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Anna Veatch

For over six years, Anna has helped senior leaders and management teams develop future-oriented strategies for growth. Her hands-on operational experience informs her approach to building powerful but pragmatic plans that enable companies to innovate and transform, focus on the consumer, and outpace the competition.

About Anna

Anna is an associate partner at Innosight, Huron’s strategy and innovation business, where she helps companies understand their customers’ “jobs to be done,” develop growth-accelerating strategies, design innovative new offerings, and organize for execution. She has served organizations across healthcare, life sciences, automotive, logistics, consumer products and retail as they navigate significant industry shifts and redefine their direction given the evolving landscape and ecosystem.

Anna believes that outsize value is only created when a company can view its consumer or industry from a slightly different angle than its competition and organize to deliver against that insight. She builds teams that wrestle with difficult problems and work tirelessly to uncover those unique insights. Bringing a systems lens to her consulting work, Anna helps leadership teams surface root cause issues hindering growth, understand the map of strategic choices, and align on where they want to position their organization to create differentiated value.

Anna is passionate about corporate transformation and applies an industrial engineering background to her client work by thinking about problem-solving and resource management through a systems lens. She also wields her experience in marketing and operations to help companies think expansively about overall strategic direction and tactically about how to get there.

Before joining Innosight, Anna spent time in retail and consumer packaged goods, working at Starbucks and SC Johnson in a variety of roles across marketing, supply chain and operations strategy. She references her experience as being inside and outside of companies to help them think both expansively about the overall strategic direction and tactically about how to get there.

Anna holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Areas of Expertise

  • Enterprise Strategy
  • Innovation and Commercialization


  • Consumer Products
  • Industrials and Manufacturing

Education & Certifications

  • MBA, Harvard Business School
  • B.S., University of Wisconsin

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