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Rich Bluni

Rich is an international speaker and best-selling author of several books with more than 27 years of experience in nursing, risk management, patient safety, leadership and healthcare coaching.

About Rich

Rich is one of Huron's most sought after national speakers and the best-selling author of several award-winning books. Rich has nearly three decades of front-line healthcare and leadership experience across a broad range of areas, including pediatric intensive care, trauma intensive care, flight nursing, behavioral health and emergency medicine.

Rich joined Huron initially as a high-performing coach in 2007. In his capacity as a nationally renowned inspirational speaker, Rich has presented to tens of thousands of people across the U.S. and Canada, frequently keynoting major national and state conferences, individual hospital organizations, medical practices, and universities.

Rich specializes in topics related to inspiration, burnout, connecting to purpose and engagement. Through his stories, humor and unique style, Rich connects heart to mind and people to purpose.

Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational Design and Alignment
  • Cultural Change
  • Engagement


  • Healthcare

Education & Certifications

  • Registered nurse
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  • Addressing Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being With Purpose

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    Three steps leaders can start taking now that have a big impact on employee wellness and morale and will initiate lasting change within their organization.

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Available to Purchase

  • Rich Bluni Book 5

    Inspired Excellence

    Transform into the healthcare leader you want to become with Inspired Excellence. Organized around the Nine Principles® Framework, you’ll learn proven leadership strategies, how to build a sustainable culture of excellence, and more.

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  • Rich Bluni Book 2

    Inspired Journal: A Companion to Inspired Nurse

    Nurses inspire others through their selfless devotion. Sometimes sacrificing their own wellbeing. Inspired Journal can help nurses take time to reflect on themselves and the difference they make in others’ lives.

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  • Rich Bluni Book 3

    Oh No… Not More of That Fluffy Stuff! The Power of Engagement

    Oh No...Not More of That Fluffy Stuff!: The Power of Engagement is a funny, heartfelt and inspiring look at what it takes to overcome obstacles and tap into the passion that fuels our best work.

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  • Rich Bluni Book 4

    Inspired Nurse Too

    The follow-up to Rich Bluni, RN’s, bestseller and award-winning Inspired Nurse almost had to be written.

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  • Rich Bluni Book 1

    Inspired Nurse

    We're all inspired at the start of our journey. Inspired Nurse focuses on the impact nurses make every day and helps sustain the energy and passion for the profession over time.

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