Academic Medical Center Market Research Report

Academic Medical Centers: Transforming Cost, Care and the Consumer Experience


  • Academic Medical Center (AMC) leaders continue to face financial headwinds, increasing demands from consumers, growing competition and mandates for digital transformation.

  • Findings across Huron’s research detail how healthcare leaders and consumers are responding to an evolving healthcare landscape.

  • Insights from the research and Huron include how AMC leaders are approaching growth, cost savings, digital transformation and consumerism to position their organizations for the future of healthcare.

The complexity of AMCs continues to challenge leaders as they seek to thrive in an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape.

Near-term financial recovery and overall financial health will remain important goals for AMC leaders. While typical cost-saving measures are ever present, AMC leaders need a plan for true cost transformation to support initiatives that further their growth and foster their missions.

Huron’s ongoing healthcare market research unearths key trends for AMCs, including:


of AMC leaders indicate accurate reimbursements are a critical focus.


of AMC leaders report that ambulatory expansion is a key growth measure.


of AMC leaders report that the adoption of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools will be most important to supporting cost containment.

Access the report to learn more about the current priorities of AMC leaders and how organizations might thrive in the future of healthcare.

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