Former Duke Director of Athletics Kevin White Joins Huron’s Intercollegiate Athletics Team

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Intercollegiate athletics programs have substantial impacts on their institution’s reputation and can influence strategic positioning, often contributing directly to fundraising, visibility and applicant appeal. Because of their strategic importance, athletics programs should be afforded the same degree of institutional oversight that is applied to core mission activities.

With this reality in mind, Huron is excited to welcome Dr. Kevin White, vice president and director of athletics emeritus at Duke University and professor of business administration within Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, to our intercollegiate athletics team. After nearly 50 years of experience as a vice president, director of athletics and coach across several universities, including Duke University, the University of Notre Dame, Arizona State University, Tulane University, the University of Maine and Loras College (Iowa), Kevin will now work with Huron to assist institutional leaders in navigating the transformation of athletics and in developing best practices for college and university programs. Huron will lean on his years of industry experience to position institutions to thrive in a rapidly evolving environment.

Understanding the complexities within an athletics department is essential to the success of a program, and Huron has deep expertise in evaluating the competitive positioning of programs and the financial sustainability of operations in both current and envisioned future states. Huron has also helped institutional leaders with challenges related to athletics compliance, risk mitigation, strategic planning and analytics. With the addition of Kevin to the team, our clients will be better positioned to meet their challenges and to make strategic decisions that optimize the impact of their intercollegiate athletics programs on their institutions into the future.

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