2021 Business Synchrony Showcase: Keynote Session & Business Synchrony POV Experts

Mario Desierio, Frank Capek

In Brief

1-Minute Read

Business synchrony is the foundation that depicts the importance of integrating core business systems across the organization. View this recording to hear from experts across Huron discussing key points of view impacting business synchrony, including:

  • Enterprise strategy and the importance of aligning organizational goals and objectives to digital transformation for the most impact to the business.
  • Customer transformation and the importance of understanding essential drivers for customers today and why companies need to focus on a customer-centric strategy.
  • Finance and operational excellence and how to knock down enterprise silos and critical skills, structure and behaviors to drive excellence.
  • Human capital management principles to bring together people and organizational transformation.
2021 Business Synchrony Showcase- Keynote Session & Business Synchrony POV Experts

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