Healthcare: Organizational Transformation

Align organizational goals and processes to create a culture that attracts and retains the transformational leaders you need to drive sustainable results.

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  • Cost and Culture: Solving Healthcare's Workforce Crisis

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    To transform talent strategies and create long-term stability, healthcare organizations will need short- and long-term measures that focus on cost and culture.

  • Addressing Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being With Purpose

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    Three steps leaders can start taking now that have a big impact on employee wellness and morale and will initiate lasting change within their organization.

  • Building a Culture of Learning to Evolve the Healthcare Workforce

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    Build a culture of continuous learning using these key principles to differentiate employee and organizational performance, engagement and retention.

  • Magee Rehabilitation Builds a Better Patient Experience Through Continuous Learning

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    Magee Rehabilitation Hospital worked with Huron to launch a continuous learning program to improve patient satisfaction and provide higher quality care.

  • COVID-19: Change Management and Leadership During Times of Uncertainty

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    Ensure your healthcare organization is ready to act in times of uncertainty. Optimize performance and mobilize your teams to successfully respond to change.

  • Breaking Down Burnout in Healthcare: Severity, Causes, and Solutions

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    Industry research explores what is causing healthcare worker burnout and how to alleviate pressure on healthcare managers who have the highest reported levels of stress.

  • Creating an Environment That Attracts Top Physician Talent

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    Attract and retain physician talent by increasing reimbursement transparency, diversifying compensation packages and improving workplace culture.

  • Attract, Retain and Develop the Physicians of the Future

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    Healthcare leaders reveal their highest priorities and most pressing challenges in attracting, retaining and developing the physicians of the future.

  • Managing Multiple Generations in Your Healthcare Organization

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    By 2020, five generations of Americans will be working alongside each other. Each generation has been shaped by the major historical events, cultural changes and social trends of their time, and have adopted seemingly distinct attitudes towards employment.

  • Filling the Leadership Gap: Creating Your Organization’s Next Generation of Leaders

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    Workforce shortages are significantly impacting the healthcare industry. When we consider that the population is growing, and people are living longer, it’s brewing the perfect healthcare storm: a surplus of patients and a scarcity of providers.

  • Creating Value and Cultural Alignment in M&A

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    Organizations can accelerate the value of a merger, acquisition or consolidation by incorporating new evaluation criteria such as cultural fit.

  • How Continuous Learning Fuels Improvement

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    By focusing on learning, organizations can realize quick improvements in core business functions and fuel the engine for long-term growth.

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Healthcare: Organizational Transformation