Strategic Solutions For Cancer Centers

Beverly Ginsburg, Anita Harrison, Ellen McLaughlin

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We understand cancer centers.

Our team is composed of cancer center leaders with 20-plus years of front-line experience in academic-based cancer centers. They rely on their firsthand knowledge of best practices to help improve your center's performance across multiple dimensions, tailoring approaches and solutions to your center's goals, issues and organizational environment. Our team has worked with over 75 aspiring and established cancer centers, notably assisting institutions in renewing or obtaining their first National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation award and designing a statewide, multi-institutional organizational structure for conducting clinical trials. We have extensive experience in the clinical research, clinical trials and biotechnology spaces, improving health, spurring innovation and advancing knowledge.

We will help you:

  • Ensure future success by working with leadership teams, institutional officials and stakeholders to create a shared vision and plan for the future.
  • Prepare for NCI designation and renewal by bringing our knowledge of NCI guidelines and experience as Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) reviewers to help you strategize, plan and execute your NCI CCSG application. Our team has partnered with nearly all NCI-designated cancer centers and many members of the Alliance of Dedicated Cancer Centers (ADCC) to date.
  • Enhance your clinical research operations to increase effectiveness and keep pace with investigator needs.
  • Streamline research administration operations and performance.
  • Provide strategic advice and support to cancer center leaders, empowering them with the tools and knowledge to position their center for success.
  • Help reduce backlogs or fill short-term staffing needs to drive efficiency and increase productivity. We use Huron Research Office to provide financial, operational and regulatory support services for cancer centers.

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