Moving to The Cloud? Critical Steps to a Successful Cloud Transformation

The cloud is transforming traditional business models in every industry, including education. Cloud technology streamlines the admissions process, enables new forms of learning and expands the reach of an institution beyond the campus. It also makes upgrading - and integrating - legacy systems easier, and delivers actionable insights. Moving to The Cloud? Critical Steps to a Successful Cloud Transformation

But, moving to the cloud does not come without challenges. It's imperative that institutions adopt a careful, rigorous cloud-implementation framework based on core principles that guide every phase of the process. 

For universities, a successful implementation of next-generation cloud technologies has five crucial components:

  1. Program management
  2. Change management
  3. Service delivery assessments
  4. Technology strategy
  5. Process transformation

Read more about these components and learn from the experiences of the University of Washington, Ohio State University and Vanderbilt University.

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