NIH Extends Effective Date for Use of sIRB

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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced the effective date for implementation of the policy on the use of single Institutional Review Board (sIRB) for multi-site studies funded by the NIH was extended from September 25, 2017, to January 25, 2018.

The final NIH policy states that all domestic of multi-site NIH-funded studies are expected to use an sIRB of record. This policy aims to improve research efficiency, reduce administrative burden and enhance research oversight. 

In the process of making this shift, institutions serving as either the sIRB or a participating site (pSite) will be faced with automation implications. The key to this challenge: Operationalizing an electronic IRB system. Learn more about the key considerations for pSites and sIRBs in preparing for the policy.

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