Huron's Social Alliance

Our goal is to collaborate with resource-constrained institutions committed to equity and access. Huron believes that higher education is an engine of economic and social mobility — and that all students, regardless of income, deserve a quality experience. Huron’s social alliance aims to support these institutions that share this passion.

Motivated by our passion for education as an engine of economic and community growth, Huron’s social alliance brings services and solutions to resource-constrained institutions as they prepare students to thrive after graduation. We aim to help colleges and universities enhance student success, especially for low-income students, supporting improved institutional performance and sharing learnings across the higher education sector.

Huron’s social alliance is our corporate commitment to being part of the solution to address the need for broader educational access. The program focuses on establishing project-based consulting with colleges and universities that meet the following selection criteria:

  • Defined project scope and investment: Huron will provide a consulting team for a six-to-12-week project, co-designed with the institution, and described in a project agreement.
  • Institutional characteristics: A social alliance institution has a strong and demonstrated commitment to student success, retention, and equality of opportunity and institutional access, regardless of student background. While each prospective institution will be reviewed based on its unique conditions, we expect that markers of this commitment would include a student body of which at least 40% are eligible for Pell Grants.
  • Thought leadership: A social alliance institution will agree to share lessons learned, processes and findings from the initiative. Huron will take the lead in developing thought leadership materials and will ensure that confidential institutional information is protected. All thought leadership materials will be reviewed and approved by the institution.

In each of Huron’s social alliance projects, we will collaborate with institutional leaders to define a high-value engagement appropriately scaled to meet the shared Huron and client investment. Each project is led by Huron experts and staffed by the same professional consultants who serve our extensive client base. Huron’s fees are reduced and fixed for the duration of the project.

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