How CFOs Can Take the Lead on Lead-To-Cash Transformation

In Brief

2-Minute Read

View this webinar or download the whitepaper sponsored by Argyle, featuring Amit Patel as he discusses the evolving role of the CFO and what they need to think about to improve lead-to-cash management processes. The CFO is uniquely positioned to play a critical role in understanding the customer experience and how it can boost cash flow.

These assets will explore the current challenges that companies face in the lead-to-cash process (and practical ways to overcome them) and the connection between customer experience and cash flow, as well as dive further into the CFO’s role in streamlining the entire process.

We’ll discuss several topics, including:

  • The financial impact of optimizing the customer experience.
  • How to overcome data silos that create process bottlenecks and impact the customer experience.
  • Best practices for leveraging modern lead-to-cash solutions to streamline internal processes and increase collaboration.

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