Resources for Higher Education Leaders Navigating COVID-19 Response

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Today’s challenging context requires both the immediate and the sustained attention of senior leadership for your institution’s future.

Huron is working with hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation and is continuing to assemble resources to help address your most important needs across all stages of your institution’s response to the pandemic. The following includes representative topics, perspectives and information. Bookmark this page and check back often to access our latest thinking and resources. We encourage you to contact us at any stage during your process.

Strategies for Transformation

The pandemic’s economic and social impact could accelerate transformational change in higher education.

Strategic Planning Beyond the Pandemic

From Pandemic to Transformation: Higher Education Leadership

Academics in Context

Higher education needs to use the current environment’s impact on teaching and learning to review the delivery of education.

Faculty Workload: Instrument for Transformation

Academic Programs and Opportunities

Financial Impact & Response Actions

Colleges and universities must evaluate options to preserve the integrity of their organizations while addressing funding gaps created by the pandemic.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction: What to Stop Doing

The Path to Operational Excellence

Clarify Your Institution's Financial Picture

Enterprise Risk Management

Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

Workforce Management in the time of COVID-19

Student Impact, Admissions & Enrollment

The pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for students and their families, and in turn, has created enrollment risks and opportunities for institutions.

Trust, Value, Safety: Higher Education Beyond the Pandemic

Enrollment Management, Retention and the Student Experience

Opportunities to Improve Student Experience

Transfer Students are Key

Research Re-Entry & Contributions

IT Strategy

Heightened awareness of data security and privacy as well as business continuity have emerged as critical IT priorities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

IT Leadership in the Midst of COVID-19

Data Privacy and Gen Z: A Formula for Voluntary Contact Tracing on Campus

The Post-Pandemic Evolution of Student Data Privacy

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