2019 Huron Graduate Survey Report

Understanding What Matters Most in the Higher Education Experience

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The Perspective of Recent College Graduates

As colleges and universities broaden their reach and seek sustainability in an evolving higher education marketplace, few factors are as important as ensuring support for students from a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences. While leaders grapple with economic dynamics and technology transformation, the power of students' voices — and the impact of their educational choices — may be the single greatest determinant of institutional success.

For additional insights on what the evolving student preferences mean for the campus experience, download the survey report. Huron can help you think, plan and act differently around the factors that have the greatest impact on student success.

Survey Highlights:

  • The great majority of graduates (82%) are satisfied with their college education and experience, providing a strong vote of confidence for American higher education.
  • Three-quarters of graduates (75%) cite faculty members as top contributors to helping them achieve their educational goals, reinforcing the vital importance of faculty in the student experience.
  • Two-thirds of graduates (63%) believe their educational experience was worth the investment, revealing room for improvement in the cost/value proposition.
  • Two-thirds of graduates (64%) felt a sense of belonging at their university — one of several important dimensions of personal experience driving high satisfaction.

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