COVID-19 Vaccination Planning and Readiness

Vickie Monteith, Amanda Bonser, David Devine

In Brief

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With the progression of the COVID-19 vaccine, organizations must begin preparing a vaccine management strategy to flatten and suppress their COVID-19 curve.

Watch this virtual discussion with Huron’s subject matter experts to learn more about vaccination planning and readiness.

We cover:

  1. Program management and strategy: Develop a strategy for scheduling, prioritization, supply chain, employee and patient communication, and readiness.
  2. Operations, storage and transportation: Organize and optimize cold chain transportation and storage solutions for redistribution and vaccination efforts.
  3. Technology integration and implementation: Integrate and/or implement technology platforms (customer relationship management (CRM) and electronic health record (EHR)) while identifying and validating key populations in the distribution cycle.

Learn how to prepare your organization for the COVID-19 vaccine and hear the most pressing concerns from leaders across the industry.

COVID-19 Vaccination Planning and Readiness

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