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Janet Pilcher

Janet is the founder and executive leader of Studer Education, and a managing director for Huron. She has an extensive background advising educational institutions on strategic planning, leadership development, employee engagement and operational improvement.

About Janet

To transform their organizations, leaders must continuously review and analyze data, problem solve and know how to cascade an improvement process so that everyone understands how their actions impact results.

Janet is the founder and senior executive of Studer Education as well as a managing director for Huron. Janet and her team work with education leaders to elevate their organizations into places where people have purpose, do worthwhile work and make a difference.

Janet transitioned from a nearly two-decade career in higher education to work with Quint Studer, founder of Studer Group, to determine how best to transfer healthcare leadership best practices to education.

Before moving into consulting, Janet spent nearly 20 years at the University of West Florida (UWF) as a professor, associate dean and dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies. There, she received and oversaw $17 million of grant and contract projects and achieved one of UWF’s research distinction awards. While at UWF, Janet co-created TeacherReady, an online teacher certification program that prepares second-career teachers worldwide.

Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational Design and Alignment
  • Cultural Change
  • Engagement


  • Education & Research

Education & Certifications

  • MEd, University of West Florida
  • B.S., Florida State University
  • Ph.D., Florida State University


  • The Nine Principles®: A Foundational Guide to Defining Organizational Excellence

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  • South Louisiana Community College’s Culture Transformation Began With Senior Leadership

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  • 3 Things All Employees Need to Feel Satisfied with their Work

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  • Bold Leadership: A New Age of Education Leaders

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  • Initiate a Conversation that Improves Employee Performance

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  • Easily Measure and Communicate Progress on Improvement Initiatives With a Stoplight Report

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    The Stoplight Report helps monitor and communicate how ideas, concerns, and barriers are being resolved. Keep the team informed of priorities for improvement.

  • Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

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    A podcast focused on how school districts and organizations harness the Nine Principles for Organizational Excellence to improve culture and performance.

  • The Future of Education: Modernizing the Learning Pathways of New Teachers

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    Like other industries facing disruption, it’s time for education to rethink how it recruits, trains and supports its workforce of the future.

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Available to Purchase

  • Janet Picher Book 1

    Maximize Performance: Creating a Culture for Educational Excellence

    In Maximize Performance: Creating a Culture for Educational Excellence, Quint Studer and Dr. Janet Pilcher explain how to leverage the powerful values that have always defined educators—passion, fortitude, willingness to learn—to meet the challenges of a disruptive external environment.

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  • Janet Pilcher Book 2

    How to Lead Teachers to Become Great: It’s All About Student Learning

    In How To Lead Teachers to Become Great: It’s All About Student Learning, Dr. Janet Pilcher and Robin Largue provide education leaders with the tools to create a results-driven culture and improve learning outcomes, parental satisfaction and teacher performance.

    Purchase on Amazon
  • Janet Pilcher Book 3

    Who’s Engaged? Climb the Learning Ladder to See

    In Who’s Engaged?: Climb the Learning Ladder to See, Dr. Janet Pilcher applies the Student Engagement Framework to help teachers understand why it is important to focus on student learning by thinking about the journey up a learning ladder.

    Purchase on Amazon
  • Hardwiring Excellence in Education

    Hardwiring Excellence in Education: The Nine Principles® Framework

    In Hardwiring Excellence in Education, Dr. Janet Pilcher highlights the Nine Principles® Framework tools and tactics that build leadership skills to improve all aspects of our work and organizations. This book helps leaders be at their best to achieve excellence.

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