patient Satisfaction

    Huron transformed the patient scheduling experience at Northwestern Medicine allowing patients to get appointments sooner which improved patient satisfaction.

  • ProHealth Care Increased Cash Flow and Revenue Cycle Efficiency With Better Reporting and Transparency

    Opportunities for improvement in the revenue cycle were identified as part of a comprehensive transformation engagement resulting in $19.3 million recurring benefit.

  • Trinity Mother Frances Combines with CHRISTUS Health

    Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics ("TMFHC") officially became a part of CHRISTUS Health ("CHRISTUS") on May 1, 2016.

  • CHLA Optimizes Care Access and Clinical Efficiency While Improving The Patient, Provider and Staff Experience

    Huron’s change management strategies implemented in tandem with care access solutions ensured buy-in and sustainability of results for CHLA.

  • Argo Turboserve Successfully Refinances

    Huron Transaction Advisory helps secure $70M debt financing for Argo Turboserve, a leading global 4PL provider of supply chain management.

  • Improving Emergency Department Effectiveness at Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital

    Effective communication and leadership alignment helped this community hospital to create a seamless patient experience within its emergency department.

  • Sypris Solutions Refinances to Support Long-Term Strategy

    Huron Transaction Advisory arranged a comprehensive refinancing of the company’s former senior credit facility and subordinated debt on an expedited timeline.

  • OHSU Adopts Automation to Increase Revenue Cycle Efficiency

    OHSU worked with Huron to deploy robotic process automation (RPA) to improve operational efficiency with payor claims processing.

  • Case Study: UT Medical Group – Physician

    Huron's Physician solutions helped UT Medical Group align physician compensation with organizational goals.

  • Case Study: Kona Community Hospital

    Kona Community Hospital partnered with Huron to increase revenue and decrease reliance on state funding through a strategic performance improvement initiative.

  • Leveraging a Culture of Responsibility to Improve Patient Collections

    Ochsner Health System Enhanced patient collections and reduced bad debt by tailoring patient interactions and counseling to align to financial risk.

  • Adventist Health Achieves Financial Improvements and Advances Long-Term Revenue Cycle Strategy

    Adventist Health partnered with Huron Healthcare for a Revenue Cycle engagement that delivered a $100.5 million annually recurring benefit.

  • Doctors Hospital At Renaissance Implements First CDI Program While Increasing Physician Satisfaction and Quality of Care for Patients

    Doctors Hospital at Renaissance worked with Huron Healthcare to build a best-practice clinical documentation improvement program from the ground up.

  • Case Study: Greenville Health System

    Greenville Health System is the largest not-for-profit Healthcare delivery system in South Carolina and operates Greenville Memorial Hospital.

  • Enhancing The Human Resources Function to Improve Performance While Reducing Cost

    Cost reductions at Maine Medical Center were realized through optimized performance of staffing, benefits, compensation and absence management.

  • Good Samaritan Hospital

    Huron Healthcare worked collaboratively with hospital leadership and staff to implement non-labor cost savings through contract negotiations, utilization practices, and standardization. Huron also led a redesign of the entire supply chain process, allowing Good Samaritan to sustain bottom line benefits.

  • Ministry Health Care Redesigns Revenue Cycle Governance and Implements System-Wide Operational Improvements

    Huron worked side-by-side with Ministry Health Care’s leadership and staff to design and implement an improved revenue cycle governance structure, streamlined workflows and increased staff accountability.

  • Productivity, Labor, Non-Labor and Revenue Cycle Improvements Result in Cost Savings and Financial Gains

    North Hawaii Community Hospital improves labor costs, non-labor expenses, revenue cycle and physician services spurring significant financial gains.

  • Three Beth Israel Deaconess System Hospitals Migrate to One Cloud-Based EHR Platform

    Beth Israel Deaconess increased accessibility to data, consolidated information technology support and created a better experience for clinicians, staff and patients.

  • Proactive Management of Care Progression With ProHealth Care

    With reimbursements under growing pressure, ProHealth Care sought to increase efficiency and reduce costs in clinical operations, while maintaining quality.

  • Cloud Transformation at San Bernardino Community College District

    San Bernardino Community College District engaged Huron to support an institution-wide cloud implementation, using a tailored approach that could be scaled.

  • PeaceHealth Medical Group Transformed Key Business Processes to Increase Revenue, Volume and Accountability

    Huron and PHMG worked together to implement revenue cycle solutions which led to a $4.9 million increase in recurring revenue.

  • St. Francis Hospital Extends Liquidity and Completes Successful Sale

    St. Francis undertook a major expansion and renovation, resulting in the opening of St. Francis Heart Hospital and St. Francis Women’s Hospital in 2013.

  • University Health System Recovers Patient Volumes Amid COVID-19

    Large university health system transforms patient safety to enhance care delivery, restore in-patient volumes and drive revenue amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Connecticut Children's Medical Center Insources Revenue Cycle Activities While Integrating New EHR

    Connecticut Children’s Medical Center engaged Huron Healthcare to establish revenue cycle processes in-house and implement a new EHR.

  • Case Study: Enhancing Revenue and Improving Patient Flow for an AMC

    A highly ranked academic medical center engaged Huron Healthcare’s Clinical Operations solutions to enhance revenue and improve patient flow.

  • UW Health Redesigns Specialty Care to Improve Patient Experience and Operations

    University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics transformed their ambulatory care to be responsive to patient demand while being sensitive to clinicians’ needs.

  • Loma Linda University Medical Center

    Loma Linda University Medical Center engaged Huron to enhance revenue cycle performance as they embarked on an EMR conversion.

  • A New Approach for Managing Research Operations

    NGMC outsourced its administrative operations allowing its internal resources to focus on conducting quality research and enhancing research capabilities.

  • Managing Change and Mitigating Risk During A Complex HIS Conversion

    A six-facility health system partnered with Huron to prepare for and manage a complex HIS conversion.

  • Mining Operational and Financial Data to Optimize Corporate Strategy and Performance

    Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. is a leading international gold producer, with mines and exploration properties in Canada, Finland, Mexico and the United States.

  • Mosaica Education Completes Expedited Asset Sale

    Huron Transaction Advisory executed a sales transaction for Mosaica based on our past experience with financially and operationally distressed companies.

  • Optimizing Revenue Performance With Virginia Hospital Center

    At Virginia Hospital Center, revenue cycle improvements yielded an $8.8M annual income improvement, reduced AR days and decreased in billing work in process.

  • Case Study: Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO)

    Huron was hired to serve as the Financial Advisor to Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO)

  • Transforming the Human Research Protection Program at Pennsylvania State University

    Huron helped Penn State transform its HRPP to achieve a significant decrease in turnaround times, and increased consistency in reviews, morale and satisfaction.

  • Organizational Strategy Improvements With Riverside University Medical Center

    Huron and Riverside University Medical Center partnered to improve labor, non-labor, clinical operations, human resources, physician, revenue cycle and CDI.

  • Floyd Healthcare System Improves Revenue Cycle Performance

    Floyd Health Care System worked with Huron Healthcare to streamline its revenue cycle, increasing cash collections by $30 million in seven months.

  • UPMC Focuses on Culture to Accelerate Growth

    UPMC advanced operational and financial goals, including HCAHPS overall rating, by focusing on their internal culture in partnership with Huron | Studer Group.

  • Influencing Performance Through Leader Rounding

    Learn how a 450-bed acute care hospital used rounding supported by technology to improve staff engagement and patient experience.

  • A Unified CRM System Enhances Collaboration and Personalization to Support Gonzaga University's Strategic Priorities

    Improved data tracking, sharing and analysis will allow Gonzaga University to build stronger relationships with prospects, students, alumni and donors.

  • Regis Corporation Completes Global Divestiture to Streamline Operations

    Huron Transactional Advisory (HTA), Huron’s investment banking affiliate, helps complete a divestiture transaction with Regis Corporation and The Beautiful Group.

  • Case Study: Jamestown Regional Medical Center

    JRMC engaged Huron Healthcare to implement operational improvements in revenue cycle, labor and non-labor areas, leading to $2.35M in benefits

  • A Multifaceted Approach to Savings: Scheduling, Registration, Labor, Non-Labor and Revenue Cycle

    Improvements in scheduling, registration, labor, non-labor and back-end revenue cycle operations realized $25 million in annually recurring savings.

  • Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) Transforms Care Delivery Resulting in Improved Quality and Reduced Costs

    A clinical operations solutions for Children's Hospital Los Angeles improves patient throughput, care variation, and patient and staff satisfaction.

  • CSU Reduces Faculty Research Administrative Burden

    In less than a year, CSU reduced its number of certifications per quarter by more than 1,000 with Huron’s Employee Compensation Compliance solution.

  • Revitalizing the Student Community at the University of Wyoming

    After a $42 million budget cut and an enrollment shortage, the University of Wyoming partnered with Huron to improve their enrollment management strategy.

  • Case Study: Houston Methodist

    Houston Methodist engaged Huron Healthcare to implement revenue cycle and clinical operations solutions, delivering millions in sustained benefits.

  • Revamping Enrollment Management and Marketing at the University of Alabama in Huntsville

    In addition to great strength in their STEM programs, the University of Alabama aims to increase enrollment with a new enrollment and marketing strategy.

  • Western Michigan University and Huron Partner to Implement Huron's ECC Solution

    Western Michigan University reduced its effort certifications by 67 percent after implementing a project-based confirmation process using Huron’s ECC solution.

  • Butler University Delivers A Modern Student Financial Aid Experience

    To become a truly student-centric institution, Butler University elevated its financial aid capabilities with Oracle Student Financial Planning.

  • Huron Transaction Advisory Successfully Completed the Sale of Pate-Dawson Company to Cheney Bro's, Inc.

    Huron Transaction Advisory completed the sale of Pate-Dawson Company to Cheney Bro's, Inc,

  • UK HealthCare Builds Foundation of Excellence for Ambulatory Operations

    Amid a shift from inpatient to outpatient care, UK HealthCare built an ambulatory operational foundation focused on delivering consistent, high-quality care.

  • New ABN Process Reduces Write-Offs and Increases Cash Flow at OHSU

    OHSU implemented a best-practice Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) process to increase cash flow and reduce ABN related write-offs.

  • Yampa Valley Medical Center Merges With UCHealth to Develop Clinically Integrated Network

    Huron Transaction Advisory (HTA) completes the transaction of Yampa Valley Medical Center in Steamboat Springs, Colorado into University of Colorado Health.

  • Nephron Pharmaceuticals Refinances to Fuel Growth

    Nephron retained Huron’s investment banking team to arrange a comprehensive refinancing transaction. Huron provided a complete financial advisory solution.

  • MetroHealth Increases Access to Care With Consumer-Centric Scheduling

    MetroHealth’s consumer-centric scheduling experience leveraged a data-drive approach to decrease appointment wait times and the number of no shows.

  • ProHealth Medical Group Increases Patient Access, Efficiency and Physician Engagement

    ProHealth Medical Group increased patient access and leveraged a redesigned management and staff structure to transform the culture throughout the organization.

  • Houston Methodist Improves Physician Revenue Cycle Performance

    Houston Methodist committed to insourcing their physician revenue cycle prior to an electronic health record (EHR) conversion. Their goal was to maximize their EHR investment and to enhance and stabilize revenue before, during, and after the conversion.

  • Mohawk Valley Health System Transforms Clinical Operations and Culture

    St. Luke’s acute care hospital engaged Huron for help improving clinical operations and culture at the organization.

  • Cleveland Clinic Adopts Automation to Provide High-Value Care

    Learn how a large academic health center (AHC) streamlined operations and improved care by utilizing robotic process automation (RPA).

  • Academic Health Center Rebounds From Budget Crisis to Achieve Financial Transformation and Improved Patient Care

    Facing a budget crisis, an academic health center (AHC) deployed an integrated plan that significantly improved its operational efficiency and financial stability.

  • New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center Increases Operational and Financial Performance of Cardiology Division

    Huron partnered with New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center to increase operational and financial performance in the Division of Cardiology.

  • Baptist Memorial Health Care Gets Ahead of Change With Significant Operational Improvements and Financial Gains

    Huron Healthcare completed an enterprise-wide performance improvement engagement at Baptist Memorial, yielding $168 million in recurring benefits.

  • Optimizing Performance Through Care Transformation

    Virginia Hospital Center improved patient and family experience, increased capacity and redesigned workflows for more efficient care.

  • University of Wyoming Student Internship Program For Cloud Deployment

    The University of Wyoming and Huron leverage student interns to creatively finance and staff the university’s cloud project and providing an opportunity for the student interns to learn new, marketable skills.

  • Aria Health Continues on Path to Operational and Financial Excellence

    Aria Health partnered with Huron Healthcare to implement Huron’s net revenue recovery solution in the hospital and physician services spaces.

  • Cloud Technology and Service Delivery Together Position the UW for Long-Term Growth

    The University of Washington used cloud technology as the spark to better serve its constituents and enable a state of sustained transformation.

  • Vanderbilt University Integrates Huron's ECC Solution With Oracle Cloud

    Huron partnered with Vanderbilt University to implement Oracle Cloud, integrating the system with Huron’s Employee Compensation Compliance solution.

  • University of Kentucky Navigates COVID-19 Crisis Funding Management

    Huron and the University of Kentucky procured and managed federal stimulus funding critical to the institution’s viability amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • KeyBank Unlocks and Grows Relationships with Oracle Financial Services Analytics

    KeyBank wanted to deliver consistent information across the enterprise, driving a 360-degree view of the client relationship and empowering team members with more timely and actionable intelligence.

  • Healthcare Executive Research

    Huron’s research examines the implications of COVID-19 on healthcare leaders’ decisions and discusses how organizations might begin to reposition for long-term stability.

  • The Future of Healthcare Leadership, Talent and Culture

    Healthcare executives, directors and managers reveal the four most pressing leadership, talent and culture challenges their organizations are facing.

  • Penn State University Finds Expense Management Success with SAP Concur Solutions 

    In this case study, learn more about how PSU optimized spend management and regained visibility into its travel operations with SAP’s solutions. 

  • Widening the Lens on Enrollment Management to Accommodate Changing Student Needs

    Expected and unexpected challenges and changes in recent years have dramatically affected enrollment dynamics across the board for colleges and universities.

  • 2021 Business Synchrony Showcase: Real-World Examples

    How Organizations are Delivering Synchronized Outcomes

  • Our Experts

  • Dental Support Organizations: a Smart Growth Investment in a Fragmented Market

    Dental support organizations (DSOs) investors should carefully and strategically select their targets to ensure they initiate the right partnerships.

  • How Industry Convergence is Reshaping the Future of Healthcare and Retail

    Transformation impacting both retail and healthcare organizations presents an opportunity for cross-industry partnerships that spur innovation and growth.

  • The Future of Healthcare Depends on Effective CDI Programs

    Efficient CDI programs are imperative for generating data today that will drive future healthcare decisions. A strong program focuses on continuous improvement.

  • Strategy & Innovation

    Huron’s strategy and innovation experts help organizations redefine their business models to stay ahead of market disruption and unlock new growth opportunities.

  • Strategy and Innovation Newsletter Subscriptions

    Get industry news delivered to your inbox every week. Subscribe to the Huron newsletter to receive relevant reports and articles regarding your industry.

  • Recognizing and Reducing Risk During the Planning Process in the Insurance Industry

    Risk management has become more prominent than ever as insurance organizations attempt to meet the increased regulatory requirements from the federal government

  • Education Considering Hyperion? Start with a Roadmap!

    Hyperion provides a structure and a platform to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of financial planning and budgeting. This webinar outlines an approach to scope and jumpstart your implementation.

  • Podcast: Outsourcing Trends in Higher Education

    This podcast explores outsourcing trends in higher education, outlining the key operational and innovation implications of considering an outsourced model.

  • Research Enterprise Solutions podcast: Issues Facing Research Compliance

    In this two part podcast series, Huron's Leah Guidry reviews the state of research compliance and forecasts the biggest issues compliance professionals face.

  • Why Your Institution Should Conduct a Coverage Analysis

    Huron's Leah Guidry provides insight into why institutions should conduct Medicare coverage analysis as part of clinical research compliance programs.

  • Strategic Enrollment Alignment for Student Success

    A successful process for enrolling students includes admissions, financial aid, analytic tools and a focus on the mission and strategic objectives.

  • Winning Strategies for Research Application Adoption - When Success is the Only Option

    Almost every institution has experienced an unsuccessful software implementation. Frequently, this has less to do with software, and more to do with an organization's resistance to change, including both administration staff and researchers.

  • Webinar: Prepare Your Huron RX System for The NIH's Single IRB Review

    This is designed for Huron IRB clients who are not on an upgrade path.

  • Webinar: How the MD Anderson Cancer Center Optimized Business Processes Using PeopleSoft

    Optimize your business processes using PeopleSoft functionality for financial and personnel actions.

  • Understanding Your Institution's Investment in Research

    The current research funding climate underscores the importance of managing expenses.

  • Strategic Solutions For Cancer Centers

    Our team of experienced cancer center leaders tailor approaches and solutions to your center's goals, issues and organizational environment.

  • Shared Services: Finding the Right Fit for Higher Ed

    While institutions may struggle with implementation, designed effectively, shared services models offer benefits that far outweigh the short-term challenges.

  • Rethinking the 'Ideal' Student

    Every institution strives for diversity within its student body. It's valuable to expand our definition for what diversity means because the "ideal student" may be found in unexpected places.

  • NIH Extends Effective Date for Use of sIRB

    The NIH extended the sIRB effective date from September 25, 2017, to January 25, 2018.

  • Implementing Your Institution's Service Delivery Model

    Learn more about Huron's five-phase service delivery evaluation and how to achieve successful implementation of your institution's service delivery model.

  • Huron IRB Exchange

    A cloud service for connecting single Institutional Review Boards (sIRBs) of record and participating sites (pSites) in collaborative research studies.

  • How to Develop a Financial Plan for Cloud Implementation

    A step-by-step checklist can help you develop a financial plan for cloud implementation in higher education.

  • Podcast: Smoothing the Transition to the Cloud

    In the first episode of the podcast series “Transforming Higher Ed With Cloud Technology,” Huron experts discuss how the cloud is transforming higher education.

  • Rethinking Physician Compensation

    Physician compensation must align with performance, safety, care utilization and patient satisfaction goals to ensure an organization’s financial viability.

  • Optimizing Clinical Documentation Improvement

    Learn how to evaluate and redesign a clinical documentation improvement (CDI) program that places emphasis on ambulatory settings and physician engagement.

  • Challenges and Considerations of M&A Driven Financial Systems Integration

    Learn how Zimmer Biomet, with Huron, integrated Biomet’s global financial systems into Zimmer’s greater close, consolidation, and reporting environment.

  • Academic Innovation Incubators: Emerging Models and Strategic Considerations For Leaders

    A new poll shows increased use of Social Media in higher education. Attached case studies demonstrate how some colleges and a private high school have had success, particularly in fundraising.

  • Strategies for Enrollment Success

    Enrollment management requires alignment on college priorities from every department on campus, and deep thinking about institution's priorities and mission.

  • 5 Ways Student Expectations and Cloud Technologies are Reshaping Higher Education

    This brief explores findings from a survey of leaders in higher education, discussing the impacts of cloud technology and student expectations at universities.

  • Who Should Lead Your University's Change Management Effort?

    As part of change management, its important to find someone who can communicate changes to stakeholders and ensure success in the higher ed cloud implementation.

  • The Front Line of Student Success: Arming Faculty for the Digital Age

    There are four key ways leaders can support faculty success (and change) and student success in this new age of higher education.

  • How Developed Is Your Culture of Innovation?

    In our work and research, we’ve found that the most innovative organizations exhibit five key behaviors; they are curious, customer-obsessed, collaborative, adept in ambiguity and empowered.

  • Contingency Planning During Market Uncertainty: Why Strategic Modeling Today Is the Key For Tomorrow

    During COVID-19, strategic modeling can prepare you for multitudes of liquidity scenarios, market disruptions, capital structures and operating models.

  • Enrollment Management, Retention and the Student Experience

    The student experience — from recruitment through program completion — is at the very core of an institution’s mission.

  • How To Engage Physicians in the Quality Metric Journey

    When physician are involved in defining, measuring and implementing quality metrics, healthcare organizations can achieve desired results and sustain them.

  • Creating Energy Industry Accountability Around Climate Change Goals

    As the energy industry sets climate-related goals, transformative leadership will require balancing investor interests and a level of self-reporting.

  • Efficiency and Cost Reduction: What to Stop Doing

    Efforts such as strategic sourcing, business process redesign and more represent the promise of assembling small pockets of savings into cost reductions.

  • Eat, Sleep, Innovate

    In Eat, Sleep, Innovate , is a first-of-its-kind playbook for empowering individuals and teams to be their most curious and creative – every single day.

  • 4 Dynamics Impacting Children's Hospitals in 2020

    Children’s hospitals can fulfill their mission and vision while setting themselves up for success by thinking, planning and acting differently.

  • Diversify Funding and Align Investments to Sustain Academic Research

    Pursuing new funding partnerships and a stronger approach to resource allocation will allow institutions to reinvest in tomorrow’s academic research talent.

  • When to Disrupt the Board of Directors

    Organizations need to proactively evolve their board of directors in order to confront industry disruption, new business models and shareholder pressure.

  • Deliberate Transformation: Thinking Differently About Strategic Alliances in Higher Education

    Successfully navigating current challenges in higher education requires creative thinking, focused execution and reevaluation of innovative solutions including mergers and acquisitions.

  • It's a Win-Win: Dean Development Drives Institutional Outcomes

    Developing a bench of high-impact deans can prove beneficial for the individuals in question and yield improved results for the larger institution.

  • Data Due Diligence in Strategic Acquisitions, Mergers and Partnerships

    Healthcare organizations have to plan sooner for data integration when vetting assets in the due diligence phases of a merger, acquisition or partnership.

  • Huron and Jim Delany Collaborate to Strengthen Intercollegiate Athletics

    Former Big Ten Commissioner and Huron Advisor, Jim Delany, discusses the future of college sports.

  • Social Determinants of Health: Using Consumer Insights to Move From Why to How

    Addressing social determinants of health for better clinical outcomes starts with consumer insights, technology and partnerships.

  • Cultural Transformation and Financial Improvement Enhances Community Hospital

    Electronic health record integrations and leadership development helped this community hospital transform culture and drive financial improvement.

  • Creating a More Efficient Stress Testing Process: 3 Components

    Chief Risk Officers share how a firm can maximize its return on investment in the Dodd-Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST) process through three components.

  • Creating An Environment That Attracts Top Physician Talent

    Attract and retain physician talent by increasing reimbursement transparency, diversifying compensation packages and improving workplace culture.

  • Creating A Digital Culture in Your Healthcare Organization

    By prioritizing patient-centric interoperability in technology, healthcare leaders can do more than improve the patient experience: they can transform it.

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Planning and Readiness

    Watch this virtual discussion with Huron’s subject matter experts to learn more about vaccination planning and readiness.

  • Resources for Life Sciences Leaders Navigating COVID-19 Business Disruption

    View the collection of educational resources to help address the most pressing challenges life sciences organizations are facing as a result of COVID-19.

  • Resources for Higher Education Leaders Navigating COVID-19 Response

    Huron has assembled the resources you need to address all stages of your institution’s response to COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 Research Podcast Series

    The COVID-19 Research Podcast series addresses an array of institutional compliance, financial and operational considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • COVID-19 Internal Controls Pre-Audit Questionnaire

    Watch Huron's webinar to learn how intelligent automation has introduced key advantages to the oil and gas industry.

  • COVID-19 Federal Guidance for Grant Applicants and Recipients

    The issued guidance provides grantees clarity regarding proposal submission practices, availability of funding and more for COVID-19 research.

  • Can I Charge for That? Costing Considerations for Institutions Serving as the sIRB

    Moderated by Madeleine Williams, with discussion led by Jonathan Hunter and Candi Loeb, this webinar explores the costing options available to IRBs serving as the IRB of record.

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  • Our Expertise

    Huron’s deep strategy, operational, digital and cultural expertise enables organizations to accelerate transformation and build a foundation for long-term growth.

  • Events Overview

  • 4 Takeaways: The Final Rule and Your IRB Operations

    Learn more about the four key operational and business process implications to the Final Rule to consider at your university.

  • Prepare for the Cloud: Process Mapping for Business Transformation

    Learn the steps higher education institutions must take to successfully transition business processes during a cloud implementation.

  • The Strategic Spend Management Imperative in Higher Education

    Higher education leaders are containing costs by transforming their spend management functions to provide greater transparency into the institution’s financial performance.

  • Strategic Planning Beyond the Pandemic

    Leaders need to develop more agile business models that take into consideration what they have learned from the industry’s response to the COVID- 19 pandemic.

  • Strategic Higher Education M&A: Assessing Institutional Readiness

    Before any type of M&A, higher education leaders should do their due diligence to determine when, whether and how best to proceed.

  • Making Strategic Finance Decisions in a Volatile Oil Market

    When it comes to financial modeling, the oil and gas industry faces a challenge not seen in other businesses due to geopolitical and macroeconomic events.

  • Huron Point-of-View: Managing Sponsored Projects and OMB Flexibilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    These recommendations outline best practices for monitoring and tracking non-salary COVID-19 related expenditures.

  • Navigating Sponsored Research Impacts During COVID-19

    Keep apprised of best practices, regulatory changes and other useful information as you manage your research programs while responding to COVID-19.

  • The Importance of Specialty Pharmacy for Healthcare Organizations

    Healthcare systems with specialty pharmacies put themselves in a position to truly become the provider of choice for consumers.

  • Leading from the Middle

    These best practices help middle managers succeed in building relationships with their leaders, gain employee buy in and successfully navigate obstacles.

  • Augmented Reality and The Patient Experience

    Healthcare leaders can further differentiate themselves from the competition and transform the patient experience by investing in the right AR solutions.

  • Attract, Retain and Develop the Physicians of the Future

    Healthcare leaders reveal their highest priorities and most pressing challenges in attracting, retaining and developing the physicians of the future.

  • Animal Research and COVID-19: Planning for Recovery and Continuity of Research Programs

    The COVID-19 crisis has significantly impacted animal subjects research and animal care and use programs.

  • Leading Provider of Anesthesia Services Implements RPA to Achieve Significant Cost Savings

    Huron collaborated with organizational leaders and stakeholders to identify opportunities for automation, prioritize the opportunities based on ROI and more.

  • Achieving Zero Harm with High Reliability Organizations

    The journey to zero harm in healthcare begins with understanding the characteristics and culture that make high reliability organizations successful.

  • RPA For Financial Crime and Compliance Management (FCCM)

    Learn how Huron helps financial services firms solve complex challenges with our financial crime and compliance management (FCCM) RPA accelerators, and more.

  • Robots: Healthcare Product Today, Driver of Future Growth

    Robots can create efficiencies for healthcare organizations today while transforming their business for the future by enabling them to provide care in new ways.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Cut Costs, Improve Operational Efficiency and Improve Patient Satisfaction

    Watch this webinar to learn how Cleveland Clinic is leveraging RPA to optimize their registration eligibility processing system.

  • How to Know When RPA is Right For Your Organization?

    Robotic process automation presents CFOs and finance departments with an opportunity to improve compliance, accelerate reporting and boost workforce productivity.

  • Responding to Student Voices: 3 Solutions For Improving The College Application Process

    Applying for financial aid and college admission can be arduous. There are three solutions institutions should undertake to transform these legacy processes.

  • Reset Your Innovation Portfolio to Reflect The New Reality

    In times of rapid change, a strong innovation system that is managed as an integrated portfolio can help organizations achieve desired performance outcomes.

  • Research Enterprise Impacts and Opportunities

    Huron provides a framework for guiding higher education’s evolution through this pandemic while still focusing on institutional stabilization.

  • Research Compliance Podcast Series

    Huron’s Research Compliance Podcast will keep your institution informed on current events and best practices.

  • Research Compliance Organizational Structure: Achieving Operational Compliance and Managing Risk

    This webinar covers various leadership options to achieve operational compliance and compliance oversight as an objective requirement to managing risk.

  • Repositioning for the Future with Telehealth

    Healthcare leaders are utilizing telehealth and virtual services to respond to coronavirus and reposition their organizations for future success.

  • Learn About the Recent CMS Announcement and How to Expand Your Capacity with a Hospital at Home Solution

    On November 25, 2020, CMS released a new announcement that provides eligible hospitals with unprecedented regulatory flexibilities to treat eligible patients in their homes.

  • Migrating to the Cloud Can Be Transformational

    Huron partnered with Ovum to develop a point of view on how higher education can leverage a cloud migration to optimize key services and realign the strategy.

  • Moving to The Cloud? Critical Steps to a Successful Cloud Transformation

    Learn how next-generation cloud technologies can help universities streamline student engagement, predict growth scenarios and unify technology environments.

  • Connecting the Dots for Student Success

    Learn how to achieve student success and financial sustainability by using strategic planning and integration across your higher education campus.

  • Modernize Your Business Processes With the Cloud

    For higher education institutions, moving to the Cloud requires a complete evaluation of current business processes.

  • Creating a Patient-Centric Clinical Trials Experience

    Research institutions should design patient-centric clinical trial experiences that reduce participation barriers and increase trial enrollment and retention.

  • Is The Future of Healthcare In Hospitals?

    In the future hospitals must improve health, not just treat a health condition, and consider bundled payments, clinically integrated networks and partnerships.

  • Managing Multiple Generations in Your Healthcare Organization

    For the first time, five generations are working alongside each other. Learn how to align and motivate your organization's generationally diverse staff.

  • Prepare Your IRB Operations for the Revised Common Rule

    Join Huron for a complimentary webinar and Q&A to learn more about operational and business process implications of the Final Rule.

  • Achieve IRB Operational Success for the Revised Common Rule

    This webinar and Q&A addresses operational and business process implications of the Final Rule for research institutions.

  • Integrate Grants Software to Your ERP: A Practical Approach

    Watch Huron's webinar and Q&A to learn more about best practices and real-world examples of integrating grants software with your financial system.

  • Case Study: Fox Chase Cancer Center

    Fox Chase Cancer Center, part of an academic health center, partnered with Huron to optimize its revenue cycle, achieving a $12M annual benefit.

  • Programmatic vs. Operational (Big "C" vs. Little "c") Compliance Webinar

    In part one of Huron’s compliance webinar series, Leah Guidry, Anne Pifer and Dr. Timothy Fournier discuss programmatic vs. operational compliance.

  • Preparing Students for Life After Graduation: A Partnership Between Faculty and Career Services

    Institutions can invigorate career services by harnessing positive faculty influence to intentionally and proactively connect students with career advisers.

  • Pregnancy Prevention Programs: Benefits of Digital

    How digital methods of delivery could make pregnancy prevention programs more effective and easier to keep up to date.

  • Accelerating O&G Automation

    Watch Huron's webinar to learn how intelligent automation has introduced key advantages to the oil and gas industry.

  • Academic Programs and Opportunities

    Academic programs can benefit from a framework Huron developed for higher education’s evolution through this pandemic and economic downturn.

  • The Transformation-Ready Higher Education Institution

    Huron, the American Council on Education and the Georgia Institute of Technology surveyed 495 higher education leaders about how they are preparing for change.

  • Getting Precise About Precision Medicine: Balancing Hope, Potential and Cost

    To realize precision medicine’s benefits, health systems need to advance clinical efficacy, optimize care delivery and engage consumers with precision medicine.

  • Lessons Physician Groups can Learn From the Hospitality Industry

    Physician practices could learn from the hospitality industry’s use of concierge services, technology and loyalty programs to improve the consumer experience.

  • What Does Healthy Really Mean?

    Define health, not as conditions and test results in a global sense, but personalize health so it's based on individual lifestyle goals.

  • Harnessing the Power of Data and Analytics on the Journey to Zero Harm

    Deliver safer care with informed decision making. Harness the power of data and analytics on your healthcare organization's journey to zero harm.

  • The Physician Leadership Imperative

    Healthcare organizations must develop physician leadership to achieve clinical transformation, drive organizational change and deliver better care to patients.

  • Hospitals Eye Service Line Transactions to Cut Costs and Boost Revenue

    As hospitals migrate from a revenue base built on patient volume to one based on value and quality outcomes, the pressure to control costs and maximize revenue has escalated.

  • The Path to Operational Excellence

    Having a lower cost position is an advantage, and the ability to make quick, data-informed decisions better positions institutions to respond to change.

  • From Pandemic to Transformation: Higher Education Leadership

    Throughout the ongoing global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. colleges and universities have been confronting unprecedented change.

  • Get Paid Fairly By Your Commercial Managed Care Payers

    Leveraging competitor benchmarking to prepare for negotiations helps you position yourself to get paid fairly by your commercial managed care payers.

  • A Modern Approach to Financial Consolidation and Close

    In this webinar presented by Huron and Oracle, explore the benefits of a modern financial consolidation and close process, with software such as Hyperion.

  • Optimizing Patient Portals for Revenue Growth

    Learn how to maximize the clinical and business value of patient portals by focusing on virtual services, patient payments, patient experience and security.

  • Opportunities to Improve Student Experience

    COVID-19 has created an opportunity for institutions to focus efforts necessary to create a positive experience for students.

  • Why Do Retail Restructurings Fail?

    For distressed retailers pursuing corporate restructuring, a focus on long-term strategy and anticipating customer needs are key to a successful turnaround.

  • University of Vermont Streamlines Research Administration Processes With Huron Research Suite

    The University of Vermont replaced its existing pre-award and compliance systems with Huron’s Grants, Agreements, IRB, IACUC, Safety and COI solutions.

  • Vanderbilt Launches a Transformational Fundraising and Alumni Platform

    Vanderbilt University swiftly transformed its fundraising and alumni infrastructure by launching an integrated, Salesforce-supported advancement platform.

  • Rounding for Outcomes

    Understand how rounding for outcomes can improve the patient experience, improve safety and quality and deepen physician and employee engagement.

  • Learn How Technology Can Enable the Next Generation of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting in Healthcare

    During this webinar, Huron discusses insights and real-world examples that highlight what the next generation of planning means for healthcare.

  • Methodist Health System Optimizes Care Across Its System

    Methodist Health achieved comprehensive improvement across its operations, furthering the organization’s vision of delivering compassionate, quality healthcare.

  • Guidelines to Maximize Liquidity and Support a Cash-Centric Organization During Market Uncertainty

    Liquidity management during market uncertainty requires having an actionable plan and relaying all decisions to employees, management and boards.

  • Mapping A Data-Driven Customer Journey

    A CRM system is not going to improve your customer experience management. It takes preparation and analysis to implement a solution that will deliver value.

  • Maintaining A Culture of Safety During Transformation

    Healthcare leaders can achieve greater financial, clinical and operational outcomes by redefining success in terms of patient and employee safety.

  • Patient Safety and High Reliability: Getting the People Part Right

    Discover how predictable behaviors and consistent processes underpin a culture of excellence.

  • How OFSAA Can Help Banks Better Understand Cost and Profits

    With the right tools and strategy, financial services leaders can transform data they already have into actionable cost and profitability analytics.

  • Developing Strategies that Empower Healthcare Leaders to Drive Innovative Change

    Healthcare organizations should shift their strategy to one that empowers leaders to plan strategically and do so with the consumers' needs in mind.

  • Optimizing Higher Levels of Care

    To optimize levels of care, organizations should have clear level of care criteria, unit structures, guidelines on clinical progression and clinical variation.

  • The Interoperability Imperative in Healthcare Today

    Increasing interoperability is critical for the future of healthcare. Organizations must begin to align data collection and integrate technology platforms.

  • Creating a Joint Venture with a For-Profit Inpatient Rehabilitation Provider

    A joint venture between a hospital's inpatient rehabilitation unit and a national for-profit inpatient rehabilitation provider offers to move volume to value.

  • When Healthcare Organizations Become Landlords

    Like Best Buy, healthcare organizations could adopt a store-within-a-store model and realize the benefits of leasing out space to third-party providers.

  • Working Smarter to Innovate Midstream Compliance Management

    With the right governance and digital tools, effective midstream energy compliance doesn’t need to come at the expense of efficient operations.

  • Financially Future Proofing Your Children's Hospital

    Children's hospitals need to optimize their existing core business processes and align their financial planning with strategic plans for the future.

  • Top Research Leaders Predict the Future of Research

    In a poll conducted by Huron, representatives from 60 of the top North American research institutions shared their predictions for the future of research.

  • Dual Transformation: How Healthcare Organizations Can Navigate Disruption

    Learn how healthcare organizations can navigate disruption through dual transformation, a process that optimizes the core business and creates new growth.

  • Preparing for the Next Generation Research Enterprise

    Huron explores how technology supports the future of research in a new podcast series: Preparing Your Organization for the Next Generation Research Enterprise.

  • If Amazon Created a Health System

    Amazon's tools and technologies that are used in other industries could be used in healthcare to create a better consumer experience and a more efficient system.

  • Data-Driven Academic Portfolio: Tips for Getting Started

    Institutions should think of their academic programs as a portfolio where leaders maximize resources, market relevance and mission-driven activities.

  • Leveling the Playing Field

    To solve the affordability crisis in higher education, leaders must make college more accessible by revamping current financial aid processes and systems.

  • Webcast: Learn How KeyBank Strengthens Customer Relationships and Profitability with Expanded Client Insights

    In this webcast David Hancock, Manager in Huron’s Financial Services practice, begins the presentation by introducing the different ways of measuring profitability, and how to integrate those measurements.

  • How CFOs Can Take the Lead on Lead-To-Cash Transformation

    Learn how a well thought out and strategic lead-to-cash solution will streamline internal processes, increase collaboration and booth cash flow.

  • The Future of Intercollegiate Athletics

    In this webinar, intercollegiate athletic leaders highlight opportunities to drive a successful athletic enterprise in today’s challenging environment.

  • Lead From the Future

    Lead from the Future is the guide you need to think as visionary company founders do–and then act decisively to turn your innovative ideas into growth.

  • Leadership in Life Science Organizations: Meeting Today's Challenges

    Watch Huron's webinar to discuss the rate of digital and other innovations open up huge opportunities as well as challenges for life science companies.

  • The Launch Pad for a Student-Centric Future of Higher Education

    Cloud platforms present colleges and universities with an opportunity to reach a new pool of students, support personalized learning and increase collaboration.

  • Applying the Jobs-to-Be-Done Model in Higher Education

    Today’s college students are “hiring” education providers to do a job: to prepare them with the skills needed to obtain and sustain thriving careers.

  • The Financial Aid Office of the Future

    By leveraging modern technology to automate manual processes, institutions can transform the financial aid office into a hands-on resource focused on outreach and access.

  • Intelligent Automation Driving Federal Mission

    This webinar explores the importance of RPA to the federal space, the challenges keeping agencies from implementation, and how these issues can be overcome.

  • A United Front: Integrating Budget, Forecast, Asset Liability Management, And Stress Tests to Create Cohesive Views of Future Performance

    Huron Financial Service Industry experts explore some of the methods and reasons that Financial Services organizations develop Balance Sheet Plans and Forecasts.

  • New Frontiers for Innovation and Value in Medtech

    Discover the challenges and opportunities for medical technology in playing an integral role shaping the types of healthcare systems adopted by countries worldwide.

  • Resources for Industrials and Manufacturing Leaders Navigating COVID-19 Business Disruption

    Huron has assembled the educational resources you need to address the most pressing challenges your organization is facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Filling the Leadership Gap: Creating Your Organization's Next Generation of Leaders

    Prepare your organization for the future by ensuring it has the leadership needed to succeed amid significant workforce shortages.

  • Four Ways to Improve Care Delivery Across the Care Continuum

    Healthcare providers must focus on enhancing their organizations' quality of care to enable better outcomes, limit unwarranted or avoidable readmissions and transform care delivery.

  • Implementing the Cloud at the University of Wyoming: Challenges and Lessons Learned

    In partnership with Huron, the University of Wyoming successfully transitioned its decades-old, highly customized technology system to the cloud.

  • A New Addition to the Huron Research Suite: Animal Operations

    Huron Animal Operations integrates with Huron IACUC, ensuring that a protocol approval triggers the creation of an equivalent record in Animal Operations.

  • Huron Research Suite 9.2 Release

    Huron continues to drive administrative productivity gains and automate processes throughout the research life cycle with the Huron Research Suite 9.2 release.

  • Huron, Oracle and Workday Are Premier HEUG Sponsors

    Huron was named as a premier sponsor of the Higher Education User Group (HEUG) alongside software vendors Oracle and Workday.

  • Achieve a Higher Governance Standard in Corporate Restructuring

    Strategically and responsibly managing a corporate restructuring can be a competitive differentiator as a business adapts to a changing economic environment.

  • Foundation of Success: DaVita Rebuilds Electronic Health Record Platform

    DaVita and Huron collaborated to implement a robust technology platform that could serve as the foundation for transformation across the organization.

  • Higher Education Data Architecture Webinar

    It's easier than ever for institutions to become a Connected Campus with Salesforce’s Higher Education Data Architecture, a community-driven data architecture.

  • If a Health Plan Ran a Health System

    Health plans that step into the care provider space are in a position to transform the consumer experience, the healthcare landscape and care outside the four walls of the hospital.

  • Healthcare Valuation and the Impact of Patient Outcomes

    Healthcare leaders can make their organizations more valuable by investing in the technology, people and business models that improve patient experiences.

  • Moving Healthcare Data Analytics Forward With Good Governance

    To advance their use of data for decision making, organizations must first focus on foundational principles that make the broader adoption of data analytics possible.

  • Healthcare Data Analytics: Leverage Assets Now to Prepare for What's Next

    The next level of data analytics in healthcare goes beyond making decisions about patients at the time of care to a deeper analysis of population-based trends.

  • Healthcare Cybersecurity: Moving from Awareness to Action

    Despite awareness that cybersecurity is critical, healthcare organizations remain highly susceptible to attacks. Take these steps to protect your organization.

  • How Healthcare Ambulatory Operations Can Begin To Recover and Stabilize Following a Crisis

    As healthcare ambulatory operations resume, recovery and stabilization plans should reflect how clinical, financial and consumer needs have changed.

  • 2019 Huron Graduate Survey Report

    Read Huron's recent graduate survey report for insight into what the evolving student preferences mean for the campus experience.

  • Gene Therapy: The Perfect Storm for Integrated, Cross-Functional Approaches

    In this webinar, Huron will discuss the need for integrated, cross-functional approaches to drive patient access and commercial success.

  • Huron Webcast: Groovy, Game Changing Technology at Breakthru Beverage Group

    Watch Huron's webcast to hear from a leader in FP&A on how they leveraged Groovy to improve speed and performance across planning processes in the Cloud.

  • Game Changing RPA Imperatives for Finance Leaders

    Business and technology leaders are integrating current technology investments with leading RPA tools to maximize efficiencies, retain talent and more.

  • The Future of Recruiting and Admissions

    View the following webcast, hosted by Huron and and led by higher education leaders from various institutions alongside strategist Jeff Selingo.

  • The Future of Our Communities Relies on Research

    As the nation’s leader for driving innovation, higher education research institutions can impact communities at a local, national and global level.

  • Podcast: Foreign Influence in Research Compliance

    In part two of Huron’s compliance podcast series, Nicole Jacobs and Valerie Bonham (Ropes & Gray LLP) discuss the current foreign influence landscape.

  • Foreign Influence Client Alert

    On July 10, 2019, the NIH released a notice regarding policies on Other Support, financial conflicts of interest and foreign components.

  • Foreign Influence Challenges and the Trajectory of a Continued Regulatory Focus

    Research compliance leader Anne Pifer and Michael Vernick of Hogan Lovells discuss foreign influence in U.S.-government-sponsored research during this webinar.

  • The Flexible Future: Actionable Scenario Planning for Higher Education Leaders

    Institutional leadership must engage in robust scenario planning that evaluates the benefits and risks of several potential responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Resources for Financial Services Leaders Navigating COVID-19 Business Disruption

    Huron has assembled the educational resources you need to address the most pressing challenges your organization is facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • The AIDET® Communication Framework

    Clinicians can empathetically engage patients, improve clinical outcomes and reduce burnout with this structure for effective patient communication.

  • Transformational Leaders : Interview Series in Collaboration with ACE

    This video series features interviews with presidents and chancellors on their approaches to equity, inclusion, academic program mix, finance and more.

  • Financial Crime Risks Post COVID-19

    Financial services leaders are facing a series of challenges to make quick and effective business decisions during this rapidly evolving time of uncertainty.

  • Financial Crime Risks: Are you Prepared for the New Normal?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a significant impact on the financial services industry causing abuse of our financial systems in new and different ways

  • Client Alert: FDA Issues Guidance on Conduct of Clinical Trials of Medical Products During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    On March 18, 2020, the FDA issued guidance for industry, investigators and IRBs related to the conduct of clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Faculty Workload: Instrument for Transformation

    Huron has outlined a framework for higher education’s navigation through the pandemic and its economic impacts.

  • Exploring the Future of Technology in Research Administration

    Episode one of Huron’s research podcast series explores the challenges, best practices and opportunities when research institutions implement cloud technologies.

  • Enrollment Success Includes an Integrated Transfer Student Strategy

    Leaders should develop agile approaches to attracting, retaining and supporting transfer students across three dimensions — academic, administrative and social.

  • Enterprise Risk Management

    Effective enterprise risk management involves the comprehensive evaluation of interconnected risks across an institution.

  • Considerations for Evaluating Participation in COVID-19 Human Subjects Research

    In the context of the global pandemic, many institutions have begun conducting human subjects research related to SARS-CoV- 2/COVID-19.

  • Experiences in Innovation: Lessons from Pioneers in Digital Risk Minimisatio

    In this webinar, Huron provides an overview of the work we have done to date and provide some tips on key considerations if you are planning on moving from only paper tools to incorporate digital channels in your engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients.

  • Electronic Health Record Platforms

    From implementation to optimization, Huron helps healthcare organizations achieve the level of EHR performance necessary to thrive in the future of healthcare.

  • Prepare for Cloud Transformation

    Prime your organization for a successful journey to the cloud by assessing your organization and developing a strategic road map and a compelling business case.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

    Engage Prospective and Current Students Through Graduation and Beyond With CRM Strategies and Services.

  • Procurement and Spend Management - Education

    Huron experts help you optimize your strategic spend management capabilities, including procurement, contract lifecycle management and travel and expense management.

  • Strategy & Innovation - Industrials and Manufacturing

    Industrial and manufacturing organizations are modernizing their strategies and business models to advance their competitive advantage.

  • Book a Speaker

    Thank you for your interest in Huron, a professional services consulting firm. Please contact us at any time - day or night. We are happy to help.

  • Managing Seemingly Unlimited Questions With Limited Resources

    This Huron and Choate webinar discusses strategies that research organizations can adopt to strengthen their research security efforts using existing resources.

  • Industry Expertise

    Huron’s deep industry expertise spans public and private sectors to help organizations enable the change required to own their future.

  • A Conversation on Conflicts of Interest: The Current Climate and the Evolving Landscape

    Huron higher education experts present updates on the evolution of COI and COC oversight and approaches to supporting COI identification and management.

  • UNM Health Transforms Business Operations and Access to Further Its Mission

    Amid a changing financial landscape, University of New Mexico Health System transformed its business operations to increase patient access and enhance revenue streams.

  • Healthcare Demand Planning

    Huron Demand Planning helps healthcare leaders better understand expected demand and align resources to meet it.

  • Transforming the Patient Experience: An Academic Health System’s Journey to Excellence

    A large academic health system and Huron worked together to build, sustain and expand the organization’s journey to transform care and the patient experience.

  • Webinar: Accelerating Your Advancement CRM Selection

    In this webinar, Vanderbilt University leaders share insight into how they were able to complete their CRM selection in record time.

  • Health System Develops Consumer and Digital Transformation Road Map

    Leaders at a large regional health system built a road map to advance their consumer and digital strategies from concept to reality.

  • Physician Adviser Model Drives Value at Children’s Health System

    Learn how one children’s health system redesigned its case management model to improve quality of care for patients and drive significant financial benefit.

  • Magee Rehabilitation Builds a Better Patient Experience Through Continuous Learning

    Magee Rehabilitation Hospital worked with Huron to launch a continuous learning program to improve patient satisfaction and provide higher quality care.

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  • Mahesh Jagdale

    Mahesh is a senior consulting and technology leader with more than 20 years of experience guiding global organizations through digital transformation efforts.

  • Building Clarity, Agility and Resilience

    Learn how a new financial cloud platform empowered Baylor University to lead with clarity, fuel research and drive business continuity.

  • Stabilizing and Strengthening Risk Management in 2021

    This webinar addresses the evolution of risk management in higher ed, best practices for adapting and examples of how universities have handled emerging threats.

  • Clarify Your Institution's Financial Picture

    Institutions need comprehensive budget planning models that deeply engage stakeholders with the right set of data and incentives.

  • More than Hype: Real Value of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    Robotic process automation (RPA) solutions are at the top of the so-called “hype cycle” for good reasons. Watch this session to learn about applications of RPA.

  • How University of Miami Quickly Responds to COVID-19 Impacts to Ensure Student Success

    While every industry has been impacted by COVID-19, few industries have felt the impact of these difficult times more than Higher Ed.

  • Understanding Animal Per Diem Rates Webinar

    This webinar provides an overview of animal per diem rates, including calculations, regulatory/budgetary considerations, and an overview of rate components.

  • Developing a Standard Process and System for Tracking Risk Management Commitments

    As you navigate the challenges of tracking your risk management commitments, standardization is key to ensuring compliance. Learn best practices with Huron’s webinar.

  • Building a 360-Degree View of Your Customer by Leveraging CRM

    Learn how to build a successful customer-centric strategy and 360-degree view using a Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) as the backbone.

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  • Advancing the Student Experience with Cloud Technology

    This Huron and HEUG webinar outlines how to conduct a student cloud readiness assessment and considerations for beginning a technology transition.

  • Value-Based Contracting In The U.S.

    The use of value-based contracts in the U.S. may rise in the future, but manufacturers need to prepare now to fully take advantage of any opportunities.

  • Value-Based Care

    As health systems continue to experiment with and transition to value-based care, the priorities and needs of health care stakeholders are rapidly evolving.

  • Assessing the True Costs of the Academic Portfolio

    Knowledge of costs across the academic portfolio is essential in academic planning. Many universities have little or no visibility into profitability of individual courses.

  • Upgrading to the Cloud: 3 Lessons Learned from Vanderbilt's Implementation

    Vanderbilt University shared its lessons learned and techniques that institutional leaders can leverage to execute a smooth Oracle cloud implementation.

  • Technical Planning and Strategy: 5 Expert Tips for Cloud Implementation

    In Huron’s webinar with HEUG, an industry expert with more than two decades of Oracle application experience offers five lessons learned for cloud implementation success.

  • Entry Level Careers at Huron

    Huron's Total Rewards package is designed to support your overall physical, emotional and financial health and well-being throughout your career.

  • Huron Jobs

    We are looking for people who are curious, agile, highly analytical and passionate about solving the evolving challenges our clients and Huron face.

  • Care Transformation: Balancing Standardization and Personalization

    Standardization and personalization are not opposite but rather complementary goals that can improve efficiency, patient experience and quality of care.

  • The Transformation Imperative in Higher Education: How Leaders Are Planning for the Future

    This infographic illustrates key findings from a study of 495 higher education leaders’ perspectives regarding transformation in higher education.

  • Are Your Employees Equipped To Drive Success?

  • The Transformational Journey to Campus-Wide CRM

    A practical guide to harnessing second-wave CRM adoption for more powerful student lifecycle management and powerful lessons on how to achieve campus-wide CRM.

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  • Finding Value Amid Challenges With Pharmacy Benefit Managers

    While the industry sorts out what’s next for pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), healthcare leaders can act now to future-proof their strategies.

  • Tools to Help Healthcare Leaders Achieve Results Fast

    Rounding, surveys and checklists can create immediate benefits for healthcare organizations while enabling transformation to be sustained in the long term.

  • Academic Portfolio: Achieve Financial Success with a Data-Driven Approach to Academic Portfolio Management

    Through Huron’s extensive higher education experience, we understand the opportunities, lessons learned and challenges associated with managing an academic portfolio.

  • Understanding the Next Generation of Alumni

    Understanding the changing needs and expectations of young alumni is an institution-wide, strategic imperative for those working in alumni relations.

  • Using Design Thinking to Improve the Patient Waiting Experience

    Use the design thinking framework to improve the patient experience by creating a more patient-centric experience while they wait for their appointments.

  • What's in Your Transformation Playbook?

    Jon Given and Scott Leshinski discuss the evolving role of the CFO and how technology as platform provides transformation and value across the enterprise.

  • The Real Destination Lies Beyond the Cloud

    The pivot from premises-based IT systems to the cloud has created significant opportunities for many enterprises, as well as some serious challenges.

  • Avoid Pension Plan Minefields

    Few people understand the complexities of defined benefit pension plans, particularly those of distressed companies.

  • Virtual Care: A Vital Component of Care Delivery

    Transform your healthcare organization by incorporating virtual care services like telehealth, apps and digital devices into your care delivery strategy

  • Today's Barriers to Vehicle Innovation Will Shape the Auto Industry of Tomorrow

    Limited consumer adoption of electric and autonomous vehicles creates an opportunity for automotive manufacturers to forge strategic partnerships and enter new markets.

  • Resources for Technology Leaders Navigating COVID-19 Business Disruption

    Huron has a collection of educational resources to help you address the most pressing challenges technology leaders are facing as a result of COVID-19.

  • Academic Portfolio: What Data and Collaboration Can Teach

    Through Huron’s extensive higher education experience, we understand the opportunities, lessons learned and challenges associated with managing an academic portfolio.

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  • Reinvent Your Business Model

    Reinvent Your Business Model dispels the common misconceptions about what a business model is and isn’t – and provides a practical framework.

  • Transfer Students are Key

    In the wake of the pandemic’s impact on higher education, the current concept of retention must be reexamined and broadened.

  • Building Higher Education's Future Business Model

    Higher education institutions will need to adapt their business models to engage a changing student population and overcome unsustainable cost structures.

  • Shifting Your Children's Hospital From Patient-Centric to Consumer-Centric

    By becoming more accessible, you can ensure that those seeking out care from your institution don’t have to even think twice as they make a call for care.

  • What Students Really Want: Getting the Job Done in Higher Education

    Leaders should define who their stakeholders are today — and how this should evolve in the future — to ensure that their institutions thrive in the long-term.

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  • Addressing Healthcare's Supply Chain Challenges With Blockchain

    The use of blockchain to manage supply chains in other industries offer key lessons for how it could also be leveraged in healthcare to low costs and increase efficiency.

  • Creating Revenue Streams When Brand Matters Less

    The rise of microbrands and direct-to-consumer companies will force organizations across industries to redefine their competitive advantage in order to grow.

  • Changing Behaviors with the Gamification of Healthcare

    Gamification intersects with two significant assets in healthcare - people and technology - and offers a way to transform employee and consumer engagement.

  • Huron Healthcare Software Accelerators

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  • Rise of Mobile Apps and Their Regulation

    Recent advances in the use of mobile health technologies and applications for portable devices have pushed the boundaries of existing regulatory frameworks.

  • Successful Cloud Implementation

    This interactive infographic follows the journey, challenges and nine most important lessons learned from Vanderbilt University’s cloud implementation.

  • Elevate the Student Experience With Data and Technology

    View the findings of Huron’s recent Graduate Survey Report to determine how to create high-quality student-centric experiences.

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