2021 Business Synchrony Showcase: Real-World Examples

Don Davis, Todd Wegener

In Brief

1-Minute Read

View this recording to hear Huron experts discuss how organizations are delivering on synchronous outcomes. You will learn about:

  • Digital Transformation: Why are companies turning to digital transformation to synchronize enterprise solutions (presented by Don Davis, digital finance strategist)?
  • Cost Reduction: Reduce operational costs through optimized finance business processes and technology efficiencies (presented by Todd Wegener, finance transformation enabler).
  • Profitability: Enhance profitability by optimizing finance (presented by Amber Ahmed, finance thought leader).
  • ROI: Accelerate and sustain a planned business transformation (presented by Eric Mehling, analytics insights leader).
  • Sustainability: Ensure adaptation and value realization by optimizing the finance operating target model (presented by Jofi Jose, digital agility expert).
2021 Business Synchrony Showcase- Real-World Examples

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