Stabilizing and Strengthening Risk Management in 2021

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Managing Higher Education Risks in an Era of Disruption

During the last year alone, institutions became increasingly vulnerable to the intensified global focus on proprietary research, the risk posed by a large number of students (and staff) transitioning to online environments seemingly overnight, and high-profile, insidious data breaches. With an increasingly complex and uncertain environment a certainty, this free webinar explores prevailing and interrelated risk management considerations and lessons learned from the pandemic to lay the groundwork for fully integrated and adaptable risk management programs.

During this webinar, Huron’s Lee Smith and Anne Pifer discuss the evolution of risk management in higher education, best practices for adapting risk management, and examples of how public and private universities have handled emerging threats. After watching this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Discuss current models and emerging trends for enterprisewide risk management programs.
  • Identify key risks that have emerged in the last year and prioritize other enterprisewide risks.
  • Incorporate learnings from the pandemic into your risk management framework.
  • Plan for future unknowns and vulnerabilities more effectively.
Stabilizing and Strengthening Risk Management in 2021

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