Webcast: Learn How KeyBank Strengthens Customer Relationships and Profitability with Expanded Client Insights

In this live webcast David Hancock, Manager in Huron's Financial Services practice, begins the presentation by introducing the different ways of measuring profitability, and how to integrate those measurements.

Patrick Peck, Senior Vice President, Business Leader for Client Profitability at KeyBank, discusses how the bank leverages Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) for customer insight. KeyBank, a dominant, rapidly growing regional bank, understand that value-added insights lead to strong and profitable customer relationships and unlock the door to more opportunities and continued success. Focused on this goal, the bank leverages OFSAA to deliver consistent information across the enterprise, driving a 360-degree view of the client relationship and empowering team members with more timely and actionable intelligence.


David Hancock, Manager, Financial Services at Huron

Patrick Peck, Senior Vice President, Business Leader for Client Profitability at KeyBank

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