ProHealth Medical Group Increases Patient Access, Efficiency and Physician Engagement

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Huron collaborated with ProHealth Medical Group on organizational transformation designed to improve financial and operational performance. The partnership increased patient access and leveraged a redesigned management and staff structure to transform the culture throughout the organization. Not only did this increase physician engagement, but also allowed for 2,700 more appointment slots annually.


ProHealth Care Medical Group (PHMG) sought to strengthen its position as a strategic asset within the community-based ProHealth Care system. In order to achieve this goal, PHMG identified the need to improve financial and operational performance across multiple locations and specialties.


Huron worked with PHMG to implement workflow and operational process changes to drive improvements. By increasing patient access and establishing performance mechanisms for physicians and staff, Huron’s approach enhanced PHMG’s overall position in the marketplace and its role in the ProHealth Care system. The engagement reduced variation in physician practice operations and drove efficiencies through regionalization of core functions. Huron’s solutions centered on the needs of an ambulatory care organization and laid the groundwork for future success.

Increasing patient access. Huron helped PHMG open additional urgent care sites and implement regional call centers to improve customer service. The new structure standardized and expanded capacity to accommodate same day access to care with an additional 2,700 annual primary care appointment slots and expanded patient-friendly hours of operations.

Redesigning management and staff structure. Huron worked with leadership to define roles and responsibilities, increasing accountability and adding capacity for strategic planning. The clinic staff hours were aligned to support patient quality initiatives.

Implementing operational benchmarks. Huron worked with PHMG to introduce tools and processes, such as a dashboard for providers that raised awareness of individual performance and daily routines for staff. This included a chart prep process, morning meetings and protocols for patient intake.

Transforming culture to deliver sustainable results. The standardization of financial management and operations allowed physicians and staff to focus on patient care and fulfill PHMG’s mission to the community. Huron and PHMG continue to collaborate on strategies for success in a rapidly changing healthcare marketplace.

ProHealth Care Medical Group is a multi-specialty provider group of over 250 physicians and advanced practice professionals, providing ambulatory care in 14 locations across the Milwaukee, Wisconsin metropolitan area.

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