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Donna McHale

Donna is a healthcare consulting executive with more than 30 years of experience in strategic planning and advisory services, systems implementation, organizational change management and performance improvement.

About Donna

Donna has extensive experience managing large, complex projects and change initiatives for numerous multi-entity healthcare systems, consulting firms and software companies. Throughout her career, Donna has:

  • Designed a care navigation and coordination program for a large multi-entity delivery system in New York, including the implementation of the systems, methodology and governance required to drive outcomes throughout the health network.
  • Led a performance improvement initiative at a 600-bed healthcare organization in seven key strategic departments in Arizona, achieving $12 million in annual savings and $1 million in one-time savings.
  • Overseen a performance improvement engagement at a multi-entity delivery system in Georgia to decrease costs and improve patient satisfaction through the development of a centralized patient control center and integrated care coordination.
  • Led an information technology (IT) transformation for a large multi-entity health system in New York, where she developed the IT strategic plan, selected the electronic health record (EHR) vendor, and implemented a project management office (PMO) and an EHR workflow assessment.
  • Served as the care redesign program director for several multi-entity organizations, helping clients develop their telemedicine strategies through assessment, road map design, system selection, system implementation, system enhancements and workflow development optimization.
  • Assisted several clients in their move to the virtual hospital environment where she oversaw initiatives to redesign care while implementing new enterprisewide EHR systems, ensuring the care redesign and EHR implementation projects stayed aligned and synchronized to achieve the desired outcomes.

Prior to joining Huron, Donna was a practice operations leader at Philips Healthcare. Previously, she was president and owner of a consulting firm specializing in performance improvement as well as EHR system planning and implementations.

Donna holds a Bachelor of Science in medical record administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Areas of Expertise

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Performance Improvement


  • Healthcare

Education & Certifications

  • B.S., University of Illinois at Chicago


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