• Geoffrey Corb

    Geof has over 20 years of experience driving technology-enabled growth and operational excellence, in provider and consumer roles, for higher education and healthcare institutions. From technology implementations to transformed business processes, he helps clients deliver individual, team and organizational success.

  • Sounder Rajan

    Sounder is an experienced technology adviser who works with organizations across industries to transform their financial systems.

  • Christopher McElroy

    Christopher has spent more than two decades helping clients transform their supply chain and optimize their systems and operations.

  • Vivek Cherian

    Vivek has more than 13 years of experience planning, implementing and optimizing enterprise solutions for both public and private research universities.

  • Using Strategy, Automation to Drive Efficiency and Value in Regulatory Compliance

    With proper governance and technology, financial services institutions can evolve regulatory reporting from a compliance burden to a value-add exercise.

  • Baylor Lays The Foundation for Enterprisewide, Strategic Procurement

    Baylor University worked with Huron to assess its procurement function as part of an initiative to transform the institution’s administrative operations.

  • Cloud Technology Empowers A Global Nonprofit to Pivot On A Dime Amid A Pandemic

    The Fedcap Group swiftly deploys Oracle’s mobile-friendly Workforce Health and Safety module to support and protect its workforce amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Oracle CloudWorld

    Huron is a Gold Sponsor for the event. Join us and learn why Huron is a partner of choice to help you use Oracle technologies to reduce costs, control spend, increase productivity and support continued growth.

  • Ken Readus

    Ken brings a 40-year record of achievement in leadership and business management for software and professional services, helping organizations in many industries drive strategy and performance improvement, plan and implement digital transformation, and enhance their market position.

  • Bill Anderson

    Bill transforms colleges, universities, and academic health centers by innovating how they deliver services to advance their academic, research, and clinical mission. With over 25 years of experience in accounting, finance, and Oracle products, he helps clients develop strategies and implement and support cloud technologies that drive efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Energy Company Enables Growth

    A growth-oriented midstream energy and infrastructure company chose to work with Huron to optimize and streamline operations using Oracle cloud solutions.

  • Using Data to Differentiate

    In this rapidly evolving financial services marketplace, the key to sustainable longevity revolves around an organization’s ability to be agile in the face of inevitable disruption.

  • Mark Musser III

    With nearly 30 years of experience in the Oracle ecosystem, Mark helps financial services, retail, healthcare, and industrials and manufacturing institutions design and execute technically focused transformational strategies to drive business growth and competitive advantages.

  • How Integrating Oracle With Salesforce Drives Better Bank Decisions

    Many banks use Oracle and Salesforce systems but without proper integration, employees are missing out on the information they need to best serve customers.

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  • Srinivasan Soundarajan

    Srini is a technology consulting leader with more than 28 years of experience working with organizations to transform their approach to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and implement the solutions using a global delivery model.

  • Huron Sponsors Ascend 2022

    Ascend is the Oracle user community event that unites functional users, IT professionals, and expert resources for frank discussion and practical education.

  • Huron Sponsors ODTUG Kscope22

    ODTUG Kscope is the premier educational conference for Oracle technology users, attracting Oracle experts from all over the globe.

  • 2021 Business Synchrony Showcase: Tammy Mickelson, The Fedcap Group

    Human Capital Management Synchronized to Empower Leaders

  • Oracle

    Huron is a trusted provider of end-to-end Oracle ERP, EPM, and Business Analytics solutions. Whether it is cloud or on-premise, from blueprint through managed services, Huron is uniquely suited to help clients define their requirements.

  • Simplifying the Financial Aid Process for Students

    The simplified Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) is a shift in how the federal government assesses affordability.

  • Enterprise Technology as a Catalyst for Digital Transformation at Baylor: An EDUCAUSE Research Case Study

    This EDUCAUSE research case study discusses how Baylor University stakeholders collaborated with their own staff, Huron and Oracle to transform processes.

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  • Seeing Through The Clouds: You're Live on the Cloud — Now What?

    Learn how to optimize your investment and maintain the momentum of your ERP and student cloud projects, as well as how to manage biannual and quarterly updates.

  • Improving Undergraduate Recruitment and Enrollment at Marquette University

    In this case study, Huron provided Marquette University a comprehensive analysis of student data to aid the institution in redefining its enrollment strategy.

  • Prepare for the Cloud: The Unique Challenges of Grants Management

    It is essential that the research and IT teams collaborate and communicate during a grants management cloud implementation.

  • With FHIR in Place is There Room for Blockchain in Healthcare?

    Learn how blockchain and FHIR can propel blockchain to create consumer-centric interoperability that will connect health information across disparate sources.

  • A Student-Centered Approach, From Applicants to Alumni

    Institutions wishing to do more than just survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace must rethink the collegiate experience from the student perspective.

  • Breaking the Silos Between Finance and Sales

    In the following interview, Huron provides their insights as to what a CFO and CRO consider when defining and measuring growth.

  • Huron Awarded Partner of the Year From the Higher Education User Group (HEUG)

    Huron was named a winner of the 2021 Workday Partner Industry Innovation Awards in the Education Industry.

  • Williams Company Oracle Cloud ERP

    With Huron's help, Williams Companies used Oracle Cloud ERP to standardize business processes and streamline legacy accounting systems.

  • Nicole Oeser

    Nicole has more than 25 years of combined experience in business applications and process consulting for higher education and certified public accountant (CPA), audit and tax experience with global enterprises.

  • Catherine Namowicz Pence

    Cathy has nearly 30 years of experience helping clients in numerous industries to design, build and implement global, strategic enterprise resource planning solutions that modernize their finance and supply chain solutions.

  • Olivier Jarricot

    Olivier is a technology leader with more than 20 years of experience working with multinational organizations to transform their financial systems.

  • Mike Willhelm

    Mike is a managing director who serves clients across the financial services and public sector industries.

  • Marc Marshall

    Marc has more than 25 years of experience leading teams and developing transformative technology solutions for both Fortune 100 market leaders as well as boutique specialty providers.

  • Improving Strategic Decision Making with WyoCloud Business Intelligence

    Implementing a one-stop interface for all student reporting needs is the first of several Business Intelligence capabilities to come for University of Wyoming.

  • Ravi Prasad

    Ravi has more than 20 years of experience helping organizations across mature and growth markets pursue digital transformation efforts to strengthen business performance. He has led numerous efforts to evolve business processes, optimize operations and oversee program management for clients across industries.

  • Rich Schmitt

    Rich is a technology leader with 25 years of experience advising organizations through enterprise performance management transformation across their finance functions.

  • Russ Hoffman

    Russ has more than 18 years of international consulting experience with a focus on costing and profitability solutions.

  • Susan Garland

    For nearly three decades, Susan has helped higher education clients bring to life enterprisewide technology transformations.

  • Glynn Malagarie

    Glynn has more than 25 years of experience designing technology solutions for clients in numerous industries, with a specialty in multisite and multinational technology implementations.

  • Timothy Patterson

    Tim has spent nearly 25 years working in the higher education and healthcare industries, improving administrative and operational practices for universities, academic health centers and hospitals, including serving as a business advisor to more than 65 research institutions.

  • Todd Laesch

    For over a decade, Todd has helped higher education clients implement new technology and re-imagine businesses to drive and sustain transformation.

  • Todd Wegener

    Todd has more than 20 years of experience optimizing financial, accounting and performance management applications for clients across multiple industries, including healthcare, technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, real estate, transportation and financial services.

  • Ty Duval

    Ty has more than 22 years of information technology management consulting experience with large organizations across the globe.

  • Vincent Salvato

    Vince has more than 17 years of experience developing technology solutions for higher education institutions.

  • Kyle Duckers

    Kyle has more than 25 years of experience designing, developing and implementing effective performance management solutions for financial institutions worldwide.

  • Koti Cherukuri

    Koti has over a decade of experience helping clients in numerous industries optimize data integrations, data warehousing, financial consolidations, master data management and reporting solutions.

  • Kishore Mukkamala

    Kishore oversees Huron’s global delivery center for enterprise performance management (EPM), analytics and robotic process automation (RPA) engagements.

  • Kevin Campbell

    Kevin has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and is a recognized industry expert in Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) software.

  • Joy Walton

    Joy has more than 24 years of experience assisting colleges, universities and research institutions with information systems design and implementation, research administration, and operational improvement.

  • Jon Given

    Jon specializes in improving the effectiveness of his clients’ financial, operational and information technology (IT) functions across a variety of industries.

  • Jessie Lum

    For over two decades, Jessie has helped higher education clients achieve and sustain cloud transformation.

  • Jean Liang

    Jean has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise performance management (EPM) and financial consulting.

  • Jason Moebius

    Jason has nearly 20 years of experience guiding hospitals and higher education institutions through large-scale technology transformations that improve overall business performance.

  • Jake Pultorak

    Jake has over 28 years of experience helping energy and utility organizations transform their financial technology to improve enterprisewide visibility and operational performance.

  • Ida Quamina

    Ida has over 30 years of higher education industry experience, with a focus on helping institutions and academic health centers transform through technology.

  • David Taylor

    For more than 25 years, David has helped clients drive process improvement and optimization through the combination of technology, people and processes, with an emphasis on delivering solid, quantifiable results to industrial companies.

  • Carol Campbell

    Carol has more than 25 combined years of experience in accounting and implementing Oracle cloud solutions.

  • Bill Greene

    Bill has more than 30 years of experience developing innovative and transformative technology solutions and strategies for financial institutions.

  • Andy Melenbrink

    Andy is a consulting leader who has more than a decade of experience helping organizations across industries digitally transform their finance departments.

  • Baylor Finds Clarity, Agility and Business Continuity in the Cloud

    Baylor University launched a new financial and human capital management (HCM) cloud platform to boost agility and fuel its ascent along a strategic growth curve.

  • Unleash Revenue Potential by Re-imagining the Patent Pipeline

    With the IPX platform, Auburn is maximizing the strategic and commercial value of intellectual property and diversifying revenue supporting academic research.

  • Empower Students by Distancing From Traditional Financial Aid

    A digital, automated financial aid experience can make higher education accessible to more students, empowering them to achieve their academic goals.

  • Cloud Transformation at San Bernardino Community College District

    San Bernardino Community College District engaged Huron to support an institution-wide cloud implementation, using a tailored approach that could be scaled.

  • Mining Operational and Financial Data to Optimize Corporate Strategy and Performance

    Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. is a leading international gold producer, with mines and exploration properties in Canada, Finland, Mexico and the United States.

  • Butler University Delivers A Modern Student Financial Aid Experience

    To become a truly student-centric institution, Butler University elevated its financial aid capabilities with Oracle Student Financial Planning.

  • Vanderbilt University Integrates Huron's ECC Solution With Oracle Cloud

    Huron partnered with Vanderbilt University to implement Oracle Cloud, integrating the system with Huron’s Employee Compensation Compliance solution.

  • KeyBank Unlocks and Grows Relationships with Oracle Financial Services Analytics

    KeyBank wanted to deliver consistent information across the enterprise, driving a 360-degree view of the client relationship and empowering team members with more timely and actionable intelligence.

  • Prepare for the Cloud: Process Mapping for Business Transformation

    Learn the steps higher education institutions must take to successfully transition business processes during a cloud implementation.

  • Making Strategic Finance Decisions in a Volatile Oil Market

    When it comes to financial modeling, the oil and gas industry faces a challenge not seen in other businesses due to geopolitical and macroeconomic events.

  • A Modern Approach to Financial Consolidation and Close

    In this webinar presented by Huron and Oracle, explore the benefits of a modern financial consolidation and close process, with software such as Hyperion.

  • How OFSAA Can Help Banks Better Understand Cost and Profits

    With the right tools and strategy, financial services leaders can transform data they already have into actionable cost and profitability analytics.

  • Leveling the Playing Field

    To solve the affordability crisis in higher education, leaders must make college more accessible by revamping current financial aid processes and systems.

  • Webcast: Learn How KeyBank Strengthens Customer Relationships and Profitability with Expanded Client Insights

    In this webcast David Hancock, Manager in Huron’s Financial Services practice, begins the presentation by introducing the different ways of measuring profitability, and how to integrate those measurements.

  • Implementing the Cloud at the University of Wyoming: Challenges and Lessons Learned

    In partnership with Huron, the University of Wyoming successfully transitioned its decades-old, highly customized technology system to the cloud.

  • Huron, Oracle and Workday Are Premier HEUG Sponsors

    Huron was named as a premier sponsor of the Higher Education User Group (HEUG) alongside software vendors Oracle and Workday.

  • Huron Webcast: Groovy, Game Changing Technology at Breakthru Beverage Group

    Watch Huron's webcast to hear from a leader in FP&A on how they leveraged Groovy to improve speed and performance across planning processes in the Cloud.

  • Advancing the Student Experience with Cloud Technology

    This Huron and HEUG webinar outlines how to conduct a student cloud readiness assessment and considerations for beginning a technology transition.

  • Upgrading to the Cloud: 3 Lessons Learned from Vanderbilt's Implementation

    Vanderbilt University shared its lessons learned and techniques that institutional leaders can leverage to execute a smooth Oracle cloud implementation.

  • Technical Planning and Strategy: 5 Expert Tips for Cloud Implementation

    In Huron’s webinar with HEUG, an industry expert with more than two decades of Oracle application experience offers five lessons learned for cloud implementation success.

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