Decluttering for PV Professionals with the Orbit Tracker

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Maintaining and demonstrating regulatory compliance is a critical business activity. However, for most companies it is a messy affair, requiring frequent meetings, multiple trackers, daily emails and pre-inspection panic.

The OrbitTM tracker offers a validated, easy to implement way to centralize and simplify monitoring and visualization of compliance activities, meaning more productive meetings, a reduction in the number of tracking activities required - and one less thing to think about at inspection time.

In this webinar, Huron will present the key issues related to pharmacovigilance (PV) compliance tracking, drawing on the results of our recent survey. We will provide examples of how the Orbit™ system has been implemented along with expert consulting advice to help our clients declutter their approach to compliance. We look forward to your participation!

Decluttering for PV Professionals with the Orbit Tracker

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