Understanding Animal Per Diem Rates Webinar

Jim Carter, Natalie Hewitt, Kari Kelly

Moderated by Huron animal rate experts Jim Carter, Kari Kelly, and Natalie Hewitt, this webinar provides an overview of animal per diem rates. The webinar incorporates an overview of a common methodology and approach to the process of creating a rate calculation.

The Understanding Animal Per Diem Rates webinar correlates the methodology’s foundation with the NIH’s Cost Analysis and Rate Setting Manual, explaining the regulatory considerations of including or excluding certain animal facility expenses.

Special guests from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Dr. Jeff Goodwin, Leigh Ann Haas and Dr. Sandra Duarte contribute their thoughts on how the department conducted their time and motion study and what final data points were included in the rate calculation. UCLA also discusses using their time and motion study to strategize operational efficiency.

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