Huron Physician Performance Application

Improve physician experience, engagement and performance management using Huron’s physician performance application. This easy-to-use application simplifies the process of providing effective performance feedback.

Physician Performance Accelerator Iphone

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Physician Performance Application

With the physician application, you can expect:

  • Reduced physician turnover

  • PPA - Engaged Physicians Icon

    Engaged and retain Physicians

  • Simplified performance management

  • Improved patient care

  • Lower administrative costs

Product Features

  • Optimal Accessibility

    Technology that is accessible from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone provides flexibility for physicians to access data anytime and anywhere.

  • Rapid User Adoption

    Easy and intuitive user interface reduces training time and accelerates physician engagement.

  • Centralized and Tailored Reporting

    Reports aggregate data from multiple sources into one user-friendly scorecard to help organizations meet customized organizational goals.

  • Streamlined Goal Processes

    Quickly create and maintain personalized goals for physicians across varying specialties and departments.

  • Physician Incentives and Compensation

    Create physician compensation structures tailored to what matters most to your physicians and organization.

  • Automated Data Processing

    Automate measurement data to ensure consistent, accurate, and timely information.