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Leverage our expertise and experience in balancing risk management and efficiency to provide your institution successful and timely research agreement negotiation and execution.

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Clinical trial agreements

Industry sponsored, investigator-initiated at your site, subcontract for your site to perform another site’s investigator-initiated study, federally funded, nonprofit funded, cooperative groups, and consortium managed trials.

Research subawards

Incoming or outgoing, and any funding source, including subcontracts for investigator-initiated clinical trials.


Funding sources, including federal, nonprofit and corporate, and any subcontracts related thereto.

Confidentiality agreement (CDA) or Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Unilateral and bi-lateral.

Data use agreements

HIPAA, FERPA, and GDPR regulated data and transfers of unregulated data. Incoming, outgoing, and mutual.

Material transfer agreements

Incoming, outgoing, or mutual transfers of proprietary materials.

Federal contracts

Contracts with any awarding agency including, but not limited to FAR, DFAR, AFAR, FFAR, DEAR, and HHSAR.

Service agreements

Agreements where your organization is hiring a service provider or is being hired as the service provider.

Consulting agreements

Agreements pertaining to when your organization retains the services of a consultant.

Business associate agreements

If you are a Covered Entity under HIPAA and need to hire Business Associate or your organization is being hired as a Business Associate.

Collaboration agreements

Collaborative research projects, such as mutual exchanges of data and/or materials prototype developments and memorandums of understanding.

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