The Transformational Journey to Campus-Wide CRM

Nicole Engelbert

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Many institutions face challenges getting the buy-in needed to adopt a constituent relationship management (CRM) solution across campus. Ovum’s recent white paper, developed in collaboration with Huron’s Higher Education practice, discusses how universities can successfully approach the journey to a campuswide solution.

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To ensure a CRM initiative meaningfully transforms your institution, it’s key to:

  1. Involve the right mix of people: Technology is only one component of a campuswide CRM initiative, so the stakeholders involved should extend beyond the IT department. Engaging a diverse group of representatives from across departments and levels is critical to ensuring acceptance and adoption.
  2. Develop sustainable processes: A successful implementation is more than a one-and-done project. Instead, it’s an ongoing effort that demands long-term planning, thoughtful communication and detailed governance.
  3. Find the right partners: Deep change management knowledge and experience implementing CRM solutions at multiple institutions throughout the student lifecycle are vital in an implementation partner. From planning through implementation, understanding how best to leverage the technology to meet your institutional needs will play a part in the initiative’s success.

Huron is committed to helping institutions resolve complex student lifecycle challenges. Our higher education professionals work closely with clients to develop tailored approaches that align each institution’s unique vision, organizational strategy, technology and financial resources to improve the student experience, student outcomes and institutional financial performance.

We’ve seen how, with the right implementation partner and CRM solution, institutions can develop meaningful relationships with students from recruitment to graduation and beyond.

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