Webinar: Accelerating Your Advancement CRM Selection

Alex Faklis, Melissa Kwilosz

In this webinar, Vanderbilt University leaders share insights into how they were able to complete their customer relationship management (CRM) selection in record time.

Watch the recording to learn what’s possible with new technology and why understanding the right-fit software solution for an advancement transformation hinges on due diligence and identifying the best path forward. Contrary to what most people believe about the software selection phase, it can be quick and efficient, enabling your college or university to achieve its end goal much faster. To be successful with a change such as this, it’s important to understand the breadth of the task at hand and the required commitment from key stakeholders.

This webinar features:

  • Jill Baltz, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Vanderbilt University
  • Jason Reusch, Senior Director, Vanderbilt University
  • Alex Faklis, Senior Director, Huron
  • Melissa Kwilosz, Director, Huron
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Webinar: Accelerating Your Advancement CRM Selection

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