Payor Research Analysis

Exploring Payors’ Pain Points and Priorities in the Future of Healthcare

The coronavirus pandemic has permeated the healthcare industry, pushing leaders to quickly adapt to unprecedented disruption and challenging the viability of traditional thinking. For payor organizations in particular, the pandemic has significantly changed what they envisioned for the future. While managing complex regulatory changes, bending the cost curve, and acquiring and retaining talent remain important, new priorities have taken precedence and new challenges have arisen as payors shift time and resources to respond to COVID-19.

Huron's research shows that when it comes to addressing the current realities of healthcare and creating a stronger foundation for an uncertain future, payor leaders agree that success will be determined by their relationships with providers, their technology and digital infrastructures, and enhanced data analytics capabilities.


of executives name cost transparency as a top innovation priority.


of payors use a fee-for-service reimbursement model, but only 2% are happy with it.


of executives want to improve the exchange of information between payors and providers.


of payors are expediting patient claims for providers in response to the pandemic.

Once they are armed with virtual tools and insightful data, payor organizations will be better positioned to join providers and other healthcare organizations in transforming care as we know it.

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