Inspired Excellence

By Rich Bluni

The ultimate companion for healthcare leaders at every level

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In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, leaders need guidance more than ever. It’s not about knowing what’s next—it’s about knowing how to lead when the time comes.

Enter the ultimate companion for healthcare leaders at every level.

Written by bestselling author Rich Bluni, R.N., Inspired Excellence is essential reading for those looking to expand and strengthen their leadership skillset. Organized around the Nine Principles® Framework and written in Bluni’s trademark heartwarming and humorous style, Inspired Excellence provides leaders with invaluable insight and actionable strategies.

From executives looking to affect organizational change to frontline workers hoping to set day-to-day standards of excellence, Inspired Excellence invites leaders at every level to step up and inspire those around them.

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More about the book

View the videos below to learn more about Inspired Excellence and discover how Huron’s Nine Principles® Framework can help healthcare organizations create a sustainable culture of excellence.

Inspired Excellence, based on Huron’s Nine Principles®


Huron's Nine Principles® Framework

The Nine Principles Framework in Inspired Excellence is a true north to aspire to for every person in every organizational role and level.”
— Mark Hussey, Chief Executive Officer and President, Huron 

About the Author

Rich Bluni, R.N. is the bestselling author of several award-winning books, including Inspired Nurse, Inspired Nurse Too, and Oh No…Not More That Fluffy Stuff! The Power of Engagement.

Rich has been a Registered Nurse since 1993 and joined Huron initially as a coach in 2007 and is presently an International Speaker and Senior Director with Huron.

As an internationally renowned speaker, Rich has presented to tens of thousands around the world, keynoting major conferences, individual hospital organizations, medical practices, and universities. As a Registered Nurse, Rich has over three decades of front-line healthcare and leadership experience across a broad range of areas, including pediatric oncology, pediatric intensive care, trauma intensive care, flight nursing, behavioral health, emergency medicine, risk management, patient safety, and quality.

Rich is passionate about healthcare and inspiring those who chose this sacred path as their profession.

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